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Jan 11, 2022 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With JeffB

Swirly gooey post punk drenched in reverb

seals frozen pipes

10:02 AM
The Sound - Party Of My Mind
The Sound Party Of My Mind
All Fall Down Rhino US 1937 CD Rock
10:05 AM
La Luz - Watching Cartoons
La Luz Watching Cartoons
Watching Cartoons Subpop 2021
10:08 AM
BEAK> - Oh Know
BEAK> Oh Know
Oh Know / Ah Yeh Invada Records UK 2021
10:11 AM
Gentle Giant - Mobile
Gentle Giant Mobile
Free Hand Alucard 1975 Rock
10:16 AM
Mint Julep - In Your Sleep
Mint Julep In Your Sleep
In a Deep and Dreamless Sleep Western Vinyl 2021
10:19 AM
Lightning Bug - Song of the Bell
Lightning Bug Song of the Bell
A Color of the Sky Fat Possum 2021 Rock
10:23 AM
The Black Angels - Don't Fall Down
The Black Angels Don't Fall Down
May the Circle Remain Unbroken: a Tribute to Roky Erickson Light In The Attic 2021
10:27 AM
Liily - Anvil
Liily Anvil
TV or Not TV Flush Records 2021
10:32 AM
Japanese Breakfast - Sit
Japanese Breakfast Sit
Jubilee Dead Oceans 2021
10:34 AM
The Reds, Pinks and Purples - I'm Sorry About Your Life
The Reds, Pinks and Purples I'm Sorry About Your Life
Uncommon Weather Slumberland Records 2021
10:39 AM
Joe Sampson & Friends - New Softy
Joe Sampson & Friends New Softy
Unfinished I Oh Yea, Haha 2021
10:43 AM
Trampolene - Gotta Do More Gotta Be More - Love No Less Than A Queen
Trampolene Gotta Do More Gotta Be More - Love No Less Than A Queen
Love No Less Than A Queen - Album Strap Originals 2021
10:45 AM
Psychedelic Porn Crumpets - Lava Lamp Pisco
Psychedelic Porn Crumpets Lava Lamp Pisco
Lava Lamp Pisco Marathon Artists 2021
10:49 AM
Nilüfer Yanya - stabilise
Nilüfer Yanya stabilise
stabilise ATO Records 2021
10:53 AM
Snapped Ankles - The Evidence
Snapped Ankles The Evidence
Forest of Your Problems The Leaf Label 2021 Rock
10:56 AM
Westkust - Swirl
Westkust Swirl
Swirl Run For Cover Records, LLC 2015
11:01 AM
New Candys - Vyvyan Rising
New Candys Vyvyan Rising
Vyvyd New Candys 2021
11:05 AM
The Bongos - Tiger Nights
The Bongos Tiger Nights
Numbers With Wings RCA Records 1983
11:09 AM
Requin Chagrin - Perséides
Requin Chagrin Perséides
Bye Bye Baby KMS Disques 2021
11:13 AM
Animal Collective - Walker
Animal Collective Walker
Walker Domino 2021
11:16 AM
Home Front - Flaw In The Design
Home Front Flaw In The Design
Think Of The Lie La Vida Es Un Mus Discos 2021
11:20 AM
Chemtrails - Frightful in the Sunlight
Chemtrails Frightful in the Sunlight
The Peculiar Smell of the Inevitable PNKSLM Recordings 2020 Rock
11:26 AM
Dirty on Purpose - Car No Driver
Dirty on Purpose Car No Driver
Hallelujah Sirens Dirty on Purpose 2006 CD Rock
11:28 AM
Pond - Human Touch
Pond Human Touch
Human Touch Spinning Top Records 2021 Rock
11:31 AM
Borghesia - No Hope, No Fear
Borghesia No Hope, No Fear
This Is Electronic Body Music Play It Again Sam Records 1987
11:36 AM
Russian Circles - Mota
Russian Circles Mota
Guidance Sargent House 2016
11:36 AM
Amyl and The Sniffers - Control
Amyl and The Sniffers Control
Control Rough Trade 2019
11:42 AM
Galaxie 500 - Cold Night
Galaxie 500 Cold Night
On Fire Domino 2010
11:44 AM
Protomartyr - Corpses In Regalia
Protomartyr Corpses In Regalia
Relatives In Descent Domino Recording Co 2017
11:47 AM
Uniform & The Body - In My Skin
Uniform & The Body In My Skin
Mental Wounds Not Healing Sacred Bones Records 2018
11:47 AM
Geese - Disco
Geese Disco
Disco Partisan / Play It Again Sam 2021
11:52 AM
Big Black - Jordan, Minnesota
Big Black Jordan, Minnesota
Atomizer (Remastered) Touch and Go Records 1985
11:54 AM
Henrik Appel - Brain
Henrik Appel Brain
Humanity PNKSLM Recordings 2021 Rock
Chat is archived.
Dash_Riprock 10:04:34 AM
Morning peopl
Dash_Riprock 10:04:38 AM
Jamie Cohen (1) 10:05:05 AM
time for syrupy sounds!
PiGuy 10:05:51 AM
Hope my 10am Zoom is short so I can hear and not just read what is playing. Thanks for the effort Jeff.
JeffB (host) 10:05:53 AM
so glad you're here :)
ricklistens 10:06:00 AM
i don’t mind
JeffB (host) 10:06:37 AM
Thank Pi. I'll post mixcloud after as usual... Hi Jamie! Hi Dash! Greeting Rick!
ricklistens 10:06:52 AM
ricklistens 10:08:02 AM
ricklistens 10:09:46 AM
cartoons for Peter c?
Richard Weinfeld 10:15:16 AM
G’morning. Listening live for a change.
ricklistens 10:19:08 AM
English is very hard
JeffB (host) 10:20:21 AM
G'mornin Rich! Listening terrestrially i hope.
Richard Weinfeld 10:23:29 AM
Yes. Staying on earth for a while, still. No driving last night, so up by 10 instead of noon.
Jamie Cohen (1) 10:23:33 AM
such grrooovvy syrup this morning. I knew you could fit GG in....
JeffB (host) 10:26:20 AM
they're a band that never fit into our post punk mentality.. yet Eno did..
JeffB (host) 10:27:12 AM
@Rich where/why are you usually driving late at night?
Bruce Pierce 10:32:07 AM
good morning everyone!
JeffB (host) 10:35:07 AM
hey Bruce!
DJ Simon 10:40:39 AM
Hiya Jeff, et al.
JeffB (host) 10:40:55 AM
'allo DJS !
Dash_Riprock 10:53:23 AM
DJ Simon , hello .
Richard Weinfeld 10:59:27 AM
Lyft driver. I’m retired and need to be productive. Louisville is a late night town with 4:00am bar closing and many night shift workers. Works with my natural instincts as a night owl.
Jorge Armando Castro 11:01:07 AM
Good morning JeffB...Armando here...lonnnnnnng time listener of the 'Z...happy to be listening to 'Z syrup while doing odds and ends around the house...what a joy to be retired.
Jorge Armando Castro 11:01:52 AM
Hi PiGuy. Hi DJSimon. Love your (and James's) show yesterday.
PiGuy 11:02:58 AM
Welcome back Jorge. @JeffB, this sounds like Temples, a lot.
JeffB (host) 11:02:59 AM
Right behind you in the retired life Jorge.. just a few more years.. or more.
JeffB (host) 11:03:36 AM
@PiGuy yeah it does.. funny 'cause Temples have a new song that I decided NOT to play..
JeffB (host) 11:04:52 AM
@Richard - damn everyone's retired ! I'm juggling working and doing this ZBC show right now. Hope it's all going well for you.
PiGuy 11:04:59 AM
Master of retrieval that you are, Jeff, I half expected to hear Temples next.
Jorge Armando Castro 11:05:54 AM
I have a question: is the majority of 'Z listeners retired folk? If so, I wouldn't know what to think...hahaha...is it great?...are the twenty-somethings asleep with their cell phones? opinions.
PiGuy 11:06:46 AM
Favorite Bongos song. Think I saw them on this tour.
PiGuy 11:07:37 AM
@Jorge, I would guess no one listening to this show is under 40.
JeffB (host) 11:07:40 AM
@Jorge - Sadly twenty somethings aren't conditioned to use terrestrial radio.
JeffB (host) 11:10:03 AM
kind of why i want students to do shows on ZBC. all early 20's. We may not like what they play. That's OK. WZBC is their station, I get out of their way. WZBC wouldn't exist without them.
ricklistens 11:10:03 AM
that’s what the virus is for ....kill the old and poor
Jorge Armando Castro 11:10:54 AM
Sooooo...does this mean that the current college generation (at least half born in this century) just ain't hip? Am I, are we, hipper than they are?
ricklistens 11:12:29 AM
new world order
Jorge Armando Castro 11:12:46 AM
Problem is that they play the same stuff that commercial stations play...it seems to me.
JeffB (host) 11:14:35 AM
it's a long discussion. in the 80's most people were spoon fed their musical taste by radio. today streaming has broadened their musical palettes exponentially.
Jorge Armando Castro 11:14:39 AM
The commercial stuff is fine but it's also good to have a forum for completely different programming.
Jorge Armando Castro 11:15:22 AM
Agree with your statement JeffB.
ricklistens 11:16:18 AM
scared into conformity
DJ Simon 11:18:55 AM
@Jorge - Thanks for the earlier comment re: yesterday's show. Had a good time rummaging through the stacks in the Z's library.
JeffB (host) 11:20:57 AM
historically radio has needed to be mass appeal in order to be financially viable. I think in the coming years we'll get more "completely different programming" as niche stations will remain. FWIW last March KEXP in Seattle was #3 in the ratings. Blowing away the 100kw commercial alternative station in that market.
DJ Simon 11:24:29 AM
Wow – that's great (and interesting) about KEXP's ratings.
JeffB (host) 11:28:38 AM
yeah there's a few other ratings stories. The Current in Minneapolis is beating a lot of mainstream competitors. WMVY on Cape Cod is currently the #1 rated music station (but one of the major groups there isn't subscribing to the ratings soo..
JeffB (host) 11:29:34 AM
Never seen stations so alternative do so well before. So keep the faith !
PiGuy 11:31:13 AM
Loved the Dirty on Purpose song, not sure I ever heard it played by anyone. Discovered that song on a blog many years ago. Remember those?
ricklistens 11:31:50 AM
the vineyard..wealthy get to listen to what they want
Jorge Armando Castro 11:35:26 AM
Happy to hear that information JeffB. Also. great selection JeffB.
Frank Coleman 11:42:22 AM
Uh oh - volume dropped big time!
Frank Coleman 11:42:37 AM
ok now
ricklistens 11:42:50 AM
all bot... bought
JeffB (host) 11:46:52 AM
Yeah i messed that up royally sorry. Thought i was monitoring the zbc feed..
Richard Weinfeld 11:50:38 AM
Among the young people I drive, many EDM/house music fans, hip-hop and older dark-wave/industrial also popular. I get aspiring rappers play me their stuff, but radio sucks here and people find stuff on Spotify and other streaming apps.
pmc&u >🤖 11:51:05 AM
Who can potentially hear? And how can they? Terrestrial and Interrube are diff and can be complementary howevah, you need to implement and program to get the niche, or you can just let tuition talk…
ricklistens 11:53:18 AM
Thanks jeff... thanks for putting up w/ a weirdo like me, New England☘️
Jamie Cohen (1) 11:54:53 AM
Superb Syrup today Jeff, including radio convo in chat
JeffB (host) 11:55:25 AM
@PMC agree.. carefully. A lot of colleges have sold their stations. Brown's WBRU is now "K-Love". UMass Dartmouth's WUMD is now Rhode Island Public Radio. Want WZBC to stick around !!!
JeffB (host) 11:55:37 AM
thx Jamie :)
ricklistens 11:55:44 AM
money will walk all over us
PiGuy 11:57:20 AM
Jeff, thanks for making a bitterly cold morning all nice and bright.
ricklistens 11:58:01 AM
retirees what will allow to guarantee your planned retirement?
ricklistens 11:59:19 AM
Richard Weinfeld 11:59:54 AM
Thanks Jeff
JeffB (host) 12:00:43 PM
thanks everyone !
Jorge Armando Castro 12:00:55 PM
Thanks JeffB. Great show, great conversation.