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Malleus Vibrations

Jan 17, 2022 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM


With Julianna

Named after the hammer bone in your ear, Malleus Vibrations plays metal, punk, and everything in between.

Malleus Vibrations
6:00 PM
Unaligned - Inner Dimensions
Unaligned Inner Dimensions N
Inner Dimensions - Single 2022
6:04 PM
Godslave - Straight Fire Zone
Godslave Straight Fire Zone
Positive Aggressive Metalville Records 2021
6:09 PM
Lasiodora - Always So Blue
Lasiodora Always So Blue N
Molt 3498033 Records DK 2022 Heavy Metal
6:12 PM
Taist of Iron - Evil
Taist of Iron Evil
Resurrection Skol Records 1984
6:16 PM
Demoniac - Extraviado
Demoniac Extraviado
So It Goes ORCHARD - Edged Circle Productions 2021 Heavy Metal
6:21 PM
Hippie Death Cult - Sanctimonious
Hippie Death Cult Sanctimonious
111 Cursed Tongue Records 2019
6:30 PM
Scarlet Stories - The Gallows Tree: Part II the Price You Paid
Scarlet Stories The Gallows Tree: Part II the Price You Paid
Necrologies Scarlet Stories 2019
6:36 PM
Black Pantera - Prefácio
Black Pantera Prefácio
Agressão Black Pantera [dist. Tratore] 2018
6:39 PM
0%mercury - Once More with Feeling
0%mercury Once More with Feeling
Once More with Feeling Venona Records 2021
6:42 PM
Hacker - Dig
Hacker Dig
Pick a Path 3333635 Records DK 2021
6:44 PM
Otoboke Beaver - Akimahenka
Otoboke Beaver Akimahenka
Itekoma Hits Damnably 2019 Rock
6:48 PM
Upchuck - Cross Fire
Upchuck Cross Fire
Upchuck 1705477 Records DK 2020
6:50 PM
The Anti-Queens - Like a Flame
The Anti-Queens Like a Flame
Start Running - Single Independent Artist 2015 Rock
6:53 PM
Drug Apts - Straight Shooter
Drug Apts Straight Shooter
Clean Living Under Difficult Circumstances Mt.St.Mtn. 2019
6:55 PM
drama spleen - lies
drama spleen lies N
DEMO 2022
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Doc Martin 6:43:21 PM
Welcome back in the studio Metal ladies! Loved Black Pantera. Great thrash metal!!
Julianna (host) 6:43:49 PM
Thanks for listening, it's great to be back in the studio!