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Nut House

Jan 27, 2022 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

ZBC Rock

With Andrew

The boys

Nut House
9:01 AM
Kool & the Gang - High
Kool & the Gang High
Perfect Union Omnivore Recordings 2021 R&B/Soul
9:04 AM
Mac Ayres - Every Time
Mac Ayres Every Time
Magic 8ball Dixon Court Records 2021
9:09 AM
Evergreen - Lone Planet
Evergreen Lone Planet
Sign In - EP BELIEVE - 0800-MOSHI-MOSHI 2021
9:13 AM
Sam Wills - Unify
Sam Wills Unify
So Bright EP MERLIN - NxtGen Records 2016 R&B/Soul
9:19 AM
Twin Shadow - Alemania
Twin Shadow Alemania
Alemania Cheree Cheree 2021
9:23 AM
Human Bloom - Capillary
Human Bloom Capillary
Capillary Human Bloom 2019
9:27 AM
Elephant Castle - French Food
Elephant Castle French Food
French Food Old Wizard 2021
9:30 AM
Christian Kuria - Demons (Interlude)
Christian Kuria Demons (Interlude)
Borderline Christian Kuria 2020
9:34 AM
Jordana/TV Girl - Jump the Turnstile
Jordana/TV Girl Jump the Turnstile
Summer's Over Summer's Over 2021
9:37 AM
DAISY - Day Off
Day Off MERLIN - DAISY 2019 R&B/Soul
9:41 AM
Cory Wong - Smokeshow
Cory Wong Smokeshow
Smokeshow Vulf Records 2021 R&B/Soul
9:45 AM
Mack Keane/ESTA. - Open Up
Mack Keane/ESTA. Open Up
Open Up Soulection 2021
9:50 AM
The Just - Чувства
The Just Чувства
Чувства The Just 2021
9:52 AM
Mei - Good Energy
Mei Good Energy
9:56 AM
Papooz - The Garden
Papooz The Garden
The Garden MERLIN - Half Awake Records 2020
9:59 AM
Galaxie 500 - Hearing Voices
Galaxie 500 Hearing Voices
This is Our Music ORCHARD - 20/20/20 1990 Rock
Chat is archived.
Andrew (host) 9:02:25 AM
What's up listeners. Welcome to the Nut House.
ricklistens. 9:24:24 AM
are you nuts or are you trying to drive us nuts? for all intents and purposes
Andrew (host) 9:24:59 AM
this is up for interpretation
ricklistens. 9:26:56 AM
good answer ...welcome
ricklistens. 9:30:08 AM
nuts are good for you
Andrew (host) 9:40:00 AM
this is djstricky. i am not personally a big fan of nuts but i know that a lot of people swear by them
ricklistens. 9:43:19 AM
smoked nuts
Andrew (host) 9:43:58 AM
so true
Michael Guarino 9:50:07 AM
big nut house fan! i'm a nutter fr
Michael Guarino 9:53:27 AM
Can you guys play 6-Day Fender Bender by Pickle Fingers?
ricklistens. 9:53:45 AM
nut house w/ a garden 🪴
Andrew (host) 9:54:34 AM
the nut house has a decent amount of backyard space and we do have a small garden
ricklistens. 9:55:08 AM
animal friendly