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Nut House

Feb 3, 2022 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

ZBC Rock

With djstricky

The boys

Nut House
9:01 AM
Gareth Donkin - Catharsis
Gareth Donkin Catharsis
Catharsis ESSENTIALS 2019
9:03 AM
Syd B - Water Me
Syd B Water Me
Water Me MERLIN - syd B 2019 R&B/Soul
9:06 AM
Stop Light Observations - 57Chevy
Stop Light Observations 57Chevy
57Chevy Stop Light Observations 2022 Rock
9:09 AM
Jun Fukamachi - On The Move
Jun Fukamachi On The Move
Jun Fukamachi - Sessions 1978 SME - Sony Music Direct (Japan) Inc. 2013 Jazz
9:17 AM
Kyle Lux - No Roof Access
Kyle Lux No Roof Access
No Roof Access MERLIN - Kyle Lux 2019 R&B/Soul
9:20 AM
Mack Keane - Hurt People
Mack Keane Hurt People
Hurt People Mack Keane 2020
9:23 AM
Ben Rosett - Flareon
Ben Rosett Flareon
Flareon Spirit Vision Records 2020
9:27 AM
Gabriels - Blame
Gabriels Blame
Bloodline - EP Parlophone UK 2021 R&B/Soul
9:30 AM
Myles Cameron - Counting Sheep
Myles Cameron Counting Sheep
Counting Sheep Myles Cameron 2020
9:35 AM
Jessica Domingo - Gravitate
Jessica Domingo Gravitate
Gravitate Jessica Domingo 2019 R&B/Soul
9:38 AM
Geno Samuel - Something in the Moon
Geno Samuel Something in the Moon
Morgana 2664142 Records DK 2021 Rock
9:43 AM
Bickle - Talk Words
Bickle Talk Words
Talk Words Bickleboy Big International 2021
9:48 AM
Mulherin - Anniversary
Mulherin Anniversary
Blurry MERLIN - Mulherin 2020
9:51 AM
Cory Wong - Disco de Lune
Cory Wong Disco de Lune
Disco de Lune Vulf Records 2021 R&B/Soul
9:55 AM
Kennedy Rd. - Falling
Kennedy Rd. Falling
Falling - Single Kennedy Rd. 2019 R&B/Soul
9:59 AM
XAVIER - Call In Sick feat.chelmico
XAVIER Call In Sick feat.chelmico
Chat is archived.
djstricky (host) 9:03:32 AM
what's up nutters it's the boys. hope you liked that lupus beat drop
ricklistens. 9:05:05 AM
yeah...quit working all together
Dash_Riprock 9:05:14 AM
Charles Guarino 9:10:17 AM
gm boys
djstricky (host) 9:11:24 AM
what's up andrew's dad!!!
Dash_Riprock 9:12:15 AM
Hello .
Charles Guarino 9:17:18 AM
yo! nice song choices!
Charles Guarino 9:18:33 AM
you can totally say the names of copyrighted works! names and titles can't be copyrighted anyway 👍
djstricky (host) 9:19:19 AM
excellent news. we aren't getting sued
ricklistens. 9:19:30 AM
have a good day , boys ...copy right
Charles Guarino 9:19:33 AM
lol nope
djstricky (host) 9:37:05 AM
andrew played a song with a guitar riff... im so proud of him
Michael Guarino 9:40:57 AM
the nut house makes for a great playlist while I'm working....you could even say im nutting on the clock
Charles Guarino 9:47:37 AM
YOU would def say that, Mike 🤣
djstricky (host) 9:48:38 AM
banned. banned. banned.
Michael Guarino 9:49:36 AM
Michael Guarino 9:49:51 AM
i'm sorry dj stricky :((
djstricky (host) 9:53:31 AM
i forgive you
Charles Guarino 9:57:23 AM
thanks for a great show, boys!