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Maura Dot Com Slash WZBC

Feb 17, 2022 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With Maura Johnston

Music writer and BC instructor Maura Johnston presents hits and almost-hits from now and then.

Maura Dot Com Slash WZBC
1:00 PM
Gretel Hänlyn - Motorbike
Gretel Hänlyn Motorbike N
Motorbike VLF Records 2022
1:03 PM
Anorak Patch - Delilah
Anorak Patch Delilah N
Delilah - Single Nice Swan Recordings 2021
1:06 PM
Heart Shaped - No Contact
Heart Shaped No Contact N
No Contact - Single Poison Moon Records / Unique Technique Records 2022
1:09 PM
NewDad - Banshee
NewDad Banshee N
Banshee Fair Youth 2022
1:14 PM
Barrie - Quarry
Barrie Quarry N
Barbara MERLIN - Winspear 2022 R&B/Soul
1:16 PM
Tallies - Wound Up Tight
Tallies Wound Up Tight N
Wound Up Tight MERLIN - Kanine Records 2022
1:19 PM
Paracaidistas - Como Quejarme
Paracaidistas Como Quejarme N
Como Quejarme Disco Intrépido 2022
1:23 PM
Star Party - Push You Aside
Star Party Push You Aside N
Meadow Flower Tough Love Records 2022 Rock
1:26 PM
Dehd - Bad Love
Dehd Bad Love N
Blue Skies Fat Possum 2022 Rock
1:29 PM
feeble little horse - Tricks
feeble little horse Tricks N
Hayday Julia's War Recordings 2021
1:35 PM
Home Counties - The Home Counties
Home Counties The Home Counties N
The Home Counties BELIEVE - Alcopop! 2021
1:38 PM
Bas Jan - All Forgotten
Bas Jan All Forgotten N
Baby U Know Lost Map Records 2022
1:42 PM
Eades - Delusion Spree
Eades Delusion Spree N
Delusion Spree Heist Or Hit Records 2022 Rock
1:45 PM
Youth Sector - Is Blood
Youth Sector Is Blood N
Adult Contemporary BELIEVE - Family Values 2021
1:49 PM
Prima Queen - Chew My Cheeks
Prima Queen Chew My Cheeks N
Chew My Cheeks Nice Swan Recordings 2021
1:52 PM
Mattiel - Lighthouse
Mattiel Lighthouse N
Georgia Gothic UMG - ATO Records 2022
1:55 PM
Aldous Harding - Lawn
Aldous Harding Lawn N
Warm Chris 4AD 2022
2:00 PM
Public Body - Reset My Password
Public Body Reset My Password N
Reset My Password Public Body Recordings 2022 Rock
2:02 PM
Young Guv - It's Only Dancin'
Young Guv It's Only Dancin' N
GUV III MERLIN - Run For Cover Records 2022
2:05 PM
Superchunk - This Night
Superchunk This Night N
Wild Loneliness Merge Records 2022 Rock
2:09 PM
Spoon - Wild
Spoon Wild N
Lucifer On The Sofa Matador 2022
2:13 PM
Modern Nature - Performance
Modern Nature Performance N
Island of Noise Bella Union 2022
2:21 PM
Nina Nastasia - Oh, My Stars
Nina Nastasia Oh, My Stars
The Blackened Air Touch & Go Records 2002 Rock
2:25 PM
Codeine - Cigarette Machine
Codeine Cigarette Machine
Cigarette Machine WMG - Subpop Record Group 2008
2:25 PM
Black Mountain - Let Spirits Ride
Black Mountain Let Spirits Ride
Wilderness Heart Jagjaguwar 2010 Rock
2:33 PM
Jellyfish - New Mistake
Jellyfish New Mistake
Spilt Milk UMG - Virgin Records 1993 Rock
2:37 PM
Miss Grit - Impostor
Miss Grit Impostor
Impostor Miss Grit 2021
2:42 PM
The Shivvers - No Substitute
The Shivvers No Substitute
Lost Hits From Milwaukee's First Family Of Powerpop 1979-82 Hyped2death 2006 Rock
2:45 PM
Clouds - Say It
Clouds Say It
Thunderhead Rhino/Elektra 1993 Rock
2:48 PM
Sloan - You Don't Need Excuses to Be Good
Sloan You Don't Need Excuses to Be Good
Commonwealth MERLIN - Yep Roc Records 2014 Rock
2:51 PM
V Sparks - Hey Love
V Sparks Hey Love
New Sensation V Sparks 2017
2:56 PM
Really From - Apartment Song
Really From Apartment Song L
Really From MERLIN - Topshelf Records 2021 Rock
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Maura Johnston (host) 1:06:57 PM
Hi everyone!
Anthony Volodkin 1:30:16 PM
ricklistens. 1:36:44 PM
hi ear you
Maura Johnston (host) 2:01:17 PM
Oh I screwed up the second hour upload! Sorry about that! (I had to do my show remotely because of a work obligation.)
John Fisher 2:03:56 PM
Maura Johnston (host) 2:05:09 PM
Luckily I always play really good music so you'll just have to hear last week's selections again :)
JeffB 2:09:14 PM
enjoyed first hour. Enjoying screwed up 2nd hour. emailed u
Maura Johnston (host) 2:13:08 PM
thanks everyone :) @JeffB is a hero!
Maura Johnston (host) 2:26:45 PM
OK we are back on our normal schedule! All hail @JeffB, keeper of the bot!
ricklistens. 2:29:09 PM
remote control from berlin
ricklistens. 2:48:13 PM
thanks...lovely earing you
JeffB 2:58:45 PM
Thanks for the tunes Maura!