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Malleus Vibrations

Feb 21, 2022 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM


With Audrey

Named after the hammer bone in your ear, Malleus Vibrations plays metal, punk, and everything in between.

Malleus Vibrations
6:00 PM
Dream Widow - March of the Insane
Dream Widow March of the Insane N
March of the Insane - Single RCA Records Label 2022 Rock
6:03 PM
Cryptic Shift - Planetary Hypnosis
Cryptic Shift Planetary Hypnosis
Visitations from Enceladus Blood Harvest 2020
6:09 PM
Riot - Road Racin'
Riot Road Racin'
Narita Capitol Records, LLC 1979 Rock
6:13 PM
Hollow Decay - Regain
Hollow Decay Regain N
The Frozen Trail Argent Grave 2022 Heavy Metal
6:19 PM
Ozymandias - Disenchanted
Ozymandias Disenchanted
Ozymandias Ozymandias 2019
6:24 PM
Cult Of Luna - The Silver Arc
Cult Of Luna The Silver Arc N
The Long Road North Metal Blade Records 2022 Heavy Metal
6:35 PM
SWEAT - Art of Posing
SWEAT Art of Posing N
Gotta Give It Up VYDIA - Pirates Press Records 2022 Rock
6:38 PM
Madame Saatan - Respira
Madame Saatan Respira
Peixe Homem Doutromundo Musica 2011 Rock
6:41 PM
rauchen - Aufnahme
rauchen Aufnahme
EP II - EP Zeitstrafe 2021
6:42 PM
Cloud Rat - Sinkhole - Remastered
Cloud Rat Sinkhole - Remastered N
Sinkhole Artoffact Records 2022 Heavy Metal
6:45 PM
Silence is Violence 2020
6:50 PM
Socialstyrelsen - Vider
Socialstyrelsen Vider N
I krossade speglars skärvor Halvfabrikat Records 2022
6:53 PM
Crotch Honey - 0
Crotch Honey
EP 2014
6:54 PM
Confusion - Chica Superpoderosa
Confusion Chica Superpoderosa
Lo Que No Es Simple Y Fácil De Entender No Puede Ser La Verdad 2765537 Records DK 2020
6:56 PM
Dream Nails - They / Them
Dream Nails They / Them
They / Them BELIEVE - Alcopop! 2021
6:59 PM
Bin Day - Nana's Oil Money
Bin Day Nana's Oil Money
Nana's Oil Money BELIEVE - Bin Day 2021
Chat is archived.
Raje 666 6:25:43 PM
Love the music transition in Regain, aggressive to melodic. Also, so excited to here the Foo fighters coming out with a metal side! Must have listened to MV show to switch to a new genre!!!
Audrey (host) 6:31:37 PM
Thanks for listening! Dave Grohl is definitely a fan of the show
Kate 6:47:11 PM
cloud rat was sick
Audrey (host) 6:51:42 PM
Thanks! Glad you liked it
ricklistens. 6:53:10 PM
rats and cats...thank you