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Malleus Vibrations

Feb 28, 2022 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM


With Audrey

Named after the hammer bone in your ear, Malleus Vibrations plays metal, punk, and everything in between.

Malleus Vibrations
6:00 PM
Allegaeon - Vermin
Allegaeon Vermin N
DAMNUM Metal Blade Records 2022
6:05 PM
Eradicator - Driven by Illusion
Eradicator Driven by Illusion
Influence Denied Metalville 2021
6:11 PM
Shade Empire - Wanderer
Shade Empire Wanderer
Poetry Of The Ill-Minded UMG - Spinefarm Records UK 2017 Heavy Metal
6:15 PM
Frozen Crown - Embrace The Night
Frozen Crown Embrace The Night
Winterbane [Japan Edition] AVALON LABEL 2021
6:20 PM
Julie Christmas - Bow
Julie Christmas Bow
The Bad Wife Rising Pulse Records 2010
6:25 PM
Baroness - The Birthing
Baroness The Birthing
The Red Album ORCHARD - Relapse Records 2007 Heavy Metal
6:33 PM
Konvent - Pipe Dreams
Konvent Pipe Dreams N
Harena Napalm Records Handels GmbH 2022 Heavy Metal
6:37 PM
Rebelmatic - Walk On Water
Rebelmatic Walk On Water N
Walk On Water Coffee Grind Media 2022
6:39 PM
Flummox - Planet Cancer
Flummox Planet Cancer N
Rephlummoxed Needlejuice Records 2022 Metal
6:42 PM
Mano Fico - Gentrifier
Mano Fico Gentrifier N
6:43 PM
ODIOSA - Telas
Mil Motivos para Te Odiar ODIOSA 2021
6:49 PM
6:50 PM
Doughnuts - Impure
Doughnuts Impure
The Age Of The Circle UMG - Victory Records 1996 Rock
6:54 PM
Death Pill - Die For Vietnam
Death Pill Die For Vietnam
Miss Revolt 2018
6:57 PM
THICK - Love You Forever
THICK Love You Forever N
Love You Forever MERLIN - Epitaph 2022 Rock
6:59 PM
These Trails - Psyche I & Share Your Water
These Trails Psyche I & Share Your Water
These Trails MERLIN - Drag City Records 2011
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