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Nut House

Mar 17, 2022 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

ZBC Rock

With djstricky

The boys

Nut House
9:01 AM
Jordana - Pressure Point
Jordana Pressure Point
Pressure Point - Single Grand Jury Music 2022
9:04 AM
Nature TV - Gracie
Nature TV Gracie
Gracie Nature TV 2021
9:07 AM
Suzuki Saint - Tsunami
Suzuki Saint Tsunami
Tsunami Suzuki Saint 2021
9:11 AM
Kira Kosarin - December
Kira Kosarin December
December Off Brand Music 2020
9:13 AM
Yellow Hammer - Lazy
Yellow Hammer Lazy
Music From The Motion Picture Ocean's Twelve Warner Sunset/Warner Bros. 2004
9:15 AM
Blac Rabbit - Rooftops
Blac Rabbit Rooftops
Interstella Blac Rabbit 2022
9:19 AM
Gilligan Moss - Slow Down
Gilligan Moss Slow Down
Slow Down BELIEVE - Foreign Family Collective 2021
9:23 AM
Ula - Futon
Ula Futon
Futon Online Friends 2020
9:26 AM
Lohai - Baby I Know You Will
Lohai Baby I Know You Will
Baby I Know You Will SPEX 2016
9:30 AM
Epoch - Sunset Song
Epoch Sunset Song
Paradise Killer Original Soundtrack MERLIN - Kaizen Game Works 2020
9:31 AM
Real Bad Man - Kill the Lie
Real Bad Man Kill the Lie
Kill the Lie BELIEVE - Kitsune Musique Singles 2021
9:35 AM
Coma Culture - In Love
Coma Culture In Love
In Love Coma Culture 2021
9:38 AM
Lilacs - Better Off
Lilacs Better Off
Better Off Cleopatra Records 2019
9:42 AM
MEI - Frankenstein
MEI Frankenstein
Frankenstein Cosmica 2020
9:45 AM
Kim Cruse - Don't You Wanna Go? (None)
Kim Cruse Don't You Wanna Go? (None)
Don't You Wanna Go? MERLIN - Harmonix Factory 2021 R&B/Soul
9:47 AM
Utamaru - Beneath the Mask (From "Persona 5")
Utamaru Beneath the Mask (From "Persona 5")
Beneath the Mask (From "Persona 5") Utamaru 2019
9:49 AM
Evergreen - En Douce
Evergreen En Douce
Sign In - EP BELIEVE - 0800-MOSHI-MOSHI 2021
9:53 AM
syd B - RITF
syd B RITF
RITF syd B 2020
9:56 AM
Christian Kuria - Demons (Interlude)
Christian Kuria Demons (Interlude)
Borderline Christian Kuria 2020
9:58 AM
Scary Pockets - 1am Funk Dance Party
Scary Pockets 1am Funk Dance Party
1am Funk Dance Party Pockets, Inc. 2021
Chat is archived.
djstricky (host) 9:02:09 AM
good morning house nut listeners
Charles Guarino 9:24:26 AM
Charles Guarino 9:28:45 AM
gm Andrew, DJ Stricky, and intern person!
djstricky (host) 9:33:21 AM
good morning charles guarino
Michael Guarino 9:36:41 AM
Michael Guarino 9:37:25 AM
dj stricky would you consider urself quirked up (i.e., goated with the sauce)?
djstricky (host) 9:40:45 AM
a lot of people are saying i am, so much that it's a running joke. i tend to disagree personally but i respect others' opinions on my sauce levels
djstricky (host) 9:46:50 AM
waffle house
Charles Guarino 9:50:47 AM
so is there some electronic barrier that prevents Waffle House locations from asexual reproduction across the Mason-Dixon Line? 🤣
djstricky (host) 9:51:08 AM
the looming cloud of racism in the american south functions as an agar plate
Charles Guarino 9:52:09 AM
Counterpoint: Waffle House hash browns are the shizz
djstricky (host) 9:52:49 AM
i'm personally a Denny's truther but i respect all beliefs
Charles Guarino 9:56:28 AM
No road trip to Walt Disney World is complete without a detour to a sketchy Waffle House in a SC or GA podunk town.