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Nut House

Mar 31, 2022 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

ZBC Rock

With djstricky

The boys

Nut House
9:01 AM
KALI - Too Tired
KALI Too Tired
Too Tired WMG - Nettwerk Records 2021
9:04 AM
Thelonious Funk - Holy Water
Thelonious Funk Holy Water
Renaissance Bean Street Records 2020
9:07 AM
2% - Fumblin'
2% Fumblin'
Fumblin' 2% Recs 2020
9:12 AM
macico - eye
macico eye
P-VINE RECORDS 2021.8-9 2200
9:18 AM
Moonchild - You Got One
Moonchild You Got One
You Got One MERLIN - Tru Thoughts 2021 R&B/Soul
9:21 AM
Little Bird - Mega Hot Super Babe
Little Bird Mega Hot Super Babe
Mega Hot Super Babe BDBM420 2020
9:25 AM
Baird - Beluga Baby
Baird Beluga Baby
BIRDSONGS, Vol. 2 EQT Recordings, LLC 2020
9:27 AM
Dj AK - Slide
Dj AK Slide
Slide BELIEVE - GZR 2021
9:33 AM
Urban Lunchmeat - Paper Plates
Urban Lunchmeat Paper Plates
Paper Plates Urban Lunchmeat 2019
9:37 AM
Alexandre Beef Marchi - Monky Mania
Alexandre Beef Marchi Monky Mania
Monky Mania 1379363 Records DK 2020
9:39 AM
Pomplamoose - High and Dry
Pomplamoose High and Dry
High and Dry Pomplamoose 2022
9:43 AM
Саша Алмазова - Выбираю
Саша Алмазова Выбираю
Выбираю Саша Алмазова 2021
9:48 AM
Jackson Powell - SkullMates (feat. The Tiger Wizard)
Jackson Powell SkullMates (feat. The Tiger Wizard)
The Unwanted Busyness Of An Overactive Mind Jackson Powell 2021
9:53 AM
Hadji Gaviota - RUNNER'S HIGH
Hadji Gaviota RUNNER'S HIGH
RUNNER'S HIGH Fashionably Early LLC 2020
9:56 AM
Madi Sipes & The Painted Blue - 8:00
Madi Sipes & The Painted Blue 8:00
Teach Me How To Cry Dawson Records 2021
9:59 AM
Little Monarch - Strike
Little Monarch Strike
Strike Super Bloom Records 2021
Chat is archived.
djstricky (host) 8:59:21 AM
good morning nut house fans and associates
Charles Guarino 9:09:35 AM
gm boys
djstricky (host) 9:12:00 AM
Charles Guarino 9:18:15 AM
The 2% refers to the amount of milkfat content in the milk lol
djstricky (host) 9:19:52 AM
you're being subliminally influenced by Big Pasteur
djstricky (host) 9:19:59 AM
wake up
Michael Guarino 9:21:24 AM
Michael Guarino 9:21:53 AM
Listening to nut house is actively curing my Covid!
djstricky (host) 9:22:16 AM
speak of the devil, we were just talking about your plague status
Michael Guarino 9:22:34 AM
Covid made me miss the moonchild concert… sadge
Michael Guarino 9:22:49 AM
But I actually got a refund which not everyone can say
djstricky (host) 9:23:11 AM
guarino boys just can't seem to catch a moonchild show
Michael Guarino 9:23:20 AM
It wasn’t meant to be
Michael Guarino 9:33:04 AM
No way that’s a real name
djstricky (host) 9:34:53 AM
we get closer to 6 day fender bender every week
Charles Guarino 9:36:57 AM
Nut House... the new ivermectin?
djstricky (host) 9:37:45 AM
we're gonna be on tucker carlson i guess
Michael Guarino 9:38:03 AM
What in the mario party mini game music is this
Michael Guarino 9:38:21 AM
Is this a beef track??
djstricky (host) 9:38:34 AM
you know it!!
Charles Guarino 9:39:05 AM
Thankfully, I was able to avoid the 2007 American Idol tour... Major shout-out to Mom for taking one for the team 🤣
Charles Guarino 9:39:34 AM
Samba Amigos!!!
Michael Guarino 9:44:30 AM
2007 was the year of jordin sparks she slayed im sure
Michael Guarino 9:44:38 AM
And Melinda Doolittle
djstricky (host) 9:45:17 AM
so true
djstricky (host) 9:45:47 AM
do u remember when that guy came up to us and made us play air guitar on the big screen and then gve us a copy of guitar hero on the nintendo ds
Charles Guarino 9:46:33 AM
I remember seeing a potato quality mobile phone video of that lol
Michael Guarino 9:49:08 AM
I was literally just trying to eat my melting carvel ice cream and that man insisted on us doing the guitar hero thing
Michael Guarino 9:49:42 AM
Michael Guarino 9:50:49 AM
I react to my fave songs being on nut house the same way I react when a song I know comes on at the club
Michael Guarino 9:51:15 AM
In another life I would’ve gone to berklee
djstricky (host) 9:51:16 AM
we actually react the same way in the studio even tho we're the ones playing the music
Michael Guarino 9:51:40 AM
Glasswalls / Loquacity next time?
djstricky (host) 9:51:56 AM
we'll take it up with our editors