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Rare Frequency

Mar 31, 2022 7:00 PM β€“ 10:00 PM


With susanna

Experimental music, lovingly presented

Rare Frequency
7:04 PM
Philip Jeck - Bush Hum
Philip Jeck Bush Hum
7 Touch 2004 Jazz
7:09 PM
Philip Jeck - vinyl coda I
Philip Jeck vinyl coda I
Vinyl Coda I - III Intermedium 2000 CD
7:33 PM
Philip Jeck - Skew
Philip Jeck Skew
Host Sub Rosa Belgium 2001 CD
7:57 PM
Philip Jeck & Janek Schaefer - Taxim
Philip Jeck & Janek Schaefer Taxim
Songs for Europe Asphodel United States, www.mute.com 2004 CD
8:02 PM
Philip Jeck And Jacob Kirkegaard - Soaked 01 & 02
Philip Jeck And Jacob Kirkegaard Soaked 01 & 02
Soaked Touch 2002 Classical
8:12 PM
Philip Jeck - Broke Up
Philip Jeck Broke Up
Cardinal Touch 2015
8:19 PM
Philip Jeck - Fanfares Forward
Philip Jeck Fanfares Forward
Sand Touch 2008 Classical
8:23 PM
Philip Jeck - Live at ICC, Tokyo
Philip Jeck Live at ICC, Tokyo
Live at ICC, Tokyo Touch UK, www.touchradio.org 2001 CD
8:58 PM
Philip Jeck - Lambing
Philip Jeck Lambing
Stoke Touch 2002
9:06 PM
Philip Jeck - An Ark for the Listener (1-4)
Philip Jeck An Ark for the Listener (1-4)
An Ark For The Listener Touch 2010 World
9:29 PM
Philip Jeck - Anatomy
Philip Jeck Anatomy
Loopholes Touch 1996
his debut record
9:37 PM
Philip Jeck - SPIRITS UP
Philip Jeck SPIRITS UP
Surf Touch 2003
9:49 PM
Philip Jeck - Museum
Philip Jeck Museum
7 Touch 2008
9:59 PM
Faith Coloccia, Philip Jeck - Stardust
Faith Coloccia, Philip Jeck Stardust
Stardust Touch 2021
Chat is archived.
susanna (host) 7:05:46 PM
Good evening... tonight's show is dedicated to the memory of turntablist Philip Jeck, who died last week after a short illness.
ricklistens. 7:19:13 PM
thanks..Bush Hum was the perfect follow-up to the banter that preceded it .especially w/ his passing...good evening
susanna (host) 7:21:07 PM
Thanks, Rick!
Verb Crunch 8:18:08 PM
Philip Jeck's work is psychoactive
susanna (host) 8:19:15 PM
I agree
susanna (host) 8:24:57 PM
this singing saw part is quiet
ricklistens. 8:25:54 PM
loved the sand piece
susanna (host) 8:33:29 PM
Yes, I had forgotten how beautiful that record is.
susanna (host) 8:35:35 PM
We're entering the dance portion of the program... and will soon exit., so make the most of it.
ricklistens. 8:44:31 PM
ticklish touch
ricklistens. 8:57:17 PM
this must have been a jeckuva show
susanna (host) 9:00:22 PM
Oy... Rick!
ricklistens. 9:00:28 PM
kerry doyle 9:02:55 PM
Wow! What a show! Right on...
kerry doyle 9:09:18 PM
Geez, I didn't know all this. But I was so moved by what I was hearing. Timelessness. Intense. Otherworldly.
susanna (host) 9:13:16 PM
His music is totally worth seeking out. Much of it is on Bandcamp, including that long live set.
kerry doyle 9:22:15 PM
So good to know. Glad for the introduction. Lucky. Thank you...
susanna (host) 9:23:30 PM
You're very welcome. Thanks for tuning in!
ricklistens. 9:25:29 PM
timelessness passed on
kerry doyle 9:25:41 PM
That live set was amazing!
ricklistens. 9:26:02 PM
susanna (host) 9:28:38 PM
If you liked that, you'll probably also like his Vinyl Coda pieces which are great and also live.
kerry doyle 9:29:51 PM
Will make a note of that ; ) Thx
kerry doyle 9:30:53 PM
It's mesmerizing.
ricklistens. 9:32:35 PM
ark for the listener
susanna (host) 9:35:27 PM
This is his debut record now.
kerry doyle 9:37:52 PM
kerry doyle 9:39:04 PM
Must've been amazing live....
susanna (host) 9:40:32 PM
Sadly, I never saw him live. Tried to bring him to Boston years ago, but it just didn't pan out.
kerry doyle 9:40:57 PM
Early in your show, I caught this rhythm, drumming thing & it really got me. I'm hearing that now...
kerry doyle 9:41:32 PM
I mean the rhythm...
ricklistens. 9:43:05 PM
kerry doyle 9:44:32 PM
susanna (host) 9:45:31 PM
That's definitely prevalent in this early stuff. Apparently, he was a disco dj early on.
ricklistens. 9:46:34 PM
that’d be fun to hear
ricklistens. 9:50:36 PM
now the museum
ricklistens. 9:52:21 PM
kerry doyle 9:55:30 PM
Verb Crunch 9:56:05 PM
Phillip Jeck: "Genres: Turntablism, ambient, avant-garde, electronic, hauntology" Hauntology !? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hauntology_(music)
Verb Crunch 9:59:28 PM
Very nice tribute show Susanna, enjoyed.
susanna (host) 9:59:50 PM
Thanks for tuning in!
kerry doyle 9:59:52 PM
Memorable. Thanks again.
ricklistens. 10:00:03 PM
bet he died laughing ...well done..thanks