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Maura Dot Com Slash WZBC

Apr 14, 2022 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With Maura Johnston

Music writer and BC instructor Maura Johnston presents hits and almost-hits from now and then.

Maura Dot Com Slash WZBC
1:00 PM
Gretel Hänlyn - Motorbike
Gretel Hänlyn Motorbike N
Motorbike VLF Records 2022
1:04 PM
Anorak Patch - Paris Will Be Paid For
Anorak Patch Paris Will Be Paid For N
Paris Will Be Paid For - Single Nice Swan Recordings 2022
1:07 PM
Peaness - irl
Peaness irl N
World Full Of Worry Totally Snick Records 2022 Rock
1:10 PM
Wet Leg - Convincing
Wet Leg Convincing N
Wet Leg Domino Recording Co 2022
1:13 PM
English Teacher - Mental Maths
English Teacher Mental Maths N
Mental Maths Nice Swan Recordings 2022
1:16 PM
Ghum - Some People
Ghum Some People N
Deceiver Everything Sucks Music 2022
1:19 PM
Sprints - Im In A Band
Sprints Im In A Band N
A Modern Job EP Nice Swan Recordings 2022 Rock
1:22 PM
Enumclaw - 2002
Enumclaw 2002 N
2002 Luminelle Recordings 2022
1:24 PM
Harkin - Body Clock
Harkin Body Clock N
Body Clock Hand Mirror 2022
1:28 PM
Porridge Radio - The Rip
Porridge Radio The Rip N
Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder To The Sky Secretly Canadian 2022
1:31 PM
Rome Is Not a Town - Follow Me Home
Rome Is Not a Town Follow Me Home N
Tender Arms Power Heels Startracks 2022
1:37 PM
Pillow Queens - No Good Woman
Pillow Queens No Good Woman N
Leave The Light On Royal Mountain Records 2022
playing Brighton Music Hall tomorrow!
1:41 PM
Girl Friday - Decoration/Currency
Girl Friday Decoration/Currency
Fashion Conman - EP Hardly Art 2019 Rock
1:45 PM
Unrest - Cath Carroll
Unrest Cath Carroll
Perfect Teeth 4AD 1993 Rock
1:49 PM
S Prcss - Hi-Yah is a Karate Chop
S Prcss Hi-Yah is a Karate Chop
MNML French Kiss 2003 Rock
1:51 PM
Ganger - Cats Dogs And Babies Jaws
Ganger Cats Dogs And Babies Jaws
Hammock Style Domino Recording Co 1998
1:57 PM
Just Mustard - Still
Just Mustard Still N
Heart Under PTKF 2022
2:02 PM
Mall Girl - Lilies' Dew
Mall Girl Lilies' Dew N
Superstar Jansen Records 2022
2:04 PM
Sally Shapiro - Fading Away
Sally Shapiro Fading Away
Fading Away Italians Do It Better 2021
2:11 PM
Annie - Dark Hearts
Annie Dark Hearts
Dark Hearts Annie Melody 2020
2:15 PM
Jane Inc - 2120
Jane Inc 2120 N
Faster Than I Can Take Telephone Explosion Records 2022 Rock
2:24 PM
Dama Scout - pineapple eyes
Dama Scout pineapple eyes N
gen wo lai (come with me) Hand In Hive 2022 Rock
2:27 PM
Pixx - Andean Condor
Pixx Andean Condor
Small Mercies 4AD 2019
2:31 PM
Pram - Blue
Pram Blue
Helium Too Pure US 1995 CD Rock
2:39 PM
Scritti Politti - Hypnotize
Scritti Politti Hypnotize
Cupid & Psyche 85 Virgin 1985
2:43 PM
Jane Weaver - Oblique Fantasy
Jane Weaver Oblique Fantasy N
Oblique Fantasy Speedy Wunderground 2022
2:48 PM
Katie Alice Greer - Fits / My Love Can't Be
Katie Alice Greer Fits / My Love Can't Be N
Barbarism FourFour Records 2022 Rock
2:55 PM
Persons - Easter Vest
Persons Easter Vest
The Lainmeyers Are Persons Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club 2000 CD Rock
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Maura Johnston (host) 1:06:02 PM
Jon Solomon 1:46:46 PM
Not only did I remember it was Thursday ALL ON MY OWN but I clearly tuned in Just In Time.
Maura Johnston (host) 1:51:26 PM
Jon Solomon 1:51:52 PM
My timing has only improved.
Jeff Kehoe 2:22:10 PM
What a great lineup to turn up on a wfh day. Thank you Maura 🙏
Maura Johnston (host) 2:25:07 PM
aw, thank you Jeff :)
Jon Solomon 2:46:05 PM
Such a jam.
Maura Johnston (host) 2:58:28 PM
Thanks for tuning in everybody! See you next week !!!