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Malleus Vibrations

Apr 25, 2022 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM


With Audrey

Named after the hammer bone in your ear, Malleus Vibrations plays metal, punk, and everything in between.

Malleus Vibrations
6:00 PM
Sleep Terror - Probing Tranquility
Sleep Terror Probing Tranquility
Unihemispheria Sleep Terror 2015
6:03 PM
Wraith - Cloaked in Black
Wraith Cloaked in Black
Cloaked in Black Redefining Darkness Records 2021
6:07 PM
The Odious - Mono No Aware
The Odious Mono No Aware
Mono No Aware The Odious 2019 Rock
6:15 PM
Venator - Nightrider
Venator Nightrider
Nightrider Dying Victims Productions 2021 Heavy Metal
6:21 PM
Kardashev - Compost Grave-Song
Kardashev Compost Grave-Song N
Compost Grave-Song Metal Blade Records 2022 Heavy Metal
6:25 PM
High Fighter - Gods
High Fighter Gods
Scars & Crosses ORCHARD - Svart Records 2016 Heavy Metal
6:35 PM
Orpheus Blade - My Arms for Those Wings
Orpheus Blade My Arms for Those Wings N
My Arms for Those Wings Orpheus Blade 2022 Heavy Metal
6:40 PM
Downset - Pure Trauma
Downset Pure Trauma
Check Your People MERLIN - Epitaph 2008
6:43 PM
Wildspeaker - Spreading Adder
Wildspeaker Spreading Adder
Spreading Adder ORCHARD - Prosthetic 2017 Heavy Metal
6:45 PM
Therapy - A Wish For
Therapy A Wish For N
Therapy/Axerash Atomic Action! 2022
6:47 PM
The Hellfreaks - Sorrow Bus
The Hellfreaks Sorrow Bus
Circus of Shame iMusician Digital 2014 Rock
6:52 PM
LA FRACTION - Terrre Damnée
LA FRACTION Terrre Damnée N
De L'Autre Côté LP/CD Trujaca Fala 2022
6:56 PM
The Pandoras - That's Your Way Out
The Pandoras That's Your Way Out
Stop Pretending Warner Music Group 2018 Rock
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Brian Tucker 6:39:14 PM
Thank you for another great show, Malleus rocks!!
Audrey (host) 6:42:56 PM
Thanks for listening!
ricklistens. 6:54:11 PM
good evening... thanks