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Virtual Detention

May 13, 2022 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM

ZBC Rock

With Nick

the chaotic and unpredictable zbc sound you know and love.

Virtual Detention
8:00 AM
Mint Green - What I'm Feeling
Mint Green What I'm Feeling
All Girls Go to Heaven Pure Noise Records 2022 Rock
8:04 AM
The Edukators - River Styx
The Edukators River Styx
River Styx DISTROKID - Magic Door 2022
8:06 AM
Oceanator - The Last Summer
Oceanator The Last Summer
The Last Summer WMG - Polyvinyl Records 2022
8:10 AM
Dehd - Empty in My Mind
Dehd Empty in My Mind
Blue Skies Fat Possum 2022 Rock
8:14 AM
Pulse Park - Sine Wave (None)
Pulse Park Sine Wave (None)
Phonac Music MERLIN - GrindEthos Records 2022
8:17 AM
Dinosaur Jr. - Feel The Pain
Dinosaur Jr. Feel The Pain
Emptiness at The Sinclair MERLIN - Jagjaguwar 2021
8:21 AM
Weird Nightmare - Searching for You
Weird Nightmare Searching for You
Searching for You WMG - Subpop Record Group 2022
8:24 AM
Viagra Boys - Troglodyte
Viagra Boys Troglodyte
Troglodyte YEAR0001 2022
8:28 AM
THE STRANGLERS - Nice 'N' Sleazy
Peaches: The Very Best of the Stranglers Parlophone UK 2002
8:30 AM
Chris Tafoya - Bienvenidos Al Drive In
Chris Tafoya Bienvenidos Al Drive In
Long White Line DISTROKID - Marshmellow Records 2022 Rock
8:31 AM
Kourt Jester - Intermission
Kourt Jester Intermission
Introspection Pleasantly Offensive Productions 2018
8:33 AM
SPICE - Bad Fade
SPICE Bad Fade
Bad Fade MERLIN - Dais Records 2022 Rock
8:36 AM
Screaming Females - On My Radio
Screaming Females On My Radio
On My Radio Don Giovanni Records 2022 Rock
8:39 AM
Young Guv - Nowhere At All
Young Guv Nowhere At All
GUV IV MERLIN - Run For Cover Records 2022
8:42 AM
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Heart in Your Heartbreak
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart Heart in Your Heartbreak
Heart in Your Heartbreak MERLIN - Slumberland Records 2010 Rock
8:46 AM
DUCKS LTD. - Head On
Head On UMG - Royal Mountain Records 2022
8:49 AM
Momma - Speeding 72
Momma Speeding 72
Speeding 72 WMG - Polyvinyl Records 2022
8:53 AM
illuminati hotties - Pool Hopping
illuminati hotties Pool Hopping
Let Me Do One More MERLIN - Snack Shack Tracks / Hopeless Records 2021
8:56 AM
Painted Shield - Knife Fight
Painted Shield Knife Fight
Painted Shield Loosegroove Records 2020
Chat is archived.
Nick (host) 8:06:04 AM
good morning gang
Verb Crunch 8:11:50 AM
Show great so far! Was listening to the hour before yours.. i love hearing the same Sweet Gabby show week after week going all the way back to February. It's comforting consistency.
Nick (host) 8:12:34 AM
It's the small comforts
Nick (host) 8:19:32 AM
still think it's so cool DinoJr did a live album at the Sinclair
ricklistens. 8:29:19 AM
troglodytes nice and easy...ready to weekend
ricklistens. 8:29:58 AM
Nick (host) 8:35:37 AM
might be a top 5 baseline on sleazy
KOTJames 8:35:57 AM
KOTJames 8:36:19 AM
Somerville Porchfest tomorrow. Packed schedule.
KOTJames 8:36:35 AM
Agreed on baseline Nick.
Nick (host) 8:38:38 AM
Oh porchfest totally snuck up on me
KOTJames 8:43:13 AM
they had one last fall....I believe.
ricklistens. 8:43:59 AM
summer of 22 sneaking up on me and you
KOTJames 8:45:12 AM
Don't miss Suspicious Minds @ 4pm on Putnam St KOTJ fan HG's band.
KOTJames 8:46:23 AM
Bradley Jay starts his show Ignore the Machine 10am - noon on Monday after DJ Simon's Infernal Racket
KOTJames 8:47:03 AM
ZBC Summer Schedule: http://artguy.com/Summer2022.pdf
KOTJames 8:47:28 AM
Peter Ireland Goldsoundz is back on Thursdays.
ricklistens. 8:49:11 AM
artguy not secure
Verb Crunch 8:53:16 AM
Verb Crunch 8:54:05 AM
um.. i can see the new show name on that there PDF :)
Nick (host) 8:54:22 AM
Hahaha so much for that big market tease
Verb Crunch 8:54:58 AM
Ravioli just retired pulsebeat too.. last show was two sunday nights ago, he's continuing with new genres.
Nick (host) 8:55:52 AM
Oh wow. Feel like pulsebeats always been there
ricklistens. 8:59:11 AM
still has a pulse