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Sound Syrup

May 17, 2022 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With JeffB

Swirly gooey post punk adventures, drenched in reverb. Stored in Giant Vats.

live from ZBC air studio

Sound Syrup
10:00 AM
Slowdive - Morningrise
Slowdive Morningrise
Just For A Day SME - Sony Music UK 2010
10:04 AM
The Asteroid No.4 - Tones of the Sparrow
The Asteroid No.4 Tones of the Sparrow
Tones of the Sparrow BELIEVE - Club AC30 2022
10:08 AM
The Besnard Lakes - She's an Icicle
The Besnard Lakes She's an Icicle
She's an Icicle BELIEVE - Flemish Eye Records 2022
10:16 AM
Tearjerker - So Dead
Tearjerker So Dead
Rare Tearjerker 2011 Rock
10:18 AM
Taraka - Reverence
Taraka Reverence
Reverence MERLIN - Kanine Records 2022 Rock
10:23 AM
Dead Boys - Sonic Reducer
Dead Boys Sonic Reducer
Sonic Reducer WMG - Warner Catalog and O/H 2013 Rock
10:27 AM
Deerhunter - Primitive 3D
Deerhunter Primitive 3D
10:29 AM
Psychedelic Porn Crumpets - Terminus, The Creator
Psychedelic Porn Crumpets Terminus, The Creator
Night Gnomes BELIEVE - Marathon Artists 2022
10:32 AM
Just Mustard - Still
Just Mustard Still
Still WMG - PTKF 2022
10:36 AM
Opera - Mercy
Opera Mercy
Mercy Independent 2021
10:39 AM
Ghost Animal - Single Man
Ghost Animal Single Man
Summertime in Heaven Death Party Records 2010
10:42 AM
Mark Stewart, Stephen Mallinder & Eric Random - Cast No Shadow (Leæther Strip Mix)
Mark Stewart, Stephen Mallinder & Eric Random Cast No Shadow (Leæther Strip Mix)
Cast No Shadow (Leæther Strip Mix) Emergency Hearts 2022
10:47 AM
Automatic - New Beginning
Automatic New Beginning
Excess Stones Throw Records 2022
10:51 AM
Fujiya & Miyagi - Ankle Injuries
Fujiya & Miyagi Ankle Injuries
Transparent Things Grönland Records 2014
10:58 AM
Carlos Loverboy - Jesus Focus
Carlos Loverboy Jesus Focus
Jesus Focus Carlos Loverboy 2022 Rock
11:01 AM
The Creatures - Mad Eyed Screamer
The Creatures Mad Eyed Screamer
A Bestiary Of Polydor Records 2010
11:03 AM
Animal Collective - Country Report
Animal Collective Country Report
Keep Domino 2011
11:06 AM
Aeon Station - Fade
Aeon Station Fade
Observatory Sub Pop Records 2021
11:10 AM
Flesh For Lulu - Subterraneans
Flesh For Lulu Subterraneans
The Polydor Years UMG - Caroline International 2017 Rock
11:16 AM
Yard Act - The Overload
Yard Act The Overload
The Overload MERLIN - Zen F.C. 2022 Rock
11:19 AM
Clipd Beaks - Nuclear Arab
Clipd Beaks Nuclear Arab
Preyers ORCHARD - Tigerbeat6 2006
11:23 AM
The Stranglers - Nuclear Device
The Stranglers Nuclear Device
IV Parlophone UK 1979
11:26 AM
Soulja Kelly - Slava Ukraini
Soulja Kelly Slava Ukraini
Slava Ukraini Viral Records 2022
11:26 AM
Young Marble Giants - Final Day
Young Marble Giants Final Day
Colossal Youth MERLIN - Domino Recording Co 2020
11:28 AM
Belle and Sebastian - Final Day
Belle and Sebastian Final Day
Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before… Rough Trade 2003
11:30 AM
Füxa - Unknown
Füxa Unknown
Dirty D Rocket Girl 2013 Rock
concert report music bed
11:33 AM
Sinead O'Brien - There Are Good Times Coming
Sinead O'Brien There Are Good Times Coming
Time Bend and Break the Bower MERLIN - Chess Club 2022
11:37 AM
Orchestra Gold - Djama
Orchestra Gold Djama
African Psychedelic Rock DISTROKID - 3267723 Records DK 2017 World
11:39 AM
Papercuts - Palm Sunday
Papercuts Palm Sunday
Past Life Regression MERLIN - Slumberland Records LLC 2022
11:42 AM
Wire - Stepping Off Too Quick (Not About To Die) [6th Demo]
Wire Stepping Off Too Quick (Not About To Die) [6th Demo]
Stepping Off Too Quick (Not About To Die) [6th Demo] 2022 2022 Rock
11:43 AM
Snapped Ankles - Shifting Basslines of the Cornucopians
Snapped Ankles Shifting Basslines of the Cornucopians
Shifting Basslines of the Cornucopians MERLIN - The Leaf Label 2021
11:49 AM
A Certain Ratio - Flight (12" Version)
A Certain Ratio Flight (12" Version)
Flight Factory Records 1980 7 Inch Rock
11:53 AM
POLIÇA - Alive
Madness MERLIN - Memphis Industries 2022
11:57 AM
Gene Loves Jezebel - Vagabond
Gene Loves Jezebel Vagabond
Vagabond MERLIN - Beggars Banquet 2005
11:58 AM
Opera - Mercy Redux
Opera Mercy Redux
REDUX OM00 2022
Chat is archived.
JeffB (host) 10:05:23 AM
i'm in da studio.. oy
PiGuy 10:06:56 AM
NFW! When was the last time that happened?
JeffB (host) 10:07:56 AM
march 2020
Jamie Cohen (1) 10:08:15 AM
ahh, i needed some syrupy sound this morning. Hey Jeff!
PiGuy 10:09:13 AM
Wow. Indeed a rare occasion.
ricklistens. 10:10:03 AM
happy summer
Kevin Polk 10:10:27 AM
The Return of the King
Andrew Herman (1) 10:10:53 AM
Hi Jeff!
Kevin Polk 10:11:01 AM
Here is a nice new track that seems to be coming out soon or now... or something https://thedreamsyndicate.bandcamp.com/track/where-ill-stand
JeffB (host) 10:11:25 AM
i think I heard that Dream Syndicate and loved it !
Jamie YBN 10:12:58 AM
excuses excuses
Andrew Herman (1) 10:16:08 AM
This new Besnard Lakes?
Kevin Polk 10:16:54 AM
Besnard Lakes, yes single from earlier this year
JeffB (host) 10:17:12 AM
yeah and forgot to mention they're coming to O'Brien's..
Jamie YBN 10:17:25 AM
New season hiccups and jitters
Kevin Polk 10:18:13 AM
jeez, BL can't do bigger than O'Briens? They seem Sinclair size
Saginaw 10:18:30 AM
Good morning, all
Kevin Polk 10:20:28 AM
it's like JMC meets Kilslug lol
Jamie YBN 10:24:56 AM
Brewing Tiller, our Rye Pale Ale, at Lookout Farm today. I love this song - Dead Boys!
PiGuy 10:26:21 AM
Will never forget dinner with Stiv and Lords of the New Church at Empire Cafe in the Fenway back in '82.
Andrew Herman (1) 10:30:34 AM
Nothing satisfies quite like the Psychedelic Porn Crumpets
Andrew Herman (1) 10:33:42 AM
They are amazingly prolific
Andrew Herman (1) 10:34:05 AM
Probably comes from being isolated in Perth, Australia
PeterC 10:37:15 AM
morning all...
JeffB (host) 10:38:00 AM
Hi PeterC! Work going OK? @AH new PPC album good ! Got a ticket to see them in Oct
PeterC 10:38:44 AM
Stiv came up the BC Cafeteria when he visited ZBC. Buff and Buffy parted like the red sea when he got in line with his tray...
PeterC 10:39:24 AM
finished with morning meetings so now ai can work in from to the computer and listen to SS
Andrew Herman (1) 10:41:42 AM
I am also seeing them in October here in TOronto :)
Andrew Herman (1) 10:42:12 AM
I finished recording my show just in time to listen to SS
Andrew Herman (1) 10:42:57 AM
Andrew Herman (1) 10:44:00 AM
Hi Peter!
ex-DJ tamer 10:45:08 AM
PP Crumpets coming to which venue?
JeffB (host) 10:47:37 AM
Dunkin maybe?
Andrew Herman (1) 10:47:44 AM
Howdy Ex-DJ tamer!
Andrew Herman (1) 10:47:58 AM
PeterC 10:48:01 AM
Thanks for the shoutout
ex-DJ tamer 10:48:07 AM
Crumpets w/sprinkles
Andrew Herman (1) 10:48:48 AM
Bradley J did a most excellent show yesterday, IMHO
JeffB (host) 10:49:00 AM
Bradley KILLED it. so good.
Andrew Herman (1) 10:49:12 AM
I like to think that I know my post-punk but
Andrew Herman (1) 10:49:25 AM
he played at least three or four bands that I had never heard of before
Jamie YBN 10:49:56 AM
Great show, BTW.
PeterC 10:50:41 AM
heard about 25% of it...will probably listen to the rest this afternoon...good to hear him back...we've almost got the 1985 lineup on weekday mornings!!!
ex-DJ tamer 10:52:24 AM
I miss the ZBC concert report. Now that live music is back, it's nice to have a master list of upcoming shows.
PeterC 10:54:09 AM
I miss the Boston Phoenix...one stop shopping for live shows..
Jamie Cohen (1) 10:55:49 AM
the Phoenix was awesome. As is Jeff's show this morning. The Z is gonna be a great summer soundtrack...
John Fisher 10:57:44 AM
I appreciate you showing love to Sara's Waiting Room. Not all the new dj's are bad. Who cares if she says "Keep it Locked" sometimes or "before that..."
DJ Simon 10:58:01 AM
That chirping was driving me crazy yesterday! It's coming from a black box underneath the console.
Kevin Polk 10:58:10 AM
Yes, Waiting Room sounded cool. A nice 1-2 punch Tuesday mornings
Andrew Herman (1) 10:58:33 AM
I did enjoy what I heard of Waiting Room
Andrew Herman (1) 10:58:58 AM
"Before that"
KOTJames 11:01:12 AM
Late to chat. Syrup is back.
Andrew Herman (1) 11:02:47 AM
In all of its gooey goodness!
JeffB (host) 11:08:25 AM
Hey @KOTJ! Hey Kevin! Sorry not chat focused.. always trying to figure out what to play next..
JeffB (host) 11:09:26 AM
And Simon! Just saw your comment. Must be a UPS that needs a new battery..
DJ Simon 11:12:52 AM
I thought that might be the culprit. Glad it's not a bomb.
KOTJames 11:14:16 AM
Bradley's summer debut yesterday was a big success!
PeterC 11:16:16 AM
I used to play this all the time....
Andrew Herman (1) 11:25:19 AM
Fun fact: Katherine Blake of Miranda Sex Garden and the Medieval Babes was married to Kevin Marsh of Flesh for Lulu until he passed away a few years ago
Andrew Herman (1) 11:25:58 AM
Sorry. Nick Marsh
barcoded ||| |||||| || |||| | ||| || |||||| 11:34:20 AM
Jeff, there is an official ZBC concert report at WZBC.org - it just needs a volunteer to update it.
JeffB (host) 11:34:56 AM
i checked it, listings from 2021..
KOTJames 11:37:56 AM
MBR's concert report is a good source: https://wmbr.org/cr.html
PiGuy 11:38:29 AM
Gotta go solve someone else problem. Enjoyed the show greatly Jeff. gonna be a great summer, at least on the 'Z that is.
JeffB (host) 11:41:43 AM
thx PiGuy! yeah gotta back in the groove here..
bruckner4 11:46:43 AM
glad you're back, ss!
Pat Irwin (1) 11:46:53 AM
Freezepop coming to Somerville 6/26! Yeah!
pmcWhenever 11:47:02 AM
live radioee stream…-thx jb
ricklistens. 11:47:57 AM
Jamie Cohen (1) 11:52:01 AM
love certain ratio, had this 12"
Jamie Cohen (1) 11:52:37 AM
great show Jeff! Ready to take on the day now.
PeterC 11:52:40 AM
I think the wire was more things they recorded but never released, and re-recored them with Matt on Guitar
DJ Simon 11:53:40 AM
Thanks, Jeff! Looking forward to a summer of Syrup.
JeffB (host) 11:54:57 AM
thank Pete i was wondering but didn't bother to research.. at first thought it was new material. sounded fantastic though
PeterC 11:55:20 AM
I didn't realize it was out yet...
JeffB (host) 11:56:22 AM
Hey Jamie thx! hey Bruckner4! hey PMC! hey Pat! hey Rick! you guys are awesome thx for hangin' !
demolition robot 11:56:32 AM
The Wire piece is from an upcoming release. They took an old bootleg and remastered it. That's the teaser track.
PeterC 11:57:07 AM
demolition robot 11:57:12 AM
So looking forward to it coming out. This has been a great show!
ricklistens. 11:57:36 AM
hangin’ by the ankles
PeterC 12:00:00 PM