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The Industrial Factory

May 22, 2022 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM


With DJ Brian L.

The Industrial Factory's roots come from the sounds that nearly dominated ZBC in the mid to late 90s, back when industrial music had a firm grasp on what was then ZBC Rock. Now, over a decade later, the show has come full circle, showing that there's still life in a genre and an underground that many may have forgotten. Focusing on fresh, young acts that have taken their cues from dark disco, EBM, and the bands from the seminal Wax Trax! Label as well as shining a light on the classic artists that paved the way for them, The Industrial Factory remains to be the soundtrack for a dimly lit dancefloor.

The Industrial Factory
8:01 PM
:Waijdan: - Death
:Waijdan: Death
Death Re:Mission Entertainment 2022
8:04 PM
11grams - Humanicide
11grams Humanicide
Humanicide Ek Product 2020
8:07 PM
Haujobb - The Noise Institute
Haujobb The Noise Institute
Vertical Theory Metropolis Records 2003
8:10 PM
Interlace - Nemesis
Interlace Nemesis
Nemesis Prototyp 2009 Rock
8:14 PM
My Love Kills - Dehumanization
My Love Kills Dehumanization
To a New World of Gods and Monsters Progress Productions 2022
8:18 PM
Necro Facility - Downstairs
Necro Facility Downstairs
The Black Paintings Progress Productions 2005 Rock
8:21 PM
Shadow Figures - Oppress
Shadow Figures Oppress
Oppress The Coven Creative 2021
8:23 PM
Lucidstatic - From The Depths (Precursor)
Lucidstatic From The Depths (Precursor)
Construct CRL Studios 2022
8:29 PM
Greyhound - Breath
Greyhound Breath
Insomnia Hands 2022 CD
8:34 PM
Techno>Prisoners - Killer Mommy (royb0t remix)
Techno>Prisoners Killer Mommy (royb0t remix)
Killer Mommy Techno>Prisoners https://technoprisoners.bandcamp.com 2022 CD
8:37 PM
Archon Of The Fairlight - Dogmatic (Single Version)
Archon Of The Fairlight Dogmatic (Single Version)
Dogmatic (Single Version) 3938952 Records DK 2022
8:41 PM
Black Agent - Strange Like Me
Black Agent Strange Like Me
Industrial Ruination DISTROKID - Re:Mission Entertainment 2022
8:45 PM
RELIC - Pray
Social Drift Glitch Mode Recordings 2018
8:48 PM
Skren - STAUB (Video Edit)
Skren STAUB (Video Edit)
STAUB (Video Edit) 2954333 Records DK 2022
8:52 PM
Pigface - Mercenary (SSL Beijing Mix)
Pigface Mercenary (SSL Beijing Mix)
6 ORCHARD - Full Effect Records 2009 Rock
8:56 PM
Male Tears - DOMIN8
Male Tears DOMIN8
9:02 PM
Comfort Cure - Dreaming Tarmac
Comfort Cure Dreaming Tarmac
Cuts the Line - EP Comfort Cure https://comfortcure.bandcamp.com 2022 CD
9:04 PM
Balvanera - Rust
Balvanera Rust
Courses of Action DKA Records 2021
9:09 PM
Darkwraith Covenant - Shaking Hand (feat. Ursula Morton)
Darkwraith Covenant Shaking Hand (feat. Ursula Morton)
Shaking Hand b/w Breadlines 3281474 Records DK 2021
9:13 PM
Pixel Grip - Club Mania
Pixel Grip Club Mania
ARENA Feeltrip Records 2021
9:17 PM
Nuclear Sludge - Heat
Nuclear Sludge Heat
Heat Nuclear Broadcast 2021
9:20 PM
Converter - Domination [lm]
Converter Domination [lm]
Expansion Pack 2.0 Ant-Zen 2005
9:25 PM
Fla Vector - Mess IAM
Fla Vector Mess IAM
Redux For A Quietly Deceased Fla Vector 2020
9:30 PM
Orphx - Bare Life
Orphx Bare Life
Learn to Suffer Sonic Groove 2018
9:36 PM
Anti Yo - Bombs keep hitting (Meshes Remix)
Anti Yo Bombs keep hitting (Meshes Remix)
La Formula Pildoras Tapes 2021
9:41 PM
Something Someone - Shock Me (Caustic Ultimix)
Something Someone Shock Me (Caustic Ultimix)
Shock Me Something Someone https://somethingsomeoneus.bandcamp.com 2022 CD
9:43 PM
New Town Ground - With Care
New Town Ground With Care
Violent Circles Still distant Records 2022
9:49 PM
Mari Kattman - Is It Really That Bad (Rotersand Rework)
Mari Kattman Is It Really That Bad (Rotersand Rework)
Is It Really That Bad? COP International 2022
9:55 PM
Noform - Freedom Machine (Duellist & Kenny Campbell Remix)
Noform Freedom Machine (Duellist & Kenny Campbell Remix)
Critical Error Webuildmachines 2022
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Pat Irwin (1) 8:25:46 PM
Hey, Brian. Hope you're in a cool place :P
DJ Brian L. (host) 8:28:07 PM
thanks. it's brutal outside. luckily i'm in an air conditioned room. :-)
Pat Irwin (1) 9:21:43 PM
At the Z?
DJ Brian L. (host) 9:22:08 PM
oh no. i'm doing shows remotely