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Rat Fever

May 27, 2022 8:00 AM β€“ 9:00 AM

ZBC Rock

With Nick

Rat Fever
8:02 AM
Momma - Speeding 72
Momma Speeding 72
Household Name Lucky Number 2022
8:04 AM
Dehd - Empty in My Mind
Dehd Empty in My Mind
Blue Skies Fat Possum 2022 Rock
8:07 AM
Superorganism - On & On
Superorganism On & On
Into The Sun MERLIN - Domino Recording Co 2022
8:10 AM
Supercrush - Perfect Smile
Supercrush Perfect Smile
Melody Maker DISTROKID - 3240457 Records DK2 2021
8:14 AM
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Crosswalk
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Crosswalk
Crosswalk Nice Age Music 2022
8:18 AM
Mitski - The Only Heartbreaker
Mitski The Only Heartbreaker
The Only Heartbreaker Dead Oceans 2021
8:21 AM
The Beths - A Real Thing
The Beths A Real Thing
A Real Thing Carpark Records 2022 Rock
8:25 AM
Dutch Tulips - Sick Middle
Dutch Tulips Sick Middle
Double Visions Dutch Tulips 2021
8:28 AM
Chris Tafoya - Bienvenidos Al Drive In
Chris Tafoya Bienvenidos Al Drive In
Long White Line DISTROKID - Marshmellow Records 2022 Rock
8:31 AM
illuminati hotties - Pool Hopping
illuminati hotties Pool Hopping
Let Me Do One More MERLIN - Snack Shack Tracks / Hopeless Records 2021
8:34 AM
Beach Day - Beach Day
Beach Day Beach Day
Trip Trap Attack Kanine Records 2013
8:36 AM
Pool Kids - That's Physics, Baby
Pool Kids That's Physics, Baby
Arm's Length Skeletal Lightning 2022
8:40 AM
Weird Nightmare - Darkroom
Weird Nightmare Darkroom
Darkroom WMG - Subpop Record Group 2022
8:43 AM
Together Pangea - Grass
Together Pangea Grass
Grass Nettwerk Music Group 2022
8:46 AM
DUCKS LTD. - 18 Cigarettes
DUCKS LTD. 18 Cigarettes
Modern Fiction UMG - Royal Mountain Records 2021
8:50 AM
Kiwi Jr. - Night Vision
Kiwi Jr. Night Vision
Night Vision WMG - Subpop Record Group 2022
8:53 AM
SPICE - Recovery
SPICE Recovery
Viv MERLIN - Dais Records 2022
8:56 AM
Lawn - Night Life
Lawn Night Life
Night Life 2022
Chat is archived.
Nick (host) 8:03:07 AM
Good morning!
Bradgic 8:21:20 AM
Hey Nick, good morning!
Nick (host) 8:26:39 AM
weekend looking good?
Bradgic 8:39:31 AM
Oh yeah, hoping to find a dark spot for the potential meteor shower at 1am Tuesday.
Nick (host) 8:43:59 AM
??? Hadn't heard of that!
Nick (host) 8:44:35 AM
I'll have to do the same, but I'm a city boy without a car so might be tough
Bradgic 8:45:46 AM
Yeah, I’m heading out of the city with an old band mate who traditionally joins me on these adventures.
ricklistens. 8:46:56 AM
thanks for a meteoric rise this morning
Bradgic 8:47:01 AM
But as for the weekend itself, it’s going to be music, beer, golf, and generally not working.
Bradgic 8:55:50 AM
Digging the show! Enjoy your weekend as well.
Nick (host) 8:57:54 AM
Thanks! yeah we are mostly gonna hang. Check out the speedway, might go to Sunday at Boston Calling. But haven't decided