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Sound Syrup

May 31, 2022 10:00 AM â€“ 12:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With JeffB

Swirly gooey post punk adventures, drenched in reverb, then covered in green pollen.

Sound Syrup
10:00 AM
A.R. Kane - Up
A.R. Kane Up
Americana Luaka Bop US 1992 12 Inch
10:06 AM
MINT FIELD - Quiero Otoño De Nuevo
MINT FIELD Quiero Otoño De Nuevo
Pasar de la Luces Innovative Leisure 2018
10:10 AM
Young Prisms - Melt Away
Young Prisms Melt Away
Drifter Fire Talk 2022
10:14 AM
John Cale - Gun
John Cale Gun
Fear Universal Music 1974
10:22 AM
Just Mustard - Seed
Just Mustard Seed
Heart Under PTKF 2022
10:27 AM
Pins - Got It Bad
Pins Got It Bad
Wild Nights Bella Union 2015 Rock
10:32 AM
Ladytron - Discotraxx
Ladytron Discotraxx
Technikart - Compilation 20 ans - Volume 1 Nettwerk Records 2011
10:35 AM
PVA - Untethered
PVA Untethered
Untethered - Single 2022
10:37 AM
Trentemøller - When The Sun Explodes
Trentemøller When The Sun Explodes
Memoria In My Room 2022
10:42 AM
Curve - Wish You Dead
Curve Wish You Dead
Doppelgänger Anxious 1992
10:46 AM
Wombo - Below the House
Wombo Below the House
Below the House Fire Talk 2022
10:49 AM
Virginia Wing - Be Released
Virginia Wing Be Released
Ecstatic Arrow Fire Records 2018
10:52 AM
Loop - Halo
Loop Halo
Halo Cooking Vinyl Limited 2021 Rock
10:57 AM
Myuné - Boni Naitó
Myuné Boni Naitó
Boni Naitó Devil in the Woods 2022 Rock
10:58 AM
Fingerprintz - 2.A.T.
Fingerprintz 2.A.T.
The Very Dab Rdeg 1980 Classical
11:01 AM
The Umlauts - Non è Ancora
The Umlauts Non è Ancora
Non è Ancora PRAH Recordings 2022
11:05 AM
The Fall - Arid Al's Dream
The Fall Arid Al's Dream
Sinister Waltz Sanctuary Records 1996 Rock
11:08 AM
Wild Nothing - Ride
Wild Nothing Ride
Empty Estate Captured Tracks 2013
11:10 AM
The Chameleons - In Shreds
The Chameleons In Shreds
What Does Anything Mean? Basically Blue Apple Music 2009
11:14 AM
black midi - Welcome To Hell
black midi Welcome To Hell
Welcome To Hell Rough Trade 2022
11:18 AM
The Lazy Eyes - Fuzz Jam
The Lazy Eyes Fuzz Jam
Imaginary Girl The Lazy Eyes 2022 Rock
11:23 AM
twen - Dignitary Life
twen Dignitary Life
Dignitary Life Twen Records 2022 Rock
11:26 AM
Chappaqua Wrestling - Full Round Table
Chappaqua Wrestling Full Round Table
Full Round Table EMI 2022
11:30 AM
COIL - The Snow
COIL The Snow
Windowpane & The Snow Threshold House 1994
11:33 AM
Saloon Dion - Pressure
Saloon Dion Pressure
Pressure Nice Swan Recordings 2022
11:35 AM
Horsegirl - Anti-glory
Horsegirl Anti-glory
Anti-glory Matador 2022
11:38 AM
Exnovios - No Existe Nadie
Exnovios No Existe Nadie
Demo Ground Control 2015 Rock
11:41 AM
Blurt - Spill the Beans
Blurt Spill the Beans
Blurt + Singles LTM Recordings 2009 Rock
11:45 AM
Veronica Falls - Beachy Head
Veronica Falls Beachy Head
Veronica Falls Slumberland Records 2011 Rock
11:47 AM
The John Denver Airport Conspiracy - The Big Classic
The John Denver Airport Conspiracy The Big Classic
Something's Gotta Give ! JDAC 2021
11:49 AM
Sebadoh - Showtape '91
Sebadoh Showtape '91
III Domino Recording Co 2006
11:51 AM
Home Front - Focus
Home Front Focus
Think Of The Lie La Vida Es Un Mus Discos 2021
11:53 AM
Ministry - Cold Life
Ministry Cold Life
Cold Life [EP] Wax Trax! 1981
11:56 AM
Working Men's Club - Widow
Working Men's Club Widow
Widow Heavenly Recordings 2022
11:56 AM
Pixies - Debaser
Pixies Debaser
Death To The Pixies 4AD 1997
11:59 AM
The Beacon Street Union - Four Hundred and Five
The Beacon Street Union Four Hundred and Five
The Eyes of the Beacon Street Union 1968
Chat is archived.
ricklistens. 10:10:29 AM
dicey...rolling the dice...end of may
Pat Irwin (1) 10:16:40 AM
Love "covered in green pollen"!
Jamie Cohen (1) 10:20:53 AM
good morning
Jamie YBN 10:25:29 AM
listening in at the brewery!
JeffB (host) 10:25:53 AM
hey guys! Hey Jamie the brewer! Trying to do the show live using 3 computers, 2 turntables, and 2 CD players.. i need practice !
Jamie YBN 10:43:27 AM
good tunes for labeling
PeterC 10:48:15 AM
morning all...
ricklistens. 10:53:40 AM
pollination happens by chance
Andrew Herman (1) 11:06:09 AM
Hi JB! Apologies for being late for the sticky goodness of Sound Syrup
PeterC 11:07:17 AM
I have a 10AM meeting every Tuesday AM so I'm always late now!!!
Jamie YBN 11:07:22 AM
Andrew Herman (1) 11:11:53 AM
Are you going to play some Porn Crumpets, JB?
PiGuy 11:15:00 AM
Rant away!
JeffB (host) 11:16:15 AM
no Porn Crumpets planned sorry AH!
PeterC 11:22:32 AM
I saw someone wearing a Port Crumpets T-shirt and Boston Calling this weekend
JeffB (host) 11:22:54 AM
October! Got a ticket. Sinclair i think..
Andrew Herman (1) 11:23:59 AM
I will make up for your betrayal to the cause of the Greater Glory of the PPCs tomorrow ;)
PeterC 11:32:07 AM
Went to all 3 days/nights at Boston Calling....
Andrew Herman (1) 11:33:32 AM
Andrew Herman (1) 11:33:46 AM
Hell yeah!!!
PeterC 11:33:47 AM
Well...getting the VIP pass helps
ricklistens. 11:37:08 AM
well...we’re important somewhere
PeterC 11:38:05 AM
The only importance of the VIP pass is that ti costs more...
ricklistens. 11:38:53 AM
in god we trust
ricklistens. 11:40:28 AM
by chance we did dance..thanks
Peter Ireland 11:46:22 AM
enjoying the syrup -- thanks again jeff!
JeffB (host) 11:47:04 AM
thanks Peter Ireland !
Andrew Herman (1) 11:47:13 AM
And it allows you to sit down
PeterC 11:50:08 AM
No...3 consecutive days of standing for about 8 hours or so...
Bruce Pierce 11:50:34 AM
Hi all - thanks for bringing us Summer Syrup Season Jeff!
bruckner4 11:51:19 AM
lovin' today's syrup, jeffb.
JeffB (host) 11:52:52 AM
wow thanks! surprised this show's been very seat of the pants on my end.. but it's what goes out that matters..
PeterC 11:55:02 AM
Thanks Jeff...great to listen to while making slides...
PeterC 11:55:35 AM
Jeez....Al will be calling to object shortly...
PeterC 11:56:10 AM
Saw this version at Mavericks with like about 7 people..We brought the Furs there...
Andrew Herman (1) 11:57:12 AM
What does the VIP pass do for you, then?
Andrew Herman (1) 11:57:59 AM
PowerPoint corrupts, PowerPoint with JB makes for a sticky presentation
PeterC 11:58:00 AM
better viewing area...some private lounges with private bars...Best part is clean and airconditioned bathrooms...no port--potty
Andrew Herman (1) 11:58:19 AM
ahhh--that means something during a three day festival, to be sure
PeterC 11:58:27 AM
Very little seating in the lounges...
Andrew Herman (1) 11:59:12 AM
Thanks, Jeff! CU later
PeterC 11:59:31 AM
JeffB (host) 12:01:35 PM
thanks y'all !