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The Industrial Factory

Aug 7, 2022 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM


With DJ Brian L.

The Industrial Factory's roots come from the sounds that nearly dominated ZBC in the mid to late 90s, back when industrial music had a firm grasp on what was then ZBC Rock. Now, over a decade later, the show has come full circle, showing that there's still life in a genre and an underground that many may have forgotten. Focusing on fresh, young acts that have taken their cues from dark disco, EBM, and the bands from the seminal Wax Trax! Label as well as shining a light on the classic artists that paved the way for them, The Industrial Factory remains to be the soundtrack for a dimly lit dancefloor.

The Industrial Factory
8:50 PM
7 Rainbows In Exile - To the Heart of the Storm
7 Rainbows In Exile To the Heart of the Storm
Twilight Gymnastics BELIEVE - Wave Records Brasilien 2021
8:53 PM
89s† & Petra Flurr - Autoritär
89s† & Petra Flurr Autoritär
Trübe Stadt BELIEVE - RaveWave 2021
8:56 PM
1919 - Borders
1919 Borders
Citizens of Nowhere Manic Depression Records 2021
9:03 PM
ACTORS - Killing Time (Is Over)
ACTORS Killing Time (Is Over)
Acts of Worship ORCHARD - Artoffact Records 2021
9:07 PM
Affet Robot - Kargaşa
Affet Robot Kargaşa
Kargaşa Affet Robot 2021
9:11 PM
Amyl and The Sniffers - Security
Amyl and The Sniffers Security
Security MERLIN - Rough Trade 2021
9:14 PM
Angel's Arcana - Ravenheart
Angel's Arcana Ravenheart
The Reveries of Solitude Swiss Dark Nights 2021
9:20 PM
ANTI:AGER - Chrysalis
ANTI:AGER Chrysalis
ANTI:AGER 3270760 Records DK 2021
9:24 PM
Arnaud Rebotini - Outlaw
Arnaud Rebotini Outlaw
Outlaw PARADISE - Mosaique Records 2021
9:30 PM
Babes Of Enola Grey - Homo Sapiens
Babes Of Enola Grey Homo Sapiens
Anfang vom Ende Remixed MERLIN - Crave Tapes 2022
9:31 PM
Tobia Cavagna - Shade
Tobia Cavagna Shade
Infectious EP Presage Records 2017
9:31 PM
Nick Minieri - Airbourne
Nick Minieri Airbourne
Transit - EP Covery 2016
9:32 PM
Samxsoul - Peace & Love
Samxsoul Peace & Love
Peace & Love 1586113 Records DK 2019
9:32 PM
Tony Zecchi, Ivonka - My Kisses - Faber De Vita Mix
Tony Zecchi, Ivonka My Kisses - Faber De Vita Mix
What You Wanna Get Club Collection 2021
9:35 PM
Balvanera - Medium
Balvanera Medium
Courses of Action DKA Records 2021
9:38 PM
BARREN? - To Die For
BARREN? To Die For
Distracted to Death... Diverted from Reality 2021
9:42 PM
Black Angel - Alive
Black Angel Alive
Prince of Darkness MERLIN - Solid Recordings 2021 Rock
9:45 PM
Black Marble - Royal Walls
Black Marble Royal Walls
Fast Idol Sacred Bones Records 2021
9:48 PM
Eat Static - Prana
Eat Static Prana
Prana WMG - Planet Dog Records 1993
9:52 PM
Black Swan Lane - Not About Me
Black Swan Lane Not About Me
Hide in View Black Swan Lane 2021 Rock
9:55 PM
Baths - Damnation
Baths Damnation
Pop Music / False B-Sides MERLIN - Basement's Basement 2020
9:55 PM
Eat Static - Gulf Breeze
Eat Static Gulf Breeze
Abduction Planet Dog Records 2007
9:58 PM
Clare Maguire - The Last Dance
Clare Maguire The Last Dance
The Last Dance UMG - Polydor Records 2011
9:59 PM
Archers of Loaf - Web In Front
Archers of Loaf Web In Front
The Loaf's Revenge Alias 2007 Rock
9:59 PM
Happy Mondays - Cob 20
Happy Mondays Cob 20
Cob 20 WMG - LMS Ltd. 2017