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Sound Syrup

Aug 23, 2022 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With JeffB

Swirly gooey post punk adventures, drenched in reverb. Stored in Giant Vats that are slated for removal to make way for a mixed use development.

Last one this year.. thanks for listening and all the support!

Sound Syrup
10:00 AM
High Vis - Blending
High Vis Blending
Blending Dais Records 2022 Rock
10:04 AM
Chairlift - Met Before
Chairlift Met Before
Something Kanine/Columbia 2012
10:07 AM
Guerilla Toss - Zum Herz
Guerilla Toss Zum Herz
Zum Herz Groenland Records 2022
10:11 AM
Low - Words (J&S remix)
Low Words (J&S remix)
owL Astralwerks 1998 Rock
10:18 AM
Low - Words
Low Words
I Could Live In Hope Astralwerks www.vernonyard.com 1994 CD Rock
10:24 AM
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Spitting Off the Edge of the World
Yeah Yeah Yeahs Spitting Off the Edge of the World
Spitting Off the Edge of the World Secretly Canadian 2022
10:28 AM
The Pop Group - She Is Beyond Good and Evil
The Pop Group She Is Beyond Good and Evil
She Is Beyond Good And Evil Non-Wea/Other 1979
10:32 AM
The Raveonettes - Kill!
The Raveonettes Kill!
Pe'ahi Beat Dies Records 2014 Rock
10:35 AM
Opera - Back to You
Opera Back to You L
Back to You Independent 2021
10:37 AM
Flat Worms - Motorbike
Flat Worms Motorbike
Flat Worms Text Me Records 2017 Rock
10:40 AM
Flamingods - Majesty
Flamingods Majesty
Majesty Soundway Records 2016
10:44 AM
Dub Thompson - Mono
Dub Thompson Mono
9 Songs Dead Oceans 2014 Rock
10:47 AM
Fire Engines - Meat Whiplash
Fire Engines Meat Whiplash
Hungry Beat Acute Records 1981 Rock
10:51 AM
Fol Chen - In Ruins (Baths Remix)
Fol Chen In Ruins (Baths Remix)
In Ruins Giant Pets 2020
10:55 AM
Spread Joy - Repetition
Spread Joy Repetition
II Feel It Records 2022
10:57 AM
Digital Dance - I Sleep On The Waves
Digital Dance I Sleep On The Waves
Treatment LTM Recordings 1979 Rock
11:01 AM
PS I Love You - Don't Go
PS I Love You Don't Go
Death Dreams Paper Bag Records 2012 Rock
11:06 AM
Paul Jacobs - After Dark
Paul Jacobs After Dark
185 on the Corner Bonsound 2022 Rock
11:10 AM
Roxy Music - Street Life
Roxy Music Street Life
Stranded EG Records 1973 LP Rock
11:13 AM
KUNZITE - ANTIGRAVITY (f. Lee Scratch Perry)
KUNZITE ANTIGRAVITY (f. Lee Scratch Perry)
11:19 AM
twen - Dignitary Life
twen Dignitary Life
Dignitary Life Twen Records 2022 Rock
11:22 AM
XTC - Respectable Street
XTC Respectable Street
Black Sea Virgin UK 1980 LP Rock
11:25 AM
The Coathangers - Follow Me
The Coathangers Follow Me
Suck My Shirt Suicide Squeeze Records 2014 Rock
11:36 AM
Swirlies - Two Girls Kissing
Swirlies Two Girls Kissing
They Spent Their Wild Youthful Days In The Glittering World Of The Salons Taang! Records 2006 Rock
11:36 AM
Neu! - Super
Neu! Super
Neu! 2 P-VINE 2007 CD Classical
11:49 AM
David J - I Can't Shake This Shadow Of Fear
David J I Can't Shake This Shadow Of Fear
On Glass Plain Recordings 1984 Rock
11:56 AM
Ghost Box Orchestra - Bounce & Float
Ghost Box Orchestra Bounce & Float L
The Only Light On self-released 2010 Rock
Chat is archived.
JeffB (host) 10:07:17 AM
software fail..
bruckner4 10:08:08 AM
hey jeffb!
Peter Ireland 10:08:16 AM
hello jeff! last episodes of summer shows this week i guess
JeffB (host) 10:09:06 AM
yeah this is it Pete. Probably my last show 'till Xmas break, when will you return?
JeffB (host) 10:09:18 AM
hey Bruckner!
Jamie YBN 10:09:27 AM
hey I was kind of grooving on that last song by Sarah, Air Formation's Hope
JeffB (host) 10:10:21 AM
Yeah I had a huge "ladies and gentlemen a round of applause for Sarah" that didn't air 'cause friggin' MegaSeg changed the outputs on me.. i thought it was on the air, but it wasn't..
JeffB (host) 10:11:16 AM
probably just as well, i was borderline obnoxious radio dj announcer there..
Jamie YBN 10:11:38 AM
yes, noticed that shaky start, but all good now
Peter Ireland 10:11:51 AM
same here, jeff. prefer to let the students have their chance during the semester
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 10:12:00 AM
Hello folks .
JeffB (host) 10:12:38 AM
Dash Riprock's here!
Jamie YBN 10:13:14 AM
bring on the yoot!
Kevin Polk 10:13:25 AM
well this was a great summer on the Z; thanks to all the DJs who pumped out hours and hours of great music every week; thanks to you Jeff
bruckner4 10:14:22 AM
hear, hear!
JeffB (host) 10:15:40 AM
i think most of the summer Z DJ's will still be on, likely earlier slots.
JeffB (host) 10:16:44 AM
I don't have an inside scoop, but I know a lot of new shows are in the pipeline, lots of student DJs clamoring to get a slot..
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 10:20:12 AM
I second Kevin Polk’s comments . Thanks to all the DJ’s .
JeffB (host) 10:21:01 AM
Kevin Polk 10:21:54 AM
low is a nice elegiac choice for the occasion
Jamie Cohen 10:23:02 AM
good morning
JeffB (host) 10:24:23 AM
hey JamieC!
KOTJ 10:25:34 AM
I was at that show. Did a phone interview with Gira earlier in the day. Second time we spoke Swans.
KOTJ 10:25:45 AM
Savor the syrup.
JeffB (host) 10:27:13 AM
Yeah I got into a pissing match afterwards from a certain DJ who *hated* Low's set..
Jamie YBN 10:27:37 AM
missed the German song and reference, did the study here or tour?
JeffB (host) 10:29:07 AM
Guerilla Toss song was a sort of a tribute / psudeo collaboration with Neu! (exclamation point part of their name)
Kevin Polk 10:32:08 AM
i think the pop group did some singles reissues in the last few years, new licensing bs
JeffB (host) 10:33:25 AM
yeah guess it was remixed in 2019. the remix does sound really good.
Jamie YBN 10:36:50 AM
Musical and noisy.
Ro 10:44:10 AM
JeffB, excellent radio program!
JeffB (host) 10:46:16 AM
wow thx Ro!
Ro 10:54:45 AM
Last show of the year?...my bad luck strikes again,,lol
JeffB (host) 10:56:54 AM
theres lots of excellent shows on this station!
Kevin Polk 11:00:54 AM
Rav is doing a nice job on his new show on Sunday night
JeffB (host) 11:02:24 AM
funny you write that as I'm playing a band I learned about listening to Rav..
Ro 11:06:24 AM
Here and there I have been listening to WZBC since the late 70's . Your voice sounds familiar JeffB
JeffB (host) 11:07:52 AM
yeah i've been on ZBC since '79 or early 1980.. had shows every week until 1985, filled in only after that.
ricklistens. 11:13:19 AM
great summer..thanks for the fillers...next
JeffB (host) 11:16:15 AM
thx for listeningrick :)
KOTJ 11:19:41 AM
Indie gold.
bruckner4 11:20:38 AM
ha, kotj! just beat me to it.
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 11:23:18 AM
Making my workday easier.
Jamie YBN 11:26:45 AM
Just did a deep dive on XTC, the live version of Battery Bride is epic.
KOTJ 11:31:13 AM
I believe Petrina was first to use Snow as Concert Report bed.
KOTJ 11:32:01 AM
"La Luz is an American rock band from Los Angeles"
Kevin Gross 11:32:02 AM
Jeff, thanks for the summer fun.
Jamie YBN 11:34:54 AM
Last show and you're losing it, get your head together, man! :-)
JeffB (host) 11:35:34 AM
Origin: Seattle, WA (2012)
Richard Random 11:36:28 AM
Hi all you Z faithful. Thanks Jeff for great summer shows and technical prowess. Audience in general at Swans show didn’t seem to get Low. Jamie, early XTC is best XTC.
JeffB (host) 11:38:19 AM
@Jamie i played the live version of Battery Brides a few weeks ago.. direct off the 45RPM vinyl i bought when it was new.. epic indeed!
JeffB (host) 11:38:59 AM
hey RichardRandom thx! Agree about XTC
ricklistens. 11:41:54 AM
thanks so much jeff...listening forward to christmas presence
ricklistens. 11:44:46 AM
and flowers
KOTJ 11:47:21 AM
Respect for all do and done for the station boston airwaves.🙏🏻✊🏻 Till the next time.
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 11:47:55 AM
Thank you all .
Jamie YBN 11:48:44 AM
Very cool. We were talking 45s yesterday.
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 11:49:05 AM
Drummer in this band not a fan of Celtic .
pmcWhenever 11:56:59 AM
David J. great -thx JB
Jamie YBN 11:57:29 AM
That went by way too quick! Thanks again and have a nice break. Maybe a beer on the Cape!
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 11:57:35 AM
Have a good afternoon folks .
Ro 11:58:10 AM
Do not go JeffB, stay on the radio another 5 years!,,, lol
JeffB (host) 11:58:50 AM
thx y'all! I'll still be lurking behind the scenes. My MixCloud shows are under the name Verb Crunch
Ro 11:59:39 AM
Verb Crunch, thank you
ricklistens. 11:59:43 AM
comfortable w/ your lurking ❤️
JeffB (host) 12:15:04 PM
damn, forgot to mention David J will be in the Bauhaus lineup when they play at the new MGM Boston Sept 13th