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Successive Syncopations

Oct 7, 2022 1:00 PM β€“ 2:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With DJ Joe Philly

On Successive Syncopations you can find all sorts of songs, but all of them are sure to have soul. Genres range from experimental pop to the blues, and each show always includes a distinct blend of genres. Despite the diversity of each show, there is always continuity within each segment and each setlist tells a story. Tune in if you are looking for some calming vibes and fun facts about each emerging artist that gets played.

Successive Syncopations
1:00 PM
Tim Ayre - Nothing
Tim Ayre Nothing
Tim Ayre BELIEVE - KitsunΓ© Musique 2019
1:03 PM
Jordann - Effective Communication
Jordann Effective Communication
Effective Communication JORDANN 2022 Soul & Funk
1:06 PM
TECHNICOLOR 19th Street Records 2022
1:10 PM
McClenney - SOS
McClenney SOS
SOS Haven 2019
1:13 PM
Prima Queen - Chew My Cheeks
Prima Queen Chew My Cheeks
Chew My Cheeks Nice Swan Recordings 2021
1:16 PM
Early Eyes - Clarity
Early Eyes Clarity
Clarity MERLIN - Epitaph 2020
1:20 PM
I Love Annie - Cafe Racer
I Love Annie Cafe Racer
State Lines I Love Annie 2021
1:23 PM
The Narrows - Sneak Out With You
The Narrows Sneak Out With You
What Happens Now? 2332030 Records DK 2020 Rock
1:27 PM
Kyle Sparkman - My Head
Kyle Sparkman My Head
Irrational Actors Kyle Sparkman 2022
1:31 PM
Looseleaf - Mixed Emotion
Looseleaf Mixed Emotion
Mixed Emotion unsigned 2018 Rock
1:35 PM
Masaya - Runnin'
Masaya Runnin'
Chronicles of Youth Masaya 2022
1:42 PM
Mako Road - Helicopter
Mako Road Helicopter
Helicopter SME - Sony Music Entertainment 2020
1:47 PM
Drug Cabin - Steely Dad
Drug Cabin Steely Dad
Wiggle Room 401K Music Inc 2015 Rock
1:50 PM
Cannon - Water Glass
Cannon Water Glass
Water Glass over easy music 2019
1:54 PM
vin941 - run away & hide
vin941 run away & hide
run away & hide 2022
1:57 PM
Tipling Rock - handmedown
Tipling Rock handmedown
handmedown Tipling Rock 2021
1:59 PM
Reiki Ruawai - Express
Reiki Ruawai Express
Express BELIEVE - CSR 2020 R&B/Soul