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Brainwash LIVE!

Nov 3, 2022 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM


With Joaquin

Only the best and most cool screamo, post-hardcore, noise rock, and emo-violence from all your soon-to-be-favorite bands.

Brainwash LIVE!
5:04 PM
Young Mountain - Cherry Knot
Young Mountain Cherry Knot
Infraröd ANTI EARTH 2021
5:10 PM
Binary - Do You Know How an Angler Fish Works?
Binary Do You Know How an Angler Fish Works?
Commit More Arson 0101 Records 2018
5:12 PM
Birds In Row - Noah
Birds In Row Noah
Gris Klein (Main Digital) SIVIANA, RED CRK AB 2022
5:19 PM
Eyelet - Couldn’t Bury Hurt
Eyelet Couldn’t Bury Hurt
Cube Eyelet 2022 Rock
5:22 PM
Forcefedglass - M.P.
Forcefedglass M.P.
When Backs Are Turned Knives Are Pulled (Expanded Edition) ORCHARD - The Archivist 1998 Heavy Metal
5:26 PM
Innards - Smear
Innards Smear
Smear WMG - Count Your Lucky Stars Records 2012
5:29 PM
Kilgore Trout - In Dust, In Shadow, In Nothing
Kilgore Trout In Dust, In Shadow, In Nothing
Immemorial Quiet Year Records 2018
5:33 PM
Kishote - Kein Weg Kein Ziel
Kishote Kein Weg Kein Ziel
Bis Deine Hülle Bricht Kishote 2015
5:35 PM
Nine Eleven - Sen
Nine Eleven Sen
City of Quartz ORCHARD - Chorus of one Records 2009
5:40 PM
Piet Onthel - satu
Piet Onthel satu
ambo(l)enitaksu(p)odulu Zegema Beach Records 2021 Rock
5:44 PM
Setsuko - Child Without Brain
Setsuko Child Without Brain
The Shackles Of Birth Dog Knights Productions 2018 Rock
5:48 PM
Storm{o} - D'istanti
Storm{o} D'istanti
Sospesi Nel Vuoto Bruceremo In Un Attimo E Il Cerchio Sarà Chiuso ORCHARD - Moment of Collapse Records 2015 Rock
5:51 PM
Swimmer's Lungs - Eeydvard
Swimmer's Lungs Eeydvard
No Expectations Swimmer's Lungs 2017
5:56 PM
Coil - Triple Sun
Coil Triple Sun
The Ape of Naples Threshold House 2006
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