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Brainwash LIVE!

Nov 10, 2022 5:00 PM β€“ 6:00 PM


With Joaquin

Only the best and most cool screamo, post-hardcore, noise rock, and emo-violence from all your soon-to-be-favorite bands.

Brainwash LIVE!
5:04 PM
Thurston Moore - Hashish
Thurston Moore Hashish
Hashish Daydream Library 2020
5:10 PM
Oxbow - Cold & Well-Lit Place
Oxbow Cold & Well-Lit Place
Cold & Well-Lit Place MERLIN - Hydra Head Records 2017 Rock
5:14 PM
Exhalants - The Thorn You Carry In Yr Side
Exhalants The Thorn You Carry In Yr Side
Atonement HEX RECORDS 2020
5:19 PM
Avenade - Mister Whisper
Avenade Mister Whisper
Vice Versa in Such Things No Agreements 2020
5:26 PM
The Murder City Devils - Bear Away
The Murder City Devils Bear Away
Bear Away WMG - Subpop Record Group 2001 Rock
5:30 PM
Swans - Stay Here
Swans Stay Here
Filth Young God Records 2015
5:35 PM
Mamaleek - Boiler Room
Mamaleek Boiler Room
Diner Coffee ORCHARD - The Flenser 2022 Heavy Metal
5:47 PM
Gnod - The Whip and the Tongue
Gnod The Whip and the Tongue
La Mort Du Sens Rocket Recordings 2021
5:50 PM
Phantom Opera - Cow Pit Slam
Phantom Opera Cow Pit Slam
Lives of Violence
5:50 PM
Rhododendron - Technicolor Incision
Rhododendron Technicolor Incision
Protozoan Battle Hymns Happy Family Records 2021
5:58 PM
Just Mustard - Still
Just Mustard Still
Still WMG - PTKF 2022
5:59 PM
The Ritual Aura - Precursor of Aphotic Collapse
The Ritual Aura Precursor of Aphotic Collapse
Laniakea Lacerated Enemy Records 2015
Chat is archived.
ricklistens 5:29:51 PM
hide your babies
I Heart Noise 5:32:34 PM
Noise rock galore!
Joaquin (host) 5:33:54 PM
relentless of course
I Heart Noise 5:40:46 PM
What was the song that sounded like Godflesh or Big Black? Who was it?
I Heart Noise 5:41:11 PM
Can't seem to find on the playlist - something about...muscles? Probably a misheard
Joaquin (host) 5:43:25 PM
Early Swans! Stay Here the opener on Filth.
ricklistens 5:44:11 PM
nope...flex. your muscles....i heard it too
I Heart Noise 5:45:47 PM
ricklistens 5:47:03 PM
any show that opens w/ hashish can’t go wrong
I Heart Noise 5:49:12 PM
Hashish reminded me so much of Sunday by SY. I sang "Sunday comes and Sunday goes" over it.
Joaquin (host) 5:54:42 PM
i'll have to check it out!
ricklistens 5:56:05 PM
keep your babies hidden...malleus vibrations follows