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Successive Syncopations

Nov 11, 2022 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With DJ Joe Philly

On Successive Syncopations you can find all sorts of songs, but all of them are sure to have soul. Genres range from experimental pop to the blues, and each show always includes a distinct blend of genres. Despite the diversity of each show, there is always continuity within each segment and each setlist tells a story. Tune in if you are looking for some calming vibes and fun facts about each emerging artist that gets played.

Successive Syncopations
1:00 PM
Saint Luna - I feel it
Saint Luna I feel it
I feel it Saint Luna Records 2021
1:00 PM
Stanley - Right Hand Blue
Stanley Right Hand Blue
Nice Guys Love You BELIEVE - Nice Guys 2020
1:04 PM
Keyboard Dog - 9/10
Keyboard Dog 9/10
throw your soul Keyboard Dog 2022
1:07 PM
Nature TV - Hey Man
Nature TV Hey Man
Hey Man BELIEVE - Nice Guys 2021
1:11 PM
KESMAR - Nothing to Lose
KESMAR Nothing to Lose
Nothing to Lose WMG - Nettwerk Records 2021
1:14 PM
Evergreen - Aidono
Evergreen Aidono
Aidono BELIEVE - Kidding Aside 2022
1:18 PM
<​/​3 / We MERLIN - HONEYMOAN 2018
1:23 PM
Young Gun Silver Fox - Kids
Young Gun Silver Fox Kids
Canyons MERLIN - Monty Music Ltd T/A Candelion 2020
1:26 PM
RHNO - Ivana
RHNO Ivana
Ivana RHNO 2022 Rock
1:29 PM
Early Eyes - Chemicals
Early Eyes Chemicals
Chemicals MERLIN - Epitaph 2021
1:32 PM
Your Neighbors - Anhedonia
Your Neighbors Anhedonia
Anhedonia DISTROKID 2022
1:37 PM
Masaya - Elders & Wonders
Masaya Elders & Wonders
Tongue and Groove Masaya 2019
1:41 PM
Muroki - Find Me
Muroki Find Me
Find Me UMG - Universal Music New Zealand Limited (Distribution) 2022
1:43 PM
Mako Road - Daiquiri
Mako Road Daiquiri
Brodie Street / Daiquiri DISTROKID - Mako Road 2017
1:49 PM
Will Paquin - Satellite
Will Paquin Satellite
Satellite Sonder House 2021
1:52 PM
Young Mister - Pasadena
Young Mister Pasadena
Pasadena Refresh Records 2016
1:57 PM
Reiki Ruawai - Express
Reiki Ruawai Express
Express BELIEVE - CSR 2020 R&B/Soul
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Michael Guarino 2:02:19 PM
Daniel can you tell us about all the plays you are in?