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Bronze Statues

Nov 12, 2022 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With David DK

All things pass, but some are remembered. Others sit still in relief, settled over time. Bronze Statues explores the recent past with a gauzy lens of ambient and post rock, experimental pop, and shoegaze, with particular attention paid to Japanese rock and electronic music from the last 20 years.

Bronze Statues
2:00 PM
Supercar - Star Fall
Supercar Star Fall
Futurama Sony Music Labels Inc. 2000 Rock
2:05 PM
morimoto naoki - Asa
morimoto naoki Asa
Kotoba Seil Records 2022
2:08 PM
Aoni - odyssey
Aoni odyssey
happy end - EP further platonic 2022
2:10 PM
andymori - Bengal Tora to Whisky
andymori Bengal Tora to Whisky
Andymori YOUTH RECORDS 2008
2:13 PM
plenty - Sono Jyojyoni
plenty Sono Jyojyoni
Risotekina Bokunosekai headphone music label 2010 Rock
2:17 PM
sassya- - Nanimokamo
sassya- Nanimokamo
Not the End Kerosene Records 2022 Rock
2:25 PM
morimoto naoki - koto
morimoto naoki koto
Kotoba Seil Records 2022
2:28 PM
Cornelius - Another View Point
Cornelius Another View Point
Point Warner Music Japan 2002
2:33 PM
Hi-Posi - Jenny Is Bad Mood
Hi-Posi Jenny Is Bad Mood
Seizen Setsu [The View Of Human Nature As Fundamentaly Good] 2000
2:37 PM
Tokenai Namae - Mahoroba Reactance
Tokenai Namae Mahoroba Reactance
Kasukani Soumatou - EP soda room records 2022
2:40 PM
Regal Lily - Tatakawanai Lion
Regal Lily Tatakawanai Lion
C toshiikerumono Sony Music Labels Inc. 2021 Rock
2:43 PM
RAY - Everything About My Precious You
RAY Everything About My Precious You
2:48 PM
morimoto naoki - koyoi
morimoto naoki koyoi
Kotoba Seil Records 2022
2:50 PM
Boris - Farewell
Boris Farewell
Pink (Deluxe Edition) Sargent House 2016