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Bronze Statues

Nov 19, 2022 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With David DK

All things pass, but some are remembered. Others sit still in relief, settled over time. Bronze Statues explores the recent past with a gauzy lens of ambient and post rock, experimental pop, and shoegaze, with particular attention paid to Japanese rock and electronic music from the last 25 years.

Bronze Statues
2:00 PM
Supercar - Lucky
Supercar Lucky
Three Out Change Sony Music Labels Inc. 1998 Rock
2:03 PM
Summer Night Air - 3-3
Summer Night Air 3-3
3 Distraction Records 2005
2:06 PM
toddle - Colonnade
toddle Colonnade
dawn praise the world world wide waddle 2007
2:11 PM
Lucie,Too - Bedroom
Lucie,Too Bedroom
2:14 PM
the pillows - One Life
the pillows One Life
FLCL Season 1 Vol. 1 (Original Television Soundtrack) Anime Ltd 2022 Rock
2:18 PM
tricot - Junpumanpan
tricot Junpumanpan
Black cutting edge/8902 RECORDS 2020 Rock
2:22 PM
Avengers In Sci-Fi - Nayutanized
Avengers In Sci-Fi Nayutanized
Avengers In Sci-Fi - EP HIP LAND MUSIC 2004 Rock
2:27 PM
Summer Night Air - 3-6
Summer Night Air 3-6
3 Distraction Records 2005
2:30 PM
Looprider - Farewell
Looprider Farewell
My Electric Fantasy Call and Response Records 2015 Rock
2:34 PM
Toe - Past And Language
Toe Past And Language
The Book About My Idele Plot On A Vague Anxiety Machupicchu Industrias 2012 Rock
2:40 PM
フォグランプ VAP 2009
2:44 PM
Luminous Orange - Tears of Honey
Luminous Orange Tears of Honey
luminousorangesuperplastic Cream Cone 1999 Rock
2:48 PM
ZOMBIE-CHANG - Goodbye My Love and Turn Around
ZOMBIE-CHANG Goodbye My Love and Turn Around
Zombie-Change OMAKE CLUB 2016
2:52 PM
Summer Night Air - 3-1
Summer Night Air 3-1
3 Distraction Records 2005
2:54 PM
Yuragi - Unreachable
Yuragi Unreachable
Still Dreaming, Still Deafening FLAKE SOUNDS 2018
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