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Kick Out the Giblets! w/James

Nov 24, 2022 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With James

In these confused times isn't it nice to find some relief? Every week, James will try to bring some sense into this crazy world via the radio waves. Look back. Look forward. Seek the truth. Never dull. Always irreverent. Fight the good fight by just sitting back and listening.

Kick Out the Giblets!

All songs about food and eating to stuff your ears, fill your heart while stuffing the bird and then stuffing your face.

Kick Out the Giblets! w/James
8:01 AM
William Devaughn - Be Thankful for What You Got (Backing track)
William Devaughn Be Thankful for What You Got (Backing track)
Be Thankful for What You Got Roxbury Records. 1974 MP3
8:06 AM
Eggs - Genetic Engineers
Eggs Genetic Engineers
How Do You Like Your Lobster? Teen-Beat 1995 Rock
8:11 AM
Modest Mouse - Heart Cooks Brain
Modest Mouse Heart Cooks Brain
The Lonesome Crowded West Up Records 1997
8:15 AM
Guided By Voices - Drugs and Eggs
Guided By Voices Drugs and Eggs
Suitcase 2 Fading Captain Series 2005 Rock
8:18 AM
Sic Alps - Eat Happy
Sic Alps Eat Happy
Napa Asylum Drag City Records 2011 Rock
8:20 AM
Eerie Gaits - What's Eating You
Eerie Gaits What's Eating You
Holopaw Sound as Language 2020
8:24 AM
Frank Zappa - Village Of The Sun
Frank Zappa Village Of The Sun
Roxy & Elsewhere Discreet 1974 Rock
8:30 AM
Dumbo Gets Mad - Indian Food
Dumbo Gets Mad Indian Food
Quantum Leap Bad Panda Records 2013 Other Rock
8:33 AM
Woods & Amps for Christ - From Oatmeal to Buttermilk
Woods & Amps for Christ From Oatmeal to Buttermilk
Woods & Amps for Christ Shrimper 2012 MP3
8:34 AM
Sons of Raphael - Eating People
Sons of Raphael Eating People
Eating People / Rio Moshi Moshi Singles Club 2017
8:38 AM
Negativland - Perfect Scrambled Eggs
Negativland Perfect Scrambled Eggs
VA - Potatoes - A Collection of Folk Songs From Ralph Record Ralph Records 1987 Other
8:41 AM
Care Of The Cow - Chinese Food Part One
Care Of The Cow Chinese Food Part One
Care Of The Cow Self-Released 1975 Other
8:43 AM
Medium Medium - Hungry, So Angry
Medium Medium Hungry, So Angry
The Glitterhouse Cherry Red Records 1981
8:46 AM
Thompson Twins - Food Style
Thompson Twins Food Style
Shes In Love With Mystery Latent 1980
8:49 AM
Bow Wow Wow - The Joy Of Eating Raw Flesh
Bow Wow Wow The Joy Of Eating Raw Flesh
Chihuahua RCA 1981
8:52 AM
Adam & The Ants - Dog Eat Dog
Adam & The Ants Dog Eat Dog
Kings Of The Wild Frontier CBS 1980
8:57 AM
Dog Eat Dog - Rollover
Dog Eat Dog Rollover
Dog Eat Dog Claremont 56 2011 CD R&B/Soul
9:18 AM
Christians In Search of Filth - Fast Food
Christians In Search of Filth Fast Food
Peel Session Unknown... 1982 Other
9:19 AM
Gen Pop - You Can Chew
Gen Pop You Can Chew
36 Counties - EP Chapel of the Crimes 2020 Other Rock
9:23 AM
Menomena - Lunchmeat
Menomena Lunchmeat
Mines City Slang 2010 MP3 Rock
9:26 AM
Harry Nilsson - Coconut
Harry Nilsson Coconut
Nilsson Schmilsson RCA Victor 1971
9:30 AM
Bulkhead - (Do I Smell) Pizza?
Bulkhead (Do I Smell) Pizza?
The Death Of Bil Keane - 1989 Demo Tape Bandcamp 1989 Other Rock
9:33 AM
Can - Mushroom
Can Mushroom
Tago Mago United Artists Records 1971
9:37 AM
King Missle - Indians
King Missle Indians
the way to salvation Atlantic 1991 Other Rock
9:38 AM
Cake Like - Fruitcake
Cake Like Fruitcake
Delicious Avant 1994
9:41 AM
Fad Gadget - One Man's Meat
Fad Gadget One Man's Meat
Gag Mute 1984
9:59 AM
The Musicians Of The British Empire - Snack Crack
The Musicians Of The British Empire Snack Crack
Punk Rock At The British Legion Hall Damaged Goods 2007 Rock
10:02 AM
The Detroit Cobras - Hot Dog (Watch Me Eat)
The Detroit Cobras Hot Dog (Watch Me Eat)
Baby Rough Trade 2004
10:04 AM
Devo - I'm a Potato
Devo I'm a Potato
Hardcore, Vol. 1 Devo Inc. 1994 Rock
10:08 AM
Mala Vista - Western Beef
Mala Vista Western Beef
Western Beef EP Kafadan Kontak 2020 Other
10:10 AM
Panic Shack - Meal Deal
Panic Shack Meal Deal
Meal Deal - Single Brace Yourself Records 2022 Other
10:11 AM
Milk Teeth - Brain Food
Milk Teeth Brain Food
Vile Child Hopeless Records 2016 Rock
10:14 AM
Lars Finberg - Burger Queen
Lars Finberg Burger Queen
Tinnitus Tonight Vapid Moonlighting Inc. 2020 Rock
10:17 AM
Naked Giants - Easy Eating
Naked Giants Easy Eating
Easy Eating - Single Self-Released 2016 Other Rock
10:20 AM
The Aquadolls - I'm Your Burger Dream Girl
The Aquadolls I'm Your Burger Dream Girl
We Are Free - EP Burger Records 2013 Other
10:21 AM
Brick Head - Two Meals a Day
Brick Head Two Meals a Day
Thick as Bricks Bandcamp 2020
10:22 AM
Thee Oh Sees - Meat Step Lively
Thee Oh Sees Meat Step Lively
Help In The Red 2009 Rock
10:25 AM
Kitchen People - Hunger Pains
Kitchen People Hunger Pains
Planet Perth - EP Independent 2020 Other
10:26 AM
Cherry Pickles - I Still Miss Lux
Cherry Pickles I Still Miss Lux
Cherry Pickles Will Harden Your Nipples PNKSLM Recordings 2019
10:30 AM
The Delinquents - Food Free Food
The Delinquents Food Free Food
The Delinquents Live Wire Records 1981 Other Rock
10:32 AM
Random Hold - Meat
Random Hold Meat
Random Hold Polydor 1979 Other
10:34 AM
Iggy Pop - Dog Food
Iggy Pop Dog Food
Soldier Arista 1980
10:35 AM
Flamin Groovies - Dog Meat
Flamin Groovies Dog Meat
Grease (The Complete Skydog Singles Collection) Jungle Records 1998 Rock
10:40 AM
Electric Guitars - Food
Electric Guitars Food
Jolts Bristol Archive Records 1980 Other
10:42 AM
Fire Engines - Meat Whiplash
Fire Engines Meat Whiplash
Candyskin / Meat Whiplash Pop Aural 1981 Rock
10:46 AM
Nasmak - Food For Thought
Nasmak Food For Thought
Nasmak Plus Instruments, Instruments Plus Nasmak Plurex Records 1980 Other Rock
10:49 AM
Bisca - Food
Bisca Food
Bisca Materiali Sonori 1982 Other Rock
10:52 AM
Ice Balloons - Pie is Alive
Ice Balloons Pie is Alive
Fiesta Volar Records 2017
10:55 AM
POW! - Crack an Egg
POW! Crack an Egg
Crack an Egg Castle Face 2017 Rock
11:13 AM
The King Khan Experience - Turkey Ride
The King Khan Experience Turkey Ride
Turkey Ride Ernest Jenning Record Co./Khannibalism 2019
11:16 AM
The Jive Turkeys - The Funky Turkey
The Jive Turkeys The Funky Turkey
Bread & Butter Colemine Records 2010 R&B/Soul
11:21 AM
Kim Fowley - Fluffy Turkeys
Kim Fowley Fluffy Turkeys
Fluffy Turkeys/Young America - Saturday Night Original Sound 1968 Other
11:21 AM
The Raiders - The Turkey
The Raiders The Turkey
Indian Reservation Columbia 1971 Other
11:25 AM
Big Boy Pete - Cold Turkey
Big Boy Pete Cold Turkey
Cold Turkey / My Love Is Like A Spaceship Camp 1968 MP3
11:27 AM
The Soft Boys - Cold Turkey
The Soft Boys Cold Turkey
A Can of Bees Two Crabs Universal 1979 Rock
11:32 AM
Pulp - Turkey Mambo Momma (John Peel 07/11/81)
Pulp Turkey Mambo Momma (John Peel 07/11/81)
The John Peel Sessions UMC (Universal Music Catalogue) UK 1982 Other Rock
11:35 AM
The Liberators - Dance Of The Electric Turkey
The Liberators Dance Of The Electric Turkey
VA - Furze Things First Furze Music 1981 Other
11:37 AM
Sportsguitar - Dinner
Sportsguitar Dinner
Married, 3 Kids Matador 1997
11:41 AM
Sparks - Eaten By The Monster Of Love
Sparks Eaten By The Monster Of Love
Angst In My Pants Lil Beethoven Records 1982
11:44 AM
The Puppets - Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart
The Puppets Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart
Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart/Love Is A Beautiful Thing Red Rooster Records 1967 Rock
11:45 AM
Los Hombres - Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out)
Los Hombres Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out)
Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out) / Go Girl, Go Verve Forecast 1967 MP3
11:50 AM
The Fall - Eat Y'Self Fitter
The Fall Eat Y'Self Fitter
Perverted by Language Rough Trade 1983 Rock
Chat is archived.
Saginaw 8:07:14 AM
Good morning, Sir. Happy Giblets day celebration! Will there be gravy?
PiGuy 8:07:27 AM
Morning James. Wifi on the plane. Who knew, obviously been awhile since I've flown...
James (host) 8:07:40 AM
More thanks to Jeff for getting the chat to work.
James (host) 8:07:59 AM
HiPie...today it's PieGuy?
James (host) 8:08:21 AM
Hello Saginaw. I believe Saginaw is a tribal name?
Saginaw 8:08:33 AM
Hello, PiGuy
PiGuy 8:08:56 AM
Yes, playlist said Airport Security.. Thought, hey I've already been through security. Hey Saginaw.
Saginaw 8:09:04 AM
The tribe is the Wanigas
Moles Knows 8:11:49 AM
Happy Day James. I am thankful for/to you, all of your shows, the Z and MBR for always having something to look forward to. This is reason to celebrate.
James (host) 8:12:48 AM
Moles! Lovely to have here/hear. The true stalwarts.
James (host) 8:13:15 AM
JeffB 8:13:42 AM
James (host) 8:14:22 AM
JB. Gratitude for all givin'
Saginaw 8:14:37 AM
Subset of the Ojibway Chippewa of the Algonquian nation, The river is the Saginaw
JeffB 8:18:25 AM
BC professor Heather Cox Richardson's newsletter today outlines the political origin of Thanksgiving. Super interesting. https://heathercoxrichardson.substack.com/p/november-23-2022-wednesday
James (host) 8:19:34 AM
I know JB's a big fan of Prof Cox. I forget to check in through the glut of content.
Pete 8:21:23 AM
Good morning
PiGuy 8:22:19 AM
Wife is a big fan of Prof Cox as well. Went to see her speak at winchester high last year.
JeffB 8:22:26 AM
A quick daily read that gets you caught up with no advertising. Yes, big fan, appreciative of her efforts. But today was just about the reason behind the creation of this holiday.
James (host) 8:22:28 AM
Bulletproof. Welcome to your first Kick Out the Giblets.
PiGuy 8:23:13 AM
Nick Cave's latest missive on tinnitus is worth seeking out, too.
James (host) 8:24:25 AM
Yes. The chorus of crickets. The musician's curse.
PiGuy 8:25:57 AM
Live music fans too. Didn't wear ear protection for too long. Silence is deafening.
Pete 8:28:00 AM
I'm still eating breakfast
James (host) 8:28:05 AM
I started with earplugs pretty early....late depending on the perspective....I think I have some mild cricket chorus.
James (host) 8:31:03 AM
Eat to the beat, pete.
PiGuy 8:32:02 AM
Nuclear steam down below.. Maybe Harrisburg, if it's still active that is.
James (host) 8:34:35 AM
? Am I missing some news-clear in my news band making this un-clear?
bruckner4 8:35:02 AM
gobble, gobble!
James (host) 8:35:47 AM
b4! Lovely to have here/hear, as usual.
bruckner4 8:36:47 AM
thanks for having me at the feast!
James (host) 8:37:49 AM
The Galloping Gourmet
PiGuy 8:40:00 AM
Scalloping gourmet for those who aren't fans of mashed potatoes, maybe.
Pete 8:40:08 AM
good one
PiGuy 8:41:48 AM
Anyone bought eggs recently? Practically a luxury item.
James (host) 8:44:46 AM
Trader Joe's prices are somewhat stable.
Fred 8:45:07 AM
Hey all, it’s called hangry
James (host) 8:45:57 AM
Hello Fred! I smudged my place yesterday with the gifted sage
James (host) 8:46:25 AM
Fred 8:48:32 AM
How was it?
PiGuy 8:48:46 AM
Maybe these guys invented the term without the knowledge or credit for it.
James (host) 8:49:03 AM
Smelled nice. No glaring difference, yet.
Fred 8:49:39 AM
PiGuy: A simpler time
Pete 9:15:20 AM
Profound. Yes. My cats are grateful, they eat well...very well indeed.
Barry Hart 9:17:09 AM
Good morning,one and all,hope everyone is having a great Kick Out the Giblets Day.My older sister is a big fan of Prof. Cox Richardson,as well,and frequently sends me her writings.
James (host) 9:17:28 AM
Barry. Always sweet to have hear/here.
James (host) 9:18:10 AM
Professor Cox has a big KOTJ/WZBC contingency....
Barry Hart 9:27:18 AM
Thank you,James,for the article on the benefits of burning sage-didn’t realize it has antimicrobial properties.
James (host) 9:29:20 AM
Nor did I, Barry. I just thought it was for bad spirits
PiGuy 9:30:47 AM
Here's hoping there's no belly aches for anyone today. Now belly-aching, well that's a whole nother animal.
James (host) 9:31:05 AM
Yes. Pi(e)
James (host) 9:31:36 AM
🍕 🍕 🍕 🍕
James (host) 9:33:46 AM
DJ Simon 9:35:39 AM
Mornin'! Just got back from a walk with Lulu. Was out way longer than expected.
DJ Simon 9:36:02 AM
Got back just in time for my favorite Can song.
James (host) 9:36:05 AM
Hey DJS and Ms La and Ms LuLu
James (host) 9:36:18 AM
Walk out the zoomies.
James (host) 9:36:48 AM
Crazy it was 1971!
PiGuy 9:37:21 AM
Does Lulu have a favorite bone or toy yet? Besides shoes?
James (host) 9:37:45 AM
Herman Miller chairs
PiGuy 9:40:24 AM
I sit in a thousand $ Herman Miller chair every day. Our former facilities director loved to spend money. Wonder why he's a former employee?
DJ Simon 9:41:12 AM
@Pi - I bought her a squeaky ball I didn't realize was capable of high-decibel, ear-piercing racket, then had to take it away and buy a non-squeaky ball.
PiGuy 9:42:31 AM
Worse is when they get the squeaker out and swallow it. Don't need those kind of vet bills yet.
ex-DJ tamer 9:43:35 AM
@DJS - you gave her a racket ball then took it back?!
PiGuy 9:43:55 AM
@DJS, of course she could use the ball to start the Racket on Mondays.
DJ Simon 9:43:56 AM
@Pi - One of the first things I did when we got her was get pet insurance. Didn't have it with the previous dog.
PiGuy 9:45:31 AM
Yeah, one of our last cats cost over 15K in his lifetime.
DJ Simon 9:45:34 AM
@ex-DJ tamer – Ha, yes, goes against my principles, I know.
PiGuy 9:49:52 AM
Grateful for in flight Wi-Fi so I can hear most of the show and not have to watch jet blue TV. Got about 30 minutes left.
Pete 9:54:43 AM
great stuff, James. We want that rockier stuff. bring it.
PiGuy 9:57:18 AM
No jive turkeys though, right?
Pat Irwin 9:57:41 AM
@DJS - is Lulu a new baby or the old(er) one?
barcoded ||| |||||| || |||| | ||| || |||||| 9:58:19 AM
Hippie Thanksgiving: Hungry Freaks Daddy
DJ Simon 9:58:30 AM
Yep, two years old.
Pat Irwin 9:59:33 AM
Did you lose one?
James (host) 10:02:40 AM
🌭 🌭 🌭 🌭
DJ Simon 10:03:36 AM
@Pat - We had a beagle for nearly 17 years who we lost about a year and a half ago.
James (host) 10:03:54 AM
Next one for DJS!
Pat Irwin 10:04:20 AM
DJ Simon 10:05:33 AM
I'm a potato!
James (host) 10:06:24 AM
Mash it up!
PiGuy 10:10:02 AM
About to land on DeSactimonious land. Thanks James and wishing everyone the best day possible.
James (host) 10:10:51 AM
Same Pi. Much obliged and appreciative of the dedicated, generous and supportive listenership!
DJ Simon 10:10:55 AM
Have a nice visit, Pi!
barcoded ||| |||||| || |||| | ||| || |||||| 10:13:38 AM
Too bad Karen Finley's "Yam Jam" ain't safe for radio...
Andrew Herman (1) 10:15:16 AM
Happy American Turkey Day!
James (host) 10:15:46 AM
Hello to North of the Border!
DJ Simon 10:24:03 AM
What’s that sample from?
James (host) 10:25:07 AM
Which one?
James (host) 10:25:21 AM
Blow your flute, son.
bruckner4 10:25:53 AM
makes me crave cherry pickles.
James (host) 10:26:14 AM
Ooooo. Not on list ....but.....
DJ Simon 10:26:22 AM
“What’s that got to do with anything”
James (host) 10:26:56 AM
Oh....Charlie Brown?
James (host) 10:27:18 AM
Like I need to be prodded!
bruckner4 10:28:06 AM
Pete 10:32:56 AM
I gotta go. Thank you for the great music.
Crank 10:33:05 AM
Giblet day y’all, wheeee….!
James (host) 10:33:28 AM
Nooooo. See ya' Pete.
James (host) 10:33:40 AM
DJ Simon 10:33:51 AM
Jeez, I shoulda known that.
ex-DJ tamer 10:35:04 AM
happy cranksgiving
DJ Simon 10:35:26 AM
Lulu likes this one.
James (host) 10:35:41 AM
NICE! Cranksgiving. Stealing that for sure
Crank 10:41:59 AM
Hey dj simon, I saw that one of them Devo fellers was at a record store in Mass recently?
Crank 10:43:26 AM
I’ll see if I can find it, meanwhile have a cranky cranksgiving to all
Victor Venckus 10:44:29 AM
DJ Simon 10:45:20 AM
@Crank - Really?? I didn’t see that.
Crank 10:46:58 AM
I had an appropriately cranky start to the day: I was walking my geriatric dog this morning and some random lady passed me by on my street and said F you A hole under her breath and yet fairly loud to me
Crank 10:47:23 AM
For no particular reason, Hello Boston!
James (host) 10:48:55 AM
maybe she was talking to herself and the voice
Crank 10:49:07 AM
To be totally fair I believe she was homeless and had just come from the street that goes to Magrath Hwy so I’m guessing some lovely cambridge motorists made her life a little more difficult than it is already or something to that effect
James (host) 10:49:56 AM
Ahhh. Transference.
Crank 10:49:57 AM
Well she could’ve been talking to herself but it’s interesting that she was quiet and blurted out at the exact moment we passed haha
James (host) 10:50:18 AM
A tragic expression of an unmet need.
James (host) 10:51:05 AM
Coming up! The turkey set!
Crank 10:51:42 AM
I deserve it tho hahaha
James (host) 10:53:10 AM
Ah....the truth is revealed.
Crank 10:54:43 AM
I’ve been shall we say, fairly shortsighted with some birthdays recently, so it’s just the universe correcting itself
DJ Simon 10:55:26 AM
Ice Balloons!
James (host) 10:55:45 AM
Another DJS fave coming up!
James (host) 10:58:59 AM
I guess Pow! went pooof....as in no more.
Crank 11:01:07 AM
Dahh, I can’t find it dj simon. You know how it is, you scroll a little and it’s gone forever
raoulvanhorn 11:15:55 AM
good day of thanks and mourning and giblets everyone
raoulvanhorn 11:16:47 AM
we’re having our first pumpkin pie breakfast of the season
James (host) 11:17:50 AM
Hey RVH! Welcome
James (host) 11:29:19 AM
For those keeping "track" - Porky did The Soft Boys lacquer cut.
wondering 11:29:28 AM
Boston College Magazine has Heather CR interview as their cover story in the Fall issue - https://www.bc.edu/content/bc-web/sites/bc-magazine/fall-2022-issue/features/history-s-first-draft.html
raoulvanhorn 11:29:49 AM
James, your show is the preferred soundtrack for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade here at our house
James (host) 11:30:15 AM
Nice. With out her knowledge Professor Cox has become a part of KOT-Giblets today
raoulvanhorn 11:30:36 AM
it gets the marchers dancing and the dancers marching
James (host) 11:30:55 AM
RVH....I forgot to say....listen to KOT-Giblets while watching the Macy's Parade!! Good Move
raoulvanhorn 11:31:50 AM
I am also a big fan of HCR. got her Thanksgiving origin story open on another tab.
James (host) 11:32:57 AM
James (host) 11:33:10 AM
PiGuy posted the link earlier
raoulvanhorn 11:33:20 AM
that’s the one
DJ Simon 11:41:21 AM
Another fine feast of giblets - thanks, James!
JeffB 11:42:45 AM
hey @wondering thanks for that HCR BC link! Happy Thanksgiving to y'all, thanks for rockin' the giblets KOTJ.
James (host) 11:42:46 AM
DJS...appreciate that and all the great support and perspective!
James (host) 11:44:22 AM
Backatcha Jeff for all the assistance and support to me and the Z-at-large. A radio saint!
Barry Hart 11:47:24 AM
Thank you,wondering,for the link to the Boston College magazine interview and thank you,James ,for sharing Frank Zappa,Harry Nilsson,King Missile, and William Devaughan.A truly memorable show.
James (host) 11:49:03 AM
Reuben sandwich with saurkraut, Barry! The Hart in heart!🙏🏻✊🏻✌🏻
bruckner4 11:49:09 AM
thanks, indeed! a demain, jfk.
bruckner4 11:49:50 AM
threw some french in there for djs.
raoulvanhorn 11:51:10 AM
Pat Irwin 11:54:12 AM
A wonderful antidote to dysfunctional family feuds ;)
James (host) 11:54:14 AM
What a joy to have all that have chosen to be here/hear with a guy like me and keeping these traditions alive. Beyond touched and grateful! The best to the best. The secret sect!
Saginaw 11:55:23 AM
It's been a good giblets show! Have a great day
James (host) 11:55:36 AM
Same to saginaw and all!
James (host) 11:55:59 AM
appreicate the sparks Saginaw!! and so much more....memories
Richard Random 11:56:06 AM
Hi James. Now I’m hungry. Chec@ing in before I catch up on the archive.
James (host) 11:56:25 AM
coming up on archive in about an hour.
raoulvanhorn 12:00:20 PM
Thanks for kicking out the musical giblets again, James!
James (host) 12:02:26 PM
I guess no pow wow....
Richard Random 12:02:27 PM
Ain’t Gonna Eat…was the Young Rascals. The Puppets version is better. (I had never heard it, but the lyrics and vocals work better with a female voice.)
James (host) 12:03:00 PM
I agree Richard. Both are good but something more intrinsic about there's
James (host) 12:03:09 PM