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Successive Syncopations

Dec 2, 2022 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With DJ Joe Philly

On Successive Syncopations you can find all sorts of songs, but all of them are sure to have soul. Genres range from experimental pop to the blues, and each show always includes a distinct blend of genres. Despite the diversity of each show, there is always continuity within each segment and each setlist tells a story. Tune in if you are looking for some calming vibes and fun facts about each emerging artist that gets played.

Successive Syncopations
1:00 PM
Your Neighbors - Polaroid
Your Neighbors Polaroid
Polaroid Your Neighbors 2021
1:04 PM
Ashes To Amber - IRIS
Ashes To Amber IRIS
Voodoo Blu Ashes To Amber 2018
1:06 PM
The Hails - Fake a Frown
The Hails Fake a Frown
Fake a Frown / Till I See You Again The Hails 2021
1:10 PM
Kate Bollinger - Lady in the Darkest Hour
Kate Bollinger Lady in the Darkest Hour
Look at it in the Light MERLIN - Ghostly International 2022
1:15 PM
Tipling Rock - TMSN (Acoustic)
Tipling Rock TMSN (Acoustic)
On the Shore Tipling Rock 2022
1:18 PM
Benny Sings - The World
Benny Sings The World
The World SME - Sings Records 2022
1:22 PM
Stanley - Spotlight
Stanley Spotlight
Spotlight WMG - King Forward Records 2022
1:28 PM
Julia Jacklin - Good Guy
Julia Jacklin Good Guy
Crushing WMG - Polyvinyl Records 2019
1:33 PM
Yfsn Whipp - Dog Shit
Yfsn Whipp Dog Shit
Dog Shit 2478731 Records DK 2021
1:33 PM
Daily J - Blue
Daily J Blue
Blue BELIEVE - Daily J 2022
1:37 PM
Muroki - Heading East
Muroki Heading East
Heading East Universal Music New Zealand Limited (Distribution) 2022
1:40 PM
Masaya - Soda Dream
Masaya Soda Dream
Soda Dream Masaya 2020
1:44 PM
Mako Road - The Green Superintendent
Mako Road The Green Superintendent
The Green Superintendent DISTROKID - Mako Road 2008
1:47 PM
Magic City Hippies - Therapy (feat. Tim Atlas)
Magic City Hippies Therapy (feat. Tim Atlas)
Water Your Garden Magic City Hippies 2022
1:50 PM
Sure Sure - Fat Lady
Sure Sure Fat Lady
Fat Lady 2016 Sure Sure, distributed by Spinnup 2016
1:53 PM
girlpuppy - I Miss When I Smelled Like You
girlpuppy I Miss When I Smelled Like You
I Miss When I Smelled Like You UMG - Royal Mountain Records 2022
1:57 PM
Reiki Ruawai - Express
Reiki Ruawai Express
Express BELIEVE - CSR 2020 R&B/Soul
1:59 PM
Beef - Jumpy Monkee
Beef Jumpy Monkee
Jungle Japes 1379363 Records DK 2021
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Bill P 1:37:53 PM
DJ Joe Philly (host) 1:44:29 PM
Bill P 1:51:19 PM
I like that song, thanks for playing it, I depend on The Z for a good drive to work
DJ Joe Philly (host) 1:53:25 PM
Love to hear it! Glad you liked it