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Sound Syrup

Dec 20, 2022 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

ZBC Rock

With JeffB

Life Must Go On

Sound Syrup
9:00 AM
Primer Infant - Miratge
Primer Infant Miratge
Era Por 2022
9:04 AM
Mirror Revelations - El Vehículo de las Transformaciones
Mirror Revelations El Vehículo de las Transformaciones
El Vehículo de las Transformaciones - Single LÁTIGO 2022
9:09 AM
Panda Riot - Chimera
Panda Riot Chimera
Infinity Maps Panda Riot 2017
9:11 AM
The Association/The Courettes - Never My Love
The Association/The Courettes Never My Love
Never My Love Cleopatra 2022 Rock
9:16 AM
Cocteau Twins - The Spangle Maker
Cocteau Twins The Spangle Maker Cocteau Twins
The Spangle Maker - EP 4AD 1984 Christmas
9:20 AM
Hello Mary - Spiral
Hello Mary Spiral
Spiral Frenchkiss 2022 Rock
9:23 AM
The Long Winters - The Commander Thinks Aloud
The Long Winters The Commander Thinks Aloud
Ultimatum Barsuk 2013 Rock
9:28 AM
High Vis - Talk For Hours
High Vis Talk For Hours
Talk For Hours Dais 2022 Rock
9:33 AM
Tom Verlaine - Always
Tom Verlaine Always Tom Verlaine
Dreamtime Warner 1981 Rock
9:37 AM
Alvvays - Tom Verlaine
Alvvays Tom Verlaine Alvvays
Blue Rev Polyvinyl 2022 Rock
9:40 AM
Slow Children - Spring in Fialta
Slow Children Spring in Fialta
Slow Children Ensign 1981 Rock
9:43 AM
Preoccupations - Fix Bayonets!
Preoccupations Fix Bayonets!
Arrangements Flemish Eye 2022
9:48 AM
Thrushes - New Years Kiss
Thrushes New Years Kiss
Sun Come Undone Birdnote 2006 Rock
9:51 AM
Male Bonding - Worse to Come (feat. Vivian Girls)
Male Bonding Worse to Come (feat. Vivian Girls)
Nothing Hurts Sub Pop 2010
9:53 AM
Somebody's Child - We Could Start A War
Somebody's Child We Could Start A War
We Could Start A War Frenchkiss 2023 Rock
9:57 AM
fanclubwallet - Roadkill
fanclubwallet Roadkill
Roadkill Gavel Sounds 2022 Rock
9:59 AM
Simple Minds - Sweat In Bullet
Simple Minds Sweat In Bullet
Sons and Fascination / Sister Feelings Call Virgin Records UK, www.virginrecords.com 1981 Rock
10:04 AM
Karin Park - Traces of Me (Liars Remix - Edit)
Karin Park Traces of Me (Liars Remix - Edit)
Traces of Me (Liars Remix) Pelagic 2022
10:07 AM
Pelados - Vampirinhos do Amor
Pelados Vampirinhos do Amor
Foi Mal Matraca Records / YB Music 2022
10:10 AM
feeble little horse - Chores
feeble little horse Chores
Chores Julia's War Recordings 2021
10:13 AM
Kittenbirds - Sort Of Smile
Kittenbirds Sort Of Smile
Honey, You're Sick Paperhouse Records 1993 Rock
10:16 AM
Colleen Green - Grind My Teeth
Colleen Green Grind My Teeth
I Want to Grow Up Hardly Art 2015
10:19 AM
Tubeway Army - Friends
Tubeway Army Friends
Friends Beggars Banquet 1978
10:21 AM
Brian Eno - King's Lead Hat
Brian Eno King's Lead Hat
Before And After Science Polydor 1977
10:26 AM
Crack The Sky - Surf City
Crack The Sky Surf City
Crack The Sky Lifesong 1975 Rock
10:29 AM
black midi - Sugar/Tzu
black midi Sugar/Tzu
Sugar/Tzu Rough Trade 2022
10:33 AM
Frank Zappa - I'm the Slime
Frank Zappa I'm the Slime Overnight Sensation
Over-Nite Sensation DiscReet 1973 Rock
10:36 AM
Boston Spaceships - Christmas Girl
Boston Spaceships Christmas Girl
Let It Beard GBV Inc 2011 Rock
10:40 AM
Low - Taking Down the Tree
Low Taking Down the Tree
Christmas kranky 2000 Rock
10:43 AM
Babehoven - Often
Babehoven Often
Light Moving Time Double Double Whammy 2022 Rock
10:47 AM
Knifeplay - Lonely Sun
Knifeplay Lonely Sun
Animal Drowning Topshelf Records 2022 Rock
10:51 AM
Robyn Hitchcock - The Shuffle Man
Robyn Hitchcock The Shuffle Man
Shufflemania Tiny Ghost Records 2022
10:54 AM
Decisive Pink - Haffmilch Holiday
Decisive Pink Haffmilch Holiday
Haffmilch Holiday Fire Records 2022
10:58 AM
Wire - Stepping Off Too Quick (Not About To Die)
Wire Stepping Off Too Quick (Not About To Die)
Stepping Off Too Quick (Not About To Die) 2022 2022 Rock
Chat is archived.
Saginaw 9:09:59 AM
Good morning
JeffB (host) 9:10:16 AM
g'morning Saginaw!
ex-DJ tamer 9:10:27 AM
Howdy SoundSyrup
JeffB (host) 9:11:26 AM
xDJTamer what are you doing up this early?
bruckner4 9:11:47 AM
mornin' syrupers.
ex-DJ tamer 9:11:51 AM
Prepping for a trip to chilly Vermont.
ex-DJ tamer 9:12:39 AM
Also, cleaning up last night's playlist before I leave.
JeffB (host) 9:13:08 AM
hey Bruck4 - thanks for showing up, now it's a party :)
JeffB (host) 9:13:52 AM
@xDJT when's the last time you were up in VT?
ex-DJ tamer 9:15:35 AM
ex-DJ tamer 9:16:47 AM
Crank was at the same event, in July.
Bruce Pierce 9:16:55 AM
morning Jeff, Syrupers!
ricklistens 9:17:06 AM
spam pancakes ....feliz navidad ❤️🌹😂👏🏾
Mark Richard 9:17:11 AM
Great set so far!
PeterC 9:18:26 AM
welcome back JB!!
JeffB (host) 9:20:07 AM
Hey Bruce! Hello Rick. Thanks Mark! PeterC :)
PeterC 9:20:10 AM
this is not Lilliput!! Cocteau Twins...
JeffB (host) 9:20:14 AM
JeffB (host) 9:20:36 AM
Spinitron AI got ahead of me..
PeterC 9:20:48 AM
spintron got very confused there...
Bruce Pierce 9:22:08 AM
Jeff, where in Spain are you going? sorry if you said it already, distracted listening
JeffB (host) 9:23:25 AM
Tulum, Mexico
ex-DJ tamer 9:25:11 AM
nice trip
JeffB (host) 9:26:21 AM
my archeologist daughter wants to visit Mayan ruins. now according to that movie "The Ruins"..
ricklistens 9:27:58 AM
lots of violence amongst those ruins
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 9:27:59 AM
Morning folks .
JeffB (host) 9:29:24 AM
hey Dash! there's more coffee left want some?
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 9:30:26 AM
Had 3 bowls this morning , I’m all set . Thanks though . Jeff .
JeffB (host) 9:32:12 AM
ok suit yourself. i might need to make another pot anyway..
Jamie Cohen (1) 9:37:41 AM
Syrup with my tea, what a way to start the day!
JeffB (host) 9:38:39 AM
Hey Jamie!
DJ Simon 9:39:30 AM
JeffB (host) 9:39:46 AM
Hey DJS!
Jamie YBN 9:45:45 AM
I've been listening since the moment the needle hit the groove! Great to have me Syrup back!
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 9:51:58 AM
Hi Simon .
DJ Simon 9:53:50 AM
Hey, Dash!
JeffB (host) 9:53:52 AM
Hey Jamie the fierce brewer of beer thanks !
Bruce Pierce 9:55:16 AM
oh, Mexico, cool (thought you said Spain)
Ashley 10:06:42 AM
glad to hear you back on the Z jeff!!
JeffB (host) 10:08:51 AM
Thanks Ashley ! Are you back on for the winter break too?
ricklistens 10:08:51 AM
glad to see you back as well ash !!!
JeffB (host) 10:09:35 AM
Oh wait Ashley you're on later today?
ricklistens 10:10:06 AM
2 for Tuesday
Ashley 10:10:50 AM
Yes!! Celia and I are doing a show for the winter semester :~)
Ashley 10:12:31 AM
actually going to see feeblelittlehorse here in nyc next week. good choice
JeffB (host) 10:13:10 AM
i love hearing your radio shows Ashley psyched you're back in!
ex-DJ tamer 10:16:45 AM
I second (or third) that sentiment
Ashley 10:17:05 AM
the one today was a bit hastily put together but trying out the ol recording-VO-thru-facetime thing. we’ll see if you still feel that way
ex-DJ tamer 10:18:12 AM
OK, we'll judge you when the time comes.
Ashley 10:18:34 AM
ex-DJ tamer 10:18:54 AM
I cheat and do radio w/o talking. No mic needed.
JeffB (host) 10:19:30 AM
VO thru facetime? now i'm nervous.
ex-DJ tamer 10:20:02 AM
new DJ tricks?
Ashley 10:23:27 AM
celia and i are in diff states so couldn't figure out a way to record both of us!!! any suggestions for next time?
ricklistens 10:24:23 AM
states of what?
JeffB (host) 10:24:53 AM
Source Connect NOW is super high quality, low latency, and Free.
JeffB (host) 10:28:15 AM
you need Google Chrome, and one user might need to create an account with Source Elements, but it's 100% free. You can have several users on at once
ricklistens 10:28:59 AM
hey whitey here come the spades
JeffB (host) 10:29:30 AM
Yeah sorry this one's self indulgent
ricklistens 10:30:35 AM
saw crack the sky in the mid 70’d
JeffB (host) 10:32:02 AM
they're still active I guess, in some form. They also put out a lot of albums in the 80's and 2000's that I have no interest in hearing..
Ashley 10:32:29 AM
re: source connect. good lucks ill try!
ricklistens 10:33:34 AM
liked that song
Ashley 10:33:52 AM
genuinely enjoyed the crack the sky song tbh
Jamie Cohen (1) 10:34:59 AM
i am the slime!
ricklistens 10:35:04 AM
miss zappa’s birthday show
JeffB (host) 10:35:53 AM
Crack the sky could have been cringey.. relieved. @Ash: https://now.source-elements.com/#!/ message me if you want any tech help. email on my JeffB Spinitron profile works.
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 10:35:59 AM
ricklistens 10:37:28 AM
2nd cup for me dash
bruckner4 10:38:05 AM
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 10:38:14 AM
4th bowl .
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 10:38:29 AM
No sugar .
JeffB (host) 10:38:43 AM
i gotta brew another pot..
ricklistens 10:38:52 AM
honey 🍀
JeffB (host) 10:39:13 AM
no sugar
Jamie YBN 10:41:33 AM
Have a good break! I'll tune in, of course.
JeffB (host) 10:42:45 AM
thx! my vacations usually spent recovering from getting ready to go on vacation, followed by a tsunami of work that was waiting for me to return from vacation. Why i don't take vacations.
JeffB (host) 10:43:32 AM
why i'm not gonna try and record a fresh show next week.
Saginaw 10:44:01 AM
Enjoy yourself, it's later than you think.
Kevin Gross 10:44:34 AM
Could you give us the KOTJ info again, here, por favor?
Saginaw 10:45:13 AM
RIP Terry Hall of The Specials
JeffB (host) 10:45:53 AM
@Kevin: mixcloud.com/live/kotjames
Jamie YBN 10:45:59 AM
Cool song, Often.
JeffB (host) 10:47:35 AM
yeah, kinda haunting & melancholy.. was trying to figure out a way to fit that one in
Kevin Gross 10:47:53 AM
JeffB (host) 10:50:14 AM
@Saginaw - oh no. "unspecified brief illness" taking down a lot of people lately
ricklistens 10:51:00 AM
thx...great show...may the blue armadillo guide and protect you and your family during your trip
JeffB (host) 10:52:22 AM
Thx Rick! Life Must Go On :)
Ashley P 10:56:39 AM
great show jeff - have a good trip!!
JeffB (host) 10:57:03 AM
thank you:)
Jamie YBN 10:57:21 AM
Actually means Oat Milk, if anyone was wondering.
JeffB (host) 10:58:12 AM
yeah 'cause in German "half" would be "halb" "Haff" is oat?
Jamie YBN 10:59:46 AM
JeffB (host) 11:00:47 AM
got it! hafermilch.. thanks all for tuning in :)
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 11:00:58 AM
Thanks Jeff . Happy Holidays .
Jamie Cohen (1) 11:02:11 AM
great syrup Jeff, safe holiday travels