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Kick Out the James!

Jan 20, 2023 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With James

In these confused times isn't it nice to find some relief? Every week, James will try to bring some sense into this crazy world via the radio waves. Look back. Look forward. Seek the truth. Never dull. Always irreverent. Fight the good fight by just sitting back and listening.

Back to Regular KOTJ w/a Mark E. Smith Tribute

First hour today, new stuff and things. Classic KOTJ will be a tribute to Mark E. Smith of The Fall's passing Jan. 24, 2018.

Kick Out the James!
9:00 AM
Bernard Gerard - Méchoui
Bernard Gerard Méchoui
La Grande Sauterelle Barclay 1967 MP3
9:04 AM
Black Button - No One to Blame
Black Button No One to Blame
Rejoice Black Button 2023 Other Rock
9:06 AM
Kudzu - Stolen Focus
Kudzu Stolen Focus
S/T Bandcamp 2023 Punk
9:09 AM
Dhead Shaker - Get High Without Your Panties
Dhead Shaker Get High Without Your Panties
Black Sheep Bandcamp 2022 Other
9:12 AM
The Circulators - On the Loose
The Circulators On the Loose
S/T Bandcamp 2023 Other
9:14 AM
Scab Breath - In My Stride
Scab Breath In My Stride
Power Shift Bandcamp 2023 Other
9:16 AM
Strangely Addictive - Money - All day every day
Strangely Addictive Money - All day every day
Animal Bandcamp 2023 Other
9:20 AM
Matty Grace - Voice Inside My Head
Matty Grace Voice Inside My Head
Start. Stop. Repeat. BandcampHigh Trash Media Tarantula Tapes 2023 Other
9:21 AM
Bad Affair - Out of Time
Bad Affair Out of Time
We Are Doomed Bandcamp 2023 Other
9:22 AM
Greg Wheeler and the Poly Mall Cops - Nothing
Greg Wheeler and the Poly Mall Cops Nothing
Manic Fever High Dive Records 2023 Other
9:24 AM
Chimers - Tooth
Chimers Tooth
Generator / Tooth Bandcamp 2023 Other
9:27 AM
Alpaca Brothers - Green Guitar
Alpaca Brothers Green Guitar
Figment Zelle Records 2023 Other
9:29 AM
Richar - Mustang
Richar Mustang
Pas de chance - Single Bandcamp 2022 Other Rock
9:34 AM
Gérard Bernard - Mechoui
Gérard Bernard Mechoui
La Grande Sauterelle Barclay 1967
9:42 AM
Valley Delinquent - You Deserve the Best
Valley Delinquent You Deserve the Best
Vd6 Bandcamp 2022 Other Rock
9:44 AM
Straight Arrows - Fast Product
Straight Arrows Fast Product
Fast Product Rice Is Nice 2023 Rock
9:46 AM
Tee Vee Repairmann - Bus Stop
Tee Vee Repairmann Bus Stop
What's on TV Total Punk 2023
9:49 AM
Saucermen - Sick
Saucermen Sick
Saucermen EP Laptop Punk Records 2023 Other
9:50 AM
Bzdet - Inflacja
Bzdet Inflacja
Daleko OD OK Syf Records 2023 Other
9:52 AM
Ten Benson - I Don't Buy It
Ten Benson I Don't Buy It
Hiss Bandcamp 2023 Other Rock
9:56 AM
Score - Sock
Score Sock
Cope Cruel Nature Records 2023 Other
9:59 AM
cool sorcery - DETONATION
cool sorcery DETONATION
The Definitive Step-by-step Dance Guide for Warlord Necromancers and Enthusiasts cool sorcery 2022
10:03 AM
Zhoop - RIP
Zhoop RIP
Split by Dadgad, Zhoop Goodbye Boozy Records 2023 Other
10:04 AM
Seggs Tape - Moko
Seggs Tape Moko
Demos Webo Records 2022
10:06 AM
Zoids - The Thing
Zoids The Thing
Fuck Vinyl Bandcamp 2023 Other
10:08 AM
Dadgad - IDC
Dadgad IDC
Split by Dadgad, Zhoop Goodbye Boozy 2023 Other
10:09 AM
Bad Duck - 3!
Bad Duck 3!
3nfermos! Independent 2022 Punk
10:11 AM
Shareholder - Bullets
Shareholder Bullets
32 Items From Lockdown Bandcamp 2023 Other
10:14 AM
Golf - Keep Clear
Golf Keep Clear
Golf 3a Bandcamp 2023 Other
10:16 AM
Gérard Bernard - Mechoui
Gérard Bernard Mechoui
La Grande Sauterelle Barclay 1967
10:30 AM
The Fall - Various Times
The Fall Various Times
It's The New Thing! / Various Times Step-Forward Records 1978 Rock
10:37 AM
The Fall - Garden
The Fall Garden
The Complete Peel Sessions 1978 - 2004 Castle 2005 Rock
10:47 AM
The Fall - Pat - Trip Dispenser
The Fall Pat - Trip Dispenser
C.R.E.E.P. (Single) Beggars Banquet 1984
10:51 AM
The Fall - Rebellious Jukebox
The Fall Rebellious Jukebox
Live at the Witch Trials Step-Forward Records 1979 Rock
10:54 AM
Dead Finks - Frightened (The Fall cover)
Dead Finks Frightened (The Fall cover)
The Death and Resurrection of Johnathan Cowboy urge records 2021
11:00 AM
The Fall - Who Makes The Nazis?
The Fall Who Makes The Nazis?
Hex Enduction Hour Kamera Records 1982 Rock
11:04 AM
The Fall - New Face In Hell
The Fall New Face In Hell
Grotesque (After The Gramme) Rough Trade 1980 Rock
11:10 AM
The Fall - The Man Whose Head Expanded
The Fall The Man Whose Head Expanded
In: Palace Of Swords Reversed Cog Sinister 1987 Indie Rock
11:15 AM
The Fall - Extricate
The Fall Extricate
Extricate Cog Sinister 1990
11:19 AM
The Woolen Men - Psycho Mafia (The Fall cover)
The Woolen Men Psycho Mafia (The Fall cover)
Lucky Box See My Friends Records 2017 Punk
11:25 AM
The Fall - Flat of Angles
The Fall Flat of Angles
Dragnet Step-Forward Records 1979 Indie Rock
11:30 AM
The Fall - A Figure Walks
The Fall A Figure Walks
Dragnet Step-Forward Records 1979 Indie Rock
11:36 AM
The Fall - What You Need
The Fall What You Need
This Nation's Saving Grace Beggars Banquet 1985
11:40 AM
The Fall - Fit and Working Again
The Fall Fit and Working Again
In: Palace Of Swords Reversed WMG - Cherry Red Records 1987 Indie Rock
11:43 AM
The Fall - Eat Y'Self Fitter
The Fall Eat Y'Self Fitter
Perverted By Language Line Records 1983 Rock
11:50 AM
The Fall - Gut Of The Quantifier
The Fall Gut Of The Quantifier
The Complete Peel Sessions 1978-2004 Castle Records 2005
11:55 AM
The Cool Greenhouse - I'm Into CB
The Cool Greenhouse I'm Into CB
RIP Smithy - Single Self-Release 2018 MP3 Rock
11:59 AM
Gérard Bernard - Mechoui
Gérard Bernard Mechoui
La Grande Sauterelle Barclay 1967
Chat is archived.
James (host) 8:59:33 AM
Welcome good folks of the KOTJ ZBC world. It was the best of times and the best of the best of times. Now these times. Various times.
Saginaw 9:03:36 AM
Good morning
Heather Grunwald 9:03:53 AM
Good morning. Various Times indeed.
Roger Jermyn 9:04:59 AM
Good morning all
James (host) 9:05:23 AM
Greetings Roger, Thee HG and Sir Sag'naw.
DJ Simon 9:07:57 AM
Like Murray Saul used to say... it's FRIIIIDAAAY!
James (host) 9:08:27 AM
Howdy DJS!
Fred 9:09:04 AM
Good morning!
James (host) 9:09:44 AM
Fred. Welcome!
Shanti 9:20:29 AM
James (host) 9:21:51 AM
Makes the world go 'round
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 9:27:16 AM
Morning James , morning good people .
James (host) 9:27:52 AM
Dash in the snow.
PeterC 9:29:59 AM
liking the rock whilst doing my teams 2002 performance reviews!
James (host) 9:30:59 AM
Hello. PeterC. 21 years past! Good memory!
PeterC 9:32:06 AM
lol. 20222
PeterC 9:32:13 AM
raoulvanhorn 9:33:15 AM
Good morning James and Kickers!
James (host) 9:38:35 AM
PiGuy 9:41:22 AM
Morning James and all other kicker lovers.
Jamie Cohen (1) 9:42:37 AM
bruckner4 9:42:42 AM
mornin' kotj-ers!
James (host) 9:45:11 AM
HiPi, Jamie and b4
raoulvanhorn 9:46:47 AM
PeterC, I couldn’t tell if you were being extremely late or more extremely proactive
James (host) 9:47:22 AM
Like justice, the wheels of review moves slow.
John Fisher 9:52:27 AM
I love this Ten Benson album!!
Lulu Bonanza 9:54:55 AM
I missed the name of the band from San Antonio tx..what was the namez?
James (host) 9:55:17 AM
Yes on Ten Benson!
James (host) 9:55:29 AM
Sex Mex is the San Antone band
James (host) 9:55:48 AM
Interview w/on next week's KOTJ show
Lulu Bonanza 9:56:20 AM
Awessome...is your interview archived? 😀
Lulu Bonanza 9:56:41 AM
Ahh..awesome will listen tonit
JeffB 9:57:15 AM
Happy NATIONAL DJ DAY !!! https://nationaltoday.com/national-dj-day/
James (host) 9:57:19 AM
After the show, yes. www.artguy.com/kotj and www.mixcloud.com/kotjames
James (host) 9:57:57 AM
I yet to have an archive of shows in the future so tonight will be a disappointment. Sex Mex airs next week.
DJ Simon 9:58:19 AM
@JeffB - Does Hallmark have cards for National DJ Day?
PiGuy 9:59:02 AM
this sounds like an instrumental version of 'Wild in the streets', the Garland Jeffries song.
James (host) 10:00:20 AM
YES Pi!!
PeterC 10:01:17 AM
Here's the gift for the DJ in your life...my girlfriend bought me a copy of the latest one...it's pretty cool. https://record-magazine.com/
Roger Jermyn 10:06:47 AM
Just read some really sad news https://pitchfork.com/news/van-conner-screaming-trees-bassist-and-co-founder-dies-at-55/
Roger Jermyn 10:07:45 AM
that band had a HUGE influence on my band The Feldmans when were starting out in 1990
James (host) 10:14:53 AM
Maybe he'll jam with David Crosby at the gates
Roger Jermyn 10:19:32 AM
Jamie YBN 10:30:47 AM
Je suis ici
Roger Jermyn 10:31:15 AM
you can set your watch (dated reference?) to contemporary radio DJbots playlists
-bot 10:31:21 AM
rebellion jukebox, please
raoulvanhorn 10:31:26 AM
raoulvanhorn 10:31:56 AM
See what flows from his mushy pen!
James (host) 10:32:16 AM
There ya go! Requests coming up! Oh and covers of The Fall too.
-bot 10:32:23 AM
"jew on a motorbike!"
James (host) 10:32:42 AM
Dee Allen 10:34:58 AM
Pat the Trip Dispenser
James (host) 10:35:26 AM
Added Dee A!
Roger Jermyn 10:35:40 AM
If you are a NMH fan this is some cool news https://pitchfork.com/news/neutral-milk-hotel-announce-career-spanning-vinyl-box-set-share-previously-unreleased-song-listen/#intcid=_pitchfork-bottom-recirc_ebb78045-1c22-4466-8585-0e8714037ec7_text2vec1
Thomas Mullaly 10:36:45 AM
reminds me of I owe it to the girls for some reason
raoulvanhorn 10:38:37 AM
Yeah! Turning it up! Thanks James!
James (host) 10:39:48 AM
Hope don't mind the extended Peel Sessions version
raoulvanhorn 10:40:17 AM
bruckner4 10:40:28 AM
"paranoia man..."
PeterC 10:40:48 AM
I got to hang out with MES a couple of times in the pre-Brix era and despite his reputation I always thought he was pretty nice...although admittedly we were pretty drunk...On one occasion a few of them stayed at the Gilroy/Herilhy place on Comm Ave...
raoulvanhorn 10:40:50 AM
prob too long for regular weekly Fall tribute, so…
raoulvanhorn 10:41:07 AM
why not, I say
James (host) 10:43:35 AM
@PC beyond envious that I was not able to be part of that. I remember we spoke about aired(?) back when Mark E. passed. To think how ZBC was and now is....
James (host) 10:44:42 AM
He bought Bradley Jay some socks? at Filene's basement back in the early 80's when they had hung out
raoulvanhorn 10:49:39 AM
I remember passing him on Mass Ave as he and his mates were walking up from the Middle East before a show. I was too stunned to say anything. Been kicking (the james out of) myself ever since.
Jamie YBN 10:49:49 AM
I missed the beginning of Fall announce... are you saying no more Fall specials?
raoulvanhorn 10:52:04 AM
Now it’s hard to believe they ever played at the ME
James (host) 10:53:06 AM
I'm an idiot to have never seen them in the day but got to see one of his more famous US concert moments at Coney Island High w/Stefan.
Fred White 10:53:29 AM
So MES was kind of like Steve Jobs, not very nice but a genius?
raoulvanhorn 10:53:35 AM
what was that moment, James?
Roger Jermyn 10:53:45 AM
never catching them live remains a musical regret
JeffB 10:54:20 AM
saw them at the Paradise.
raoulvanhorn 10:55:24 AM
I think it was a Paradise show where Mark kept his wireless mic in a shoulder holster when he wasn’t singing.
James (host) 10:55:32 AM
Is this blasphemy? I have critical taste when it comes to Fall covers.
raoulvanhorn 10:56:27 AM
it’s credible!
James (host) 10:57:50 AM
Mark had a hotel row with bandmates in hotel previous night which wound him up with a black eye form a telephone receiver and in jail for a night. Band came on and was jamming. No Mark E. Eventually he showed...supposedly directly from jail w/said shiner. He was shoving and goading bandmates.
raoulvanhorn 10:58:12 AM
James (host) 10:58:54 AM
One if not the last show he ever played with original band members
raoulvanhorn 11:01:25 AM
I remember a Boston show (I forget the club) when Cat Power opened, playing solo acoustic. I think it was before she was well known. Understatement to say she did not hold the room. I felt sorry for her.
Pete 11:02:22 AM
tuning in for the last hour today while at work
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 11:04:04 AM
That’s dedication Pete .
-bot 11:04:06 AM
Republicans make the Nazis
Pete 11:04:27 AM
when you were talking about the guy getting hit with the telephone receiver--about 1/2 or more of the ZBC audience probably wonders what that is
JeffB 11:05:43 AM
@raoulvanhorn - saw Cat Power at the Somerville Theater - might be the quietest show I've ever seen, was like everyone was holding their breath. Theatre ventilation was drowning out the show.
Roger Jermyn 11:05:45 AM
I was the typical starving musician back then so if I couldn't score free tix or get on a guest list it was a challenge to make it to shows sometimes depending on my employment/rent situation
-bot 11:06:13 AM
would you consider playing The Man Who's Head Expanded"?
James (host) 11:06:17 AM
This is the Coney Island show....can't remember if it was the night before or not: https://youtu.be/y4ndBDCpMlM
Roger Jermyn 11:06:28 AM
First World problems, right?
James (host) 11:07:11 AM
I would say most of the audience here/hear knows what a phone receiver as few young folks would find approachable...IMO
raoulvanhorn 11:10:38 AM
JeffB -
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 11:10:47 AM
Do enjoy tales from fellow Kickers of shows , run-in’s and the like about meeting musical heroes .
-bot 11:11:26 AM
thx @james. This was my gateway song to the band
Roger Jermyn 11:11:58 AM
Roger Jermyn 11:12:20 AM
that bass line gets you going every time
James (host) 11:12:25 AM
It's truly a greatest "hits" best of The Fall show.
raoulvanhorn 11:12:41 AM
JeffB — now i agine if everyone in the audience was actually there to see The Fall
raoulvanhorn 11:13:00 AM
Jamie YBN 11:13:09 AM
This was the first song I ever heard by the Fall. 1983 maybe? Bummed that I did not dig deeper at the time.
Pat Irwin 11:13:26 AM
The ID where somebody got hit while talking - that was Peter Choyce, wasn't it?
Jamie YBN 11:13:38 AM
Oh, just read 1987!
Pete 11:15:19 AM
I guess I am a Fall guy after all...great stuff...
-bot 11:15:20 AM
@JYBN, you're first thought is more correct.
James (host) 11:15:37 AM
Yes. It was also completely fake. It's actually a bottle while on the phone in SF at Pine and Grant. I went to that phone and put a ZBC sticker on it. When there were pay/public phones. Now all phones are public
James (host) 11:16:03 AM
Better than The Beatles or Zepplin.
raoulvanhorn 11:16:24 AM
I discovered The Fall sometime around 1979 when a friend said our band sounded like them. (It didn’t, but I was hooked.)
Roger Jermyn 11:17:26 AM
This album was the first Fall I ever heard. Senior year at Framingham State my bandmate handed me a copy and said "you got to hear these guys"
Pete 11:21:15 AM
James (host) 11:21:35 AM
For me it was also 1979. I heard Totally Wired and life changed..then I heard Who Makes Nazi and I was full-in and then New Face in Hell and eternally hoooked.
James (host) 11:22:36 AM
Like the sample quote...I couldn't understand how others couldn't grasp the ultra-layered genius.
James (host) 11:23:44 AM
I think another fine cover.
Pete 11:25:25 AM
I don't think I knew of the Fall until much later... maybe by the mid 80s
Pete 11:26:30 AM
btw-Woolen Men are great. Was just listening to the lyrics of Mexico City.
raoulvanhorn 11:28:23 AM
just noticed spinitron says “Exploded” about the man whose head. Apple music says the same, but my CD says “Expanded”
raoulvanhorn 11:28:43 AM
whassup with that?
James (host) 11:29:58 AM
Oh Yea....that was an auto-fill. I didn't notice. I fixed it. Maybe a data entry typo at the source?
ex-DJ tamer 11:32:27 AM
Autofill is from ACR Cloud. Data entry of song info comes from band, band management, or record label. Many typos.
Pete 11:32:55 AM
Head expansions lead to head explosions
ex-DJ tamer 11:33:14 AM
Sometimes label hires staff who lack attention to detail...
Roger Jermyn 11:33:32 AM
loving this set in my fancy new headphones
James (host) 11:33:44 AM
James (host) 11:34:25 AM
So many intrinsically great tracks. Fish in a barrell
ex-DJ tamer 11:34:54 AM
Every time someone plays Non-Alignment Pact, ACR Cloud attributes it to "Pere Abu" on the ZBC playlist.
-bot 11:34:58 AM
like, Fit and Working Again
-bot 11:35:36 AM
my loyalties are definitely in the early output
Pete 11:37:22 AM
on a roll
Roger Jermyn 11:37:26 AM
anyone else just lose the stream
James (host) 11:37:45 AM
@ Ex L T....I think bot confuses that version with the United Arab Emirates Ubu cover band cover band
Pete 11:38:12 AM
no thankfully no interruption here
raoulvanhorn 11:39:06 AM
stream is good here
ex-DJ tamer 11:40:11 AM
On the Pere Abu error, song is attributed to a punk rock compilation and not the original album. It might be that whoever was the last to register the audio fingerprint gets their album listed as the originator.
James (host) 11:40:55 AM
I agree with the early output comment but as time passes...some of the later work is pretty great and beyond most crap that was of it's time.
JeffB 11:41:04 AM
@KOTJ you should be the one who compiles the Fall's "Greatest Hits" box set that'll be release before Christmastime
raoulvanhorn 11:41:46 AM
I was just looking at the ACRCloud website. Didn’t know about them. They say “Shazam-like” and “Soundcloud-like” but apparently those apps don’t use their same tech?
James (host) 11:42:28 AM
I was just thinking I could curate/compile a a solid collection JB
Roger Jermyn 11:42:36 AM
its back for me. weird . nothing else went down but that for me
raoulvanhorn 11:43:07 AM
I really liked Infotainment Scan, but it got slagged a lot
James (host) 11:43:26 AM
A fine solid record!
raoulvanhorn 11:43:27 AM
got any fave cuts from that one, James?
James (host) 11:43:54 AM
time is tight and I have some lined up already. Next show.
raoulvanhorn 11:44:29 AM
ok. I figured it was late for another request
-bot 11:44:43 AM
yes! yes! - don't wanna be a victim!
James (host) 11:44:48 AM
Service is good. Paranoia Man in Cheap Shit Room...
JeffB 11:44:49 AM
@raoulvanhorn - Infotainment a fave of mine too
JeffB 11:44:57 AM
"50,000 Fall Fans Can't Be Wrong"
raoulvanhorn 11:47:06 AM
what is Mark spelling there?
raoulvanhorn 11:47:19 AM
it was never clear to me
Barry Hart 11:47:27 AM
Good morning,James and fellow Kickers,glad to be listening to this Mark E.Smith tribute.
James (host) 11:47:58 AM
FYI: This show will be locked on mixcloud but for those devoted to the MC I will post the direct link to the artguy.com/kotj file
James (host) 11:48:09 AM
Barry. Always good.
-bot 11:48:32 AM
HAHAHAH - it's not "victim" it's "mit dem" as in the German, "with them"
James (host) 11:49:04 AM
-bot 11:49:22 AM
yeah, that's how I found out. LOL
James (host) 11:49:41 AM
G-O-H-O-H-O-9-O G-O-H-O-H-O-9-O G-O-H-O-H-O-9-O H-O-9-O-G-O-H-O
Roger Jermyn 11:50:09 AM
I've recently taken up learning bass and this set is getting me juiced to jam on some Fall tunes later today
James (host) 11:50:17 AM
I thought in head expanded he was singing...Sounds a bit like hitler...
Roger Jermyn 11:50:53 AM
especially this tune
James (host) 11:51:03 AM
A top fave of all time tunes! Gut of
Roger Jermyn 11:51:43 AM
An "All Fall" would be something
James (host) 11:51:59 AM
We will end with a smashing cover tribute with one of my all time faves, as well.
ex-DJ tamer 11:52:58 AM
One more comment about music fingerprinting: "Producers" who sample music often get credit from ACRCloud when ZBC actually played the original song and not the EDM version. I frequently correct these errors on the bot's playlist. It's not as bad as it used to be-- I wonder whether ACRCloud responds to compliants from bands or labels.
ex-DJ tamer 11:53:37 AM
Like if someone contacted them about the expanded/exposed error
James (host) 11:54:00 AM
As Jeff and I mention. I despise the play being attributed to the distributor over the original release and make sure to get that int here.
ex-DJ tamer 11:54:11 AM
ex-DJ tamer 11:55:28 AM
Musician might be losing some (miniscule) royalty $$ as well, thanks to these errors where the EDM producer gets credited.
James (host) 11:56:35 AM
Cedar Plank
Roger Jermyn 11:57:27 AM
the CB was my first cellphone
JeffB 11:59:16 AM
@exDJT before computers scheduled music, commercial DJ's once a year had to fill out a log noting the writer of every song we played for BMI/ASCAP royalties.. I wonder if Spinitron fulfills that function today?
raoulvanhorn 11:59:51 AM
Stellar, James. Thanks!
Roger Jermyn 12:00:07 PM
Thanks again for an enjoyable and memorable three hours of time on earth together James
Roger Jermyn 12:00:32 PM
Merci beaucoup a tous
James (host) 12:00:35 PM
Copy good buddies. You're the best of the best
Roger Jermyn 12:00:43 PM