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Kick Out the James!

Jan 27, 2023 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With James

In these confused times isn't it nice to find some relief? Every week, James will try to bring some sense into this crazy world via the radio waves. Look back. Look forward. Seek the truth. Never dull. Always irreverent. Fight the good fight by just sitting back and listening.

Interview with Sex Mex

Kick Out the James!
9:07 AM
Sex Mex - Transmission (Joy Division cover)
Sex Mex Transmission (Joy Division cover)
Don't Know Why/ Transmission Self - Re;eased 2020 MP3
9:08 AM
Sex Mex - Any Way the Wind Blows
Sex Mex Any Way the Wind Blows
Wowie Zowie: A Frank Zappa Compilation Fuzzy Cat Records 2022 Other
9:10 AM
Sex Mex - Breakfast in America
Sex Mex Breakfast in America
Vol. 2 Wowie Zowie Records 2022
9:17 AM
Sex Mex - Bulldozer
Sex Mex Bulldozer
Johnnie Salami Wowie Zowie Records 2021 MP3
9:20 AM
Sex Mex - Runaway
Sex Mex Runaway
Skeleton Wowie Zowie Records 2022
9:26 AM
Jay Reatard - It's So Easy
Jay Reatard It's So Easy
Blood Visions Fat Possum Records USA 2009 MP3 Rock
9:26 AM
Jay Reatard - Blood Visions
Jay Reatard Blood Visions Jay Reatard
Blood Visions Fat Possum Records 2009 Indie Pop
9:29 AM
The Spits - Die Die Die
The Spits Die Die Die
The Spits Nickel and Dime Records 2000 Punk
9:33 AM
The Spits - Planet Failure
The Spits Planet Failure
Pain - EP Slovenly Reocordings 2009 MP3
9:35 AM
The Descendents - Catalina
The Descendents Catalina
Milo Goes To College New Alliance Records 1982 MP3
9:36 AM
Dead Kennedys - Stealing People's Mail
Dead Kennedys Stealing People's Mail
Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables Cherry Red Records 1980 Rock
9:38 AM
Iggy Pop - Five Foot One
Iggy Pop Five Foot One
New Values Arista 1979
9:42 AM
Alice Cooper - Under My Wheels
Alice Cooper Under My Wheels Michael Bruce, Dennis Dunaway, Bob Ezrin
Killer (US Release) Warner Bros. 1971 Pop
9:49 AM
Devo - Uncontrollable Urge (Remastered)
Devo Uncontrollable Urge (Remastered)
Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! Warner Bros. 1978
9:49 AM
The Cramps - Tear it Up! (Live)
The Cramps Tear it Up! (Live)
VA - Urgh! A Music War A&M US 1981 Other
9:54 AM
Sex Mex - White Guy
Sex Mex White Guy
Vol. 2 Wowie Zowie Records 2022
10:02 AM
Sex Mex - Supercouch - Live
Sex Mex Supercouch - Live
Live Sex Act Wowie Zowie Records 2022
10:10 AM
Powerplant - People in the Sun
Powerplant People in the Sun
People in the Sun Dreamland Syndicate 2019 Punk
10:13 AM
Gee Tee - Death Race
Gee Tee Death Race
Death Race Neck Chop Records 2017
10:15 AM
R.M.F.C. - Robot House
R.M.F.C. Robot House
Hive Anti Fade Records 2018
10:17 AM
Erik Nervous and the Beta Blockers - Nailed To The Wall
Erik Nervous and the Beta Blockers Nailed To The Wall
Erik Nervous and the Beta Blockers Drunken Sailor 2020
10:20 AM
Billiam - Small Talk, Big Trouble
Billiam Small Talk, Big Trouble
Billiams Synth Explosion! 2020
10:23 AM
Mark Cone - Walking the Beat (Nuns cover)
Mark Cone Walking the Beat (Nuns cover)
Now Showing Neck Chop Records 2017
10:27 AM
Liquids - Let's Eat Him
Liquids Let's Eat Him
Heart Beats True EP Digital Regress 2017 MP3
10:28 AM
Disco Junk - Outta Melbourne
Disco Junk Outta Melbourne
Younger Louder and Snottier Bandcamp 2019 Punk
10:35 AM
Whatever? - Emerald Eyes
Whatever? Emerald Eyes
Emerald Eyes Self-Released
10:35 AM
Smirk - Staring at Screens
Smirk Staring at Screens
Staring at Screens Total Punk 2021 Punk
10:39 AM
The B-52's - 52 Girls
The B-52's 52 Girls
Rock Lobster/52 - Girls DB Recs 1978 MP3
10:41 AM
The Cars - Got a Lot on My Head
The Cars Got a Lot on My Head
Candy-O /Elektra 1979 Pop
10:44 AM
Devo - Wiggly World
Devo Wiggly World
Duty Now For The Future Warner Records 1995
10:49 AM
Sex Mex - The Mall
Sex Mex The Mall
The Mall Wowie Zowie Records 2022
10:53 AM
Sex Mex - Pills
Sex Mex Pills
Pills [Single] Self-Release 2023 MP3
11:01 AM
Chinese Girls - Belt
Chinese Girls Belt
A Two-Album Set: Pop Life & Of Drawing Room Records 2017 Rock
11:06 AM
Tot Rocket and The Twins - Not A Chance
Tot Rocket and The Twins Not A Chance
Eviction Trace Elements 1980 Other
11:09 AM
The Peace - This is the Time Now
The Peace This is the Time Now
Black Power Zambia Prlour Music 1975 Other
11:12 AM
Vertical Hold - Bio-Hazard
Vertical Hold Bio-Hazard
Bio-Hazard /The War That Time Won Self-Released 1985 MP3
11:15 AM
Theatre Of Hate - Legion
Theatre Of Hate Legion
Original Sin / Legion SS Label 1980 Rock
11:21 AM
Christianity B.C. - What a Shame
Christianity B.C. What a Shame
Wet Dreams Rot Records 1984 MP3
11:23 AM
Killing Joke - Tension
Killing Joke Tension
Killing Joke EG UK 1980 MP3 Rock
11:26 AM
Spherical Objects - Another Technique
Spherical Objects Another Technique
Eliptical Optimism LTM Recordings 2008 Pop
11:27 AM
The Enthusiast - Column Brigade
The Enthusiast Column Brigade
Column Brigade / Tables And Chairs Out Of Town Records 1982 MP3
11:30 AM
Apartment - Broken Glass
Apartment Broken Glass
Avon Calling 2 Bristol Archive Records 2010 Indie Pop
11:39 AM
Il Sindicato Del Sogno - La Pare Di Me
Il Sindicato Del Sogno La Pare Di Me
Il Sindicato Del Sogno 1Q84 Tapes 2023 Other
11:41 AM
The Dream Syndicate - The Side I'll Never Show
The Dream Syndicate The Side I'll Never Show
Ghost Stories Enigma 1988 Rock
11:47 AM
The Fall - Free Range
The Fall Free Range
Code: Selfish Cog Sinister 1992 Rock
11:52 AM
The Fall - No Bulbs
The Fall No Bulbs
The Wonderful and Frightening World of the Fall Beggars Banquet USA 1984 MP3 Rock
11:58 AM
Blockhead - The Music Scene
Blockhead The Music Scene
The Music Scene MERLIN - Ninja Tune 2009
Chat is archived.
James (host) 9:04:10 AM
Welcome good people to the new Spring schedule. We have an interview with Sex Mex from San Antonio....the #2 most played artist on KOTJ in 2022
raoulvanhorn 9:10:17 AM
good morning James. Where is everybody?
James (host) 9:10:29 AM
I was thinking the same thing!!
raoulvanhorn 9:10:49 AM
I’m never the first one in
James (host) 9:11:16 AM
Welcome to the first slot
James (host) 9:12:11 AM
I think folks generally don't like interviews. They get the least plays on my analytics...more than the oldies show I used to do...
raoulvanhorn 9:12:19 AM
so… whaddya wanna talk about then?
DJ Simon 9:12:49 AM
I couldn't get on the Spinitron page earlier (the previous show was still displaying).
James (host) 9:12:56 AM
The Bachelor?
Nick 9:13:01 AM
Yeah same issue as Simon
raoulvanhorn 9:13:01 AM
ah, DJS!
Elnor Vashti 9:13:05 AM
This is good stuff. This version of BinA is way better than the original!
raoulvanhorn 9:13:23 AM
here they all come
DJ Simon 9:13:26 AM
@Elnor – I was just typing the same thing.
James (host) 9:13:27 AM
Oh...is everything OIK now?
DJ Simon 9:13:40 AM
All systems are go.
Nick 9:14:05 AM
Elnor Vashti 9:14:07 AM
James, everything is ok now that you are on the air/interweb.
James (host) 9:14:34 AM
Fred 9:14:46 AM
Fun super tramp cover song, not a fan of the original
James (host) 9:15:12 AM
There was some staggeringly apt discussion of reaslity TV on the prior show.
Bradgic 9:15:41 AM
Good morning DJ James and KOTJers! We love the interviews.
James (host) 9:16:23 AM
Some do...Those that do...do...those that don't....
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 9:17:21 AM
Morning good people .
James (host) 9:17:43 AM
Hey Dash
James (host) 9:18:08 AM
Dash...got some good glares from drivers and pedestrians biking to the station.
James (host) 9:18:11 AM
raoulvanhorn 9:19:32 AM
whew - I was afraid I was going to have to carry the whole chat solo. Now I can relax and lurk.
James (host) 9:19:39 AM
So great to have a subject that does sound...mic quality top-notch via Zoom
Elnor Vashti 9:19:54 AM
@Nick, please let's not reminisce about the previous show.... :-) let's enjoy the present, which is pretty awesome.
James (host) 9:21:16 AM
I did heard it said that to a caller that The Fall is now too big a group for the Z...?
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 9:22:31 AM
Yep you bikers , getting a scowl .
raoulvanhorn 9:22:34 AM
yeah, sound is great. I thought he was in the studio.
Nick 9:22:48 AM
James mentioned the bachelor, I missed the last show. But I'm locked into the interview now 👍
James (host) 9:24:16 AM
Dash....🚲we suck
James (host) 9:24:56 AM
Live show mentioned was last week. Interview was done 10 days ago.
Saginaw 9:25:07 AM
Good morning
James (host) 9:25:50 AM
Fred 9:27:18 AM
I guess Trent reznor faced same question of performing alone or with a band and went with band for crowd appeal?
James (host) 9:27:38 AM
Hmmmmm. I wonder....
James (host) 9:29:25 AM
Next up...a big block of Sex Mex Influences
bruckner4 9:30:22 AM
mornin'! enjoying the interview.
James (host) 9:30:23 AM
After the spits break
James (host) 9:34:40 AM
Jamie YBN 9:36:10 AM
I'm from Ann Arbor!
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 9:36:23 AM
🚴‍♂️ = good people .
Fred 9:37:43 AM
Interesting to hear he started music playing on guitar hero and that it was holiday in Cambodia. Is guitar hero viewed by others as a good way to learn how to play music?
James (host) 9:38:14 AM
I've heard yes and no....
Heather Grunwald 9:38:26 AM
James (host) 9:39:20 AM
Fred 9:39:22 AM
Trying to learn acoustic guitar as a kid didn’t work for me
James (host) 9:39:28 AM
Swedish magazines
Heather Grunwald 9:40:05 AM
Thoroughly enjoying this show!
James (host) 9:40:22 AM
James (host) 9:42:16 AM
Some say the same about You Tube backing tracks. Best is playing with others but no one wants to consistently play with me at all.....so how does one get better. Similar to getting work...have to have experience but if can't get hired how does one get experience. Alone and distance is the default here/hear. I totally understand.
PiGuy 9:43:46 AM
Morning James and fellow Friday listeners. Desperate for something to accompany the drive in this morning. Can't get 'MFO until near the city and heard the Fall request and wondered if someone was pranking the young ladies.
James (host) 9:44:14 AM
I think it was an expression of discontent?
James (host) 9:44:20 AM
PiGuy 9:45:42 AM
Yeah, the expression about having rules to follow regarding who they could play made my blood boil. I mean are you f'***ing kidding me?
James (host) 9:46:23 AM
James (host) 9:46:36 AM
PiGuy 9:47:55 AM
James, was sure this was the URGH! version. Still regret that when I was there I could not appreciate them. Never saw them again. Sad.
James (host) 9:48:49 AM
I never saw them...even sadder
James (host) 9:51:23 AM
Even though preproduced....I still jump/react when the segue comes....
James (host) 9:52:55 AM
PiGuy 9:53:44 AM
Nathan sounds a little like Nick of Rat Fever.
Lulu Bonanza 9:58:28 AM
That's so true about SA...nothing here
James (host) 10:04:18 AM
Roger Jermyn 10:19:39 AM
Morning folks
Jamie YBN 10:19:49 AM
I like the interview, spotlight shows. You get a lot of background info on the music...motivations, influences... and a look I no to
Jamie YBN 10:20:14 AM
into their lives.
raoulvanhorn 10:22:03 AM
nice editing, James
James (host) 10:24:03 AM
Awwwr...I try. Getting somewhat better
raoulvanhorn 10:24:56 AM
there’s a good rhythm to the intercutting of interview and music segments
James (host) 10:25:15 AM
Jamie YBN 10:26:09 AM
My friend Nancy Giles went from actress & comedian to journalist on CBS Sunday Morning... that medium is all about the editing.
James (host) 10:29:09 AM
Good for Nancy. My personality doesn't lend itself to things such as that...
Jamie YBN 10:31:25 AM
Maybe not... but I listen to your showmore than that show! Great job today.
j. johnson 10:40:21 AM
this is the best 52s song period - fight me
James (host) 10:41:28 AM
Agreed! There are some that come close...but tops/aces
Jamie YBN 10:42:01 AM
52 Girls! The album that kicked off the 80's. A lot of play back then.
Verb Crunch 10:43:53 AM
Cars didn't use "chorus" when they recorded, that's Ric's natural multitimbral voice
James (host) 10:48:06 AM
DJ Simon 10:54:50 AM
Great interview, James – thoroughly enjoyed that!
j. johnson 10:58:52 AM
KOTJ is an institution! So glad you have your full slot. Kudos to the WZBC Board!
j. johnson 10:59:39 AM
heh set you up for that i guess
PiGuy 11:00:36 AM
Annoyed that a) their hours cut and b) relegated to what they consider a throwaway time slot. Are they gonna get bumped by spring sports?
j. johnson 11:00:57 AM
Hey I'll buy you a pizza!
James (host) 11:02:02 AM
Good point Pi!!
PiGuy 11:02:54 AM
Feel myself slipping into a rant!
James (host) 11:03:21 AM
As stated and from my perspective only, and mentioned, the Z is more focused on the BC community than it's long-standing place in the Boston community.
PiGuy 11:04:04 AM
Thought of that and feel that if they ever do any more fundraising, they will see the flaw in that logic.
James (host) 11:05:09 AM
Well it appears, from what I'm told, parents of ZBC students make up 40% of all donations.
PiGuy 11:06:05 AM
Great. Don't worry my mom and dad will take care of it. hear that way too many times.
James (host) 11:08:28 AM
It was also told to me that ZBC is now the most popular student club/hangout at BC
delores 11:12:28 AM
longtime listener, first time caller( in fact that was me trying to phone in the last few minutes, alas.. you are correct..i phoned in earlier with my ( surprisingly live mic) Fall request... you heard the rest! I phoned back & they offered to play my request. did you happen to hear what was said about KOTJ?& yes...I am upset about the vast reduction/ time slot changes. Inoticed most shows have the word " dream" in the title. Kick out the Dreams.
PiGuy 11:12:53 AM
Well my interactions with BC admin has shown me a place of entitlement and a little bit out of touch with reality. Touring BC a few years ago while doing the college search thing was the worst tour we took. Hands down.
delores 11:13:21 AM
PiGuy, you were correct in my intention
James (host) 11:13:47 AM
Delores...apperciate the perspective. It was an interesting exchange
delores 11:14:57 AM
I have been trying the old landline to tell you directly! btw, my req was 2x4,
PiGuy 11:15:29 AM
Don't feel compelled to tune in to The Bachelor, either. Sorry, now I'm just being a curmudgeon.
delores 11:16:06 AM
you mentioned no more 11:30 MES tribute, and the convo about being only childrem got to me- so i thought maybe a lead in of the Fall?
James (host) 11:17:28 AM
NO I will be doing the fall every week
James (host) 11:18:30 AM
Sadly the phone is tricky. Most often it is not a good experience ruining it for the good and kind.
Verb Crunch 11:23:26 AM
you go KOTJ with the "Panic" drop repeated rhythmically :)
James (host) 11:25:09 AM
I try...pleasing and annoying...
Stefan Cooke 11:27:35 AM
Has House of All crossed your paths yet, James et al(l)? Yesterday they released Harlequin Duke from forthcoming LP, sounds pretty great. Must be an homage to MES. https://houseofall.bandcamp.com/album/house-of-all
Verb Crunch 11:28:45 AM
FWIW my kid's touring colleges, her BC tour was good. She's not focusing on getting into BC but it would be funny if she did and got involved at the Z. However the music she'd want the station to play isn't anything I like very much.
James (host) 11:29:03 AM
Stefan!! I'll def check out!
James (host) 11:29:22 AM
Any fall requests for today's tribute?
Verb Crunch 11:30:02 AM
No Bulbs
James (host) 11:31:23 AM
There ya go! Any others? Stefan?
Stefan Cooke 11:32:28 AM
How about Free Range
Verb Crunch 11:32:49 AM
kinda just kidding, No Bulbs is LONG song.. but it is truly a favorite of mine
James (host) 11:33:12 AM
Nice. Yes. No Problem Jeff. I
j. johnson 11:34:21 AM
ne of my faves is how i wrote elastic man
raoulvanhorn 11:36:18 AM
Telephone Thing
James (host) 11:38:13 AM
HA I had Telephone "pulled" Next week Jay....That one als exceletn.
raoulvanhorn 11:38:57 AM
raoulvanhorn 11:39:12 AM
it’s topical
James (host) 11:39:38 AM
Anyone besides Pi get this track?
Roger Jermyn 11:41:06 AM
Telephone Thing was the very first Fall track I remember hearing
j. johnson 11:41:12 AM
man this track is bugging me - i know it! but the brain is failing me
tom siegfried 11:41:14 AM
Blindness…have mercy on me
James (host) 11:41:47 AM
Great requests. Next week is covered!!
PiGuy 11:41:59 AM
Haven't bought this yet, though. Will do so soon.
j. johnson 11:42:14 AM
of course!
James (host) 11:42:32 AM
Il Sindicato Del Sogno = The Syndicate of Drreams
PiGuy 11:43:52 AM
@Delores, not kicking out all of the 'Dreams'
James (host) 11:44:16 AM
OH YEAH!! Well played Pi!
I Heart Noise 11:46:04 AM
Were those last two songs based on American Pie?
I Heart Noise 11:46:52 AM
or maybe I'm the only one hearing it...
DJ Simon 11:48:00 AM
F Foldin' Money?
James (host) 11:48:13 AM
Hmmmm I Heart...
Roger Jermyn 11:48:26 AM
Mountain Energei... svp
James (host) 11:49:03 AM
Not this week but all on future lsits. I have only time for two today.
Roger Jermyn 11:50:00 AM
no worries
Saginaw 11:51:23 AM
Good interview, show!
Verb Crunch 11:51:49 AM
James (host) 11:52:31 AM
Went well together!
James (host) 11:52:55 AM
Had to bump the PSA..
James (host) 11:53:13 AM
Thanks Sag'naw....even got some MI in there!
James (host) 11:53:35 AM
Slipped Ylanti in there
Verb Crunch 11:54:03 AM
oh no, you *have* to play the PSA, otherwise I'll revert back into materialism
James (host) 11:55:25 AM
Broken a lot of rules....played a too popular band, THe Fall, twice and no PSA....I'm an ingrate
Verb Crunch 11:56:00 AM
need... hydro.. powered.. lawn.. tractor..
wondering 11:56:51 AM
Great show - wanted to pipe in that I've been enjoying a lot of the student shows - graduating all these kids with college radio experience will help the national landscape of college radio in the long term - just another perspective. The oldtimers still appreciated and get half the year...
James (host) 11:57:22 AM
Folks. this show is my passion. Passionate folks out there make it it a hear-warming and uplifting experience where I feel blessed to do all the leg work to make this happen for all that choose to be here/hear with a guy like me.
wondering 11:57:39 AM
Also, I've heard that the advice about restricting certain larger artists is just a guideline for newbies...some take it too seriously...
Verb Crunch 11:58:15 AM
i'm with wondering. A lot of the student shows have been fantastic, especially considering we've heard a lot of first time ever DJ shifts
James (host) 11:58:37 AM
@ wonderin It is nice to see so many interested in radio...it's a different radio...but maybe it leans to preservation of a dying medium??
Bradgic 11:58:55 AM
Great show James, thanks!
raoulvanhorn 11:59:42 AM
thanks James!
PiGuy 12:00:13 PM
Great show James. I too am willing to give the new kids a chance. Just don't want the older 'community' members being cast out or given time slots that will make them want to leave the Z.
j. johnson 12:00:22 PM
greart shw!
James (host) 12:00:40 PM
Awwwwr ....ya'lll the great to my grate!!!
Verb Crunch 12:00:42 PM
xLnT show James! That "restriction" I don't think is really in place any more, a relic leftover from a misguided period at the Z several years ago. It's never made sense because plays accumulate over time.
Matthew McDonald 12:03:05 PM
Howdy. Missed it.
James (host) 12:06:57 PM
Always the archive