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The Industrial Factory

Jan 29, 2023 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM


With DJ Brian L.

The Industrial Factory's roots come from the sounds that nearly dominated ZBC in the mid to late 90s, back when industrial music had a firm grasp on what was then ZBC Rock. Now, over a decade later, the show has come full circle, showing that there's still life in a genre and an underground that many may have forgotten. Focusing on fresh, young acts that have taken their cues from dark disco, EBM, and the bands from the seminal Wax Trax! Label as well as shining a light on the classic artists that paved the way for them, The Industrial Factory remains to be the soundtrack for a dimly lit dancefloor.

The Industrial Factory
8:02 PM
The Hanged Man - Mind Games
The Hanged Man Mind Games
Unholy Body Tempo SHISHI 2022 CD
8:05 PM
Lapse of Reason - Emergency
Lapse of Reason Emergency
Sorrows ORCHARD - Aufnahme + Wiedergabe 2019
8:11 PM
Viktor Kalima - Capital Kill
Viktor Kalima Capital Kill
Burning Bodies Rafale Records https://rafalerecords.bandcamp.com/ 2020 CD
8:14 PM
Mind I Matter - Killing Sanity
Mind I Matter Killing Sanity
Les Brumes De L'abandon Persephonic Sirens 2022
8:21 PM
Deutsch Nepal - Ich steh' im Regen (Room 506 Edit)
Deutsch Nepal Ich steh' im Regen (Room 506 Edit)
Wiedergaben, Vol. 2 - EP Aufnahme + Wiedergabe 2018 CD Techno
8:24 PM
Veldt - Tonal Shift
Veldt Tonal Shift
Tonal Shift subpgm 2022 Dance
8:34 PM
Test Dept - Information Scare
Test Dept Information Scare
Disturbance One Little Independent 2018 CD Rock
8:36 PM
Comfort Cure - Love In The Worst Way
Comfort Cure Love In The Worst Way
Love In The Worst Way Comfort Cure 2023 CD
8:42 PM
Reality's Despair - Dark Winter
Reality's Despair Dark Winter
Dark Winter Reality's Despair 2023 CD
8:46 PM
Klinik - Go Back
Klinik Go Back
The Klinik Antler Subway 1988
8:46 PM
kAlte fArben - Opium
kAlte fArben Opium
Trust In Opium Pendragon 1997 CD Industrial
8:51 PM
Scalameriya - Nullification Alloy (Original Mix)
Scalameriya Nullification Alloy (Original Mix)
Nullification EP Void+1 Recordings 2023
8:55 PM
Swarm Intelligence - Shrapnel
Swarm Intelligence Shrapnel
WICKED LIFE I Kindcrime Recordings 2022 Dance
9:00 PM
Truly Significant - The Cage VIP
Truly Significant The Cage VIP
9:06 PM
Fractions - Move Your Body (Dance With Me)
Fractions Move Your Body (Dance With Me)
Scars of Love - EP Fleisch Records 2019 CD Dance
9:10 PM
Implant - Drugs vs. Violence
Implant Drugs vs. Violence
Alfa Matrix - Re:Connected, Vol. 1 ORCHARD - Alfa Matrix 2004
9:14 PM
RENDERED - NOTDEADYET (David Carretta Remix)
RENDERED NOTDEADYET (David Carretta Remix)
9:21 PM
Something Someone - Shock Me (Caustic Ultimix)
Something Someone Shock Me (Caustic Ultimix)
Shock Me Something Someone https://somethingsomeoneus.bandcamp.com 2022 CD
9:26 PM
RADIKAL KUSS - Human Fight
Der Anfang Der Schlacht - EP Unknown Pleasures Records https://hivmusic1.bandcamp.com/ 2018 CD Industrial
9:30 PM
3.14 - Prosarmogy
3.14 Prosarmogy
Sticks over Carrots BELIEVE - Tripalium Corp 2022
9:38 PM
Fret - See Them Anymore
Fret See Them Anymore
9:41 PM
Statiqbloom - The Unwinding
Statiqbloom The Unwinding
Threat Sonic Groove 2022 CD Dance
9:43 PM
Termination_800 - Spec Ops
Termination_800 Spec Ops
Opfor Target MERLIN - Crave Tapes 2022
9:51 PM
MORIS BLAK & S Y Z Y G Y X - Procession
MORIS BLAK & S Y Z Y G Y X Procession
Procession - Single MORIS BLAK 2023 CD
9:55 PM
Neu-Romancer - Neue Romantika (Zanias Remix)
Neu-Romancer Neue Romantika (Zanias Remix)
Neue Romantika Fleisch Records 2023
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