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colorful nostalgia

Jan 30, 2023 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

ZBC Rock

With Emma

colorful nostalgia is all about that yearning for a time that never existed. a love that's slipped by, a euphoric feeling that is better in hindsight, and a life you could've known. at it's most energetic, it's pumped up indie pop that makes you feel alive, and at its most sad girl, it's crying on the bathroom floor. it's filled with all the big emotions that make it all worth it.

colorful nostalgia
10:03 AM
Amber Ais - Ordinary
Amber Ais Ordinary
Ordinary Amber Ais 2022 Pop
10:06 AM
carly and martina - shut up!
carly and martina shut up!
shut up! WMG - Lab Records 2021 Pop
10:13 AM
Annika Bennett - Sober Up
Annika Bennett Sober Up
Sober Up WMG - Annika Bennett 2021
10:16 AM
ella jane - I Wanna
ella jane I Wanna
I Wanna UMG - FADER LABEL 2022 Pop
10:19 AM
Miki Ratsula - Missing June
Miki Ratsula Missing June
Missing June WMG - Nettwerk Records 2020
10:22 AM
Lily Kincade - Real
Lily Kincade Real
Real MERLIN - Lily Kincade 2021 Pop
10:25 AM
Miel - I'll Be Holding
Miel I'll Be Holding
Tourist Season 1810304 Records DK2 2020 Pop
10:30 AM
Maris - Heavenly Bodies
Maris Heavenly Bodies
Heavenly Bodies ORCHARD - Maris 2022 Pop
10:33 AM
Love You Later - Keepintouch
Love You Later Keepintouch
Keepintouch Love You Later 2022 Pop
10:36 AM
Sawyer - Unhealthy
Sawyer Unhealthy
Unhealthy Sawyer 2021 Pop
10:39 AM
Leidi - Captivated
Leidi Captivated
Captivated summersingsalot Records DK 2019 Pop
10:42 AM
Sans Soucis - Merchants
Sans Soucis Merchants
Merchants Decca under exclusive license to Artist First 2023 Pop
10:46 AM
Madeline - Y.T.D. (Year to Date)
Madeline Y.T.D. (Year to Date)
Y.T.D. (Year to Date) Madeline 2022 Pop
10:49 AM
morgan reese - not cool anymore,
morgan reese not cool anymore,
not cool anymore, Morgan Reese 2021
10:53 AM
Juliana Madrid - Madonna
Juliana Madrid Madonna
Madonna Neon Gold Records 2022
10:57 AM
Nasty Cherry - What’s The Deal
Nasty Cherry What’s The Deal
What’s The Deal WMG - Atlantic Records UK 2021
10:58 AM
Babygirl - You Were in My Dream Last Night
Babygirl You Were in My Dream Last Night
Losers Weepers ORCHARD - Babygirl 2021 Pop
10:59 AM
Jacqueline Taïeb - 7 AM
Jacqueline Taïeb 7 AM
The French Mademoiselle MERLIN - Anthology's 2005 Pop