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Low End Theory

Jan 31, 2023 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM

ZBC Rock

With DJ Ouroboros

Welcome to Low End Theory. If I were to describe the aesthetics of Low End Theory as a musical territory or space, its borders would be provided by doom/stoner/psych metal on one side, contemporary prog and prog metal on another, experimental/electronic/folk on a third, and enclosed finally by the long arc of classic and contemporary post-punk that bends towards dub. The mission of this radio show is to conjure a farrago of heavy sonic fictions of sound, words, and music appropriate and fitting to the heaviness of the times. But fear not, this Low End Theory is not dour or depressing; on the contrary, we seek out the joyful and ecstatic in the acoustic depths of the low end’s vibrating, pulsing heart. And who among us does not need some joy anchored in the deep sonority of the low end, especially now?

Low End Theory
8:01 AM
The Universe By Ear - Lie Alone
The Universe By Ear Lie Alone
III BELIEVE - On Stage Records 2022
8:06 AM
Shearwater - Wind Is Love
Shearwater Wind Is Love
The Great Awakening MERLIN - Polyborus 2022
8:11 AM
Working Men's Club - 19
Working Men's Club 19
Fear Fear Heavenly Recordings 2022
8:20 AM
Astronoid - Eyes
Astronoid Eyes
Radiant Bloom SME - Century Media 2022 Heavy Metal
8:25 AM
Use Knife - Ptolemaic
Use Knife Ptolemaic
Ptolemaic VIERNULVIER Records 2022
8:32 AM
Just Mustard - Still
Just Mustard Still
Still WMG - PTKF 2022
8:38 AM
The Black Angels - History of the Future
The Black Angels History of the Future
History of the Future WMG - PTKF 2022
8:42 AM
Gwenno - Keltek
Gwenno Keltek
Tresor Heavenly Recordings 2022
8:45 AM
The Soundcarriers - All These Things
The Soundcarriers All These Things
Wilds Phosphonic 2022 Rock
8:53 AM
Agoraphobic Hippies - Alprazolam
Agoraphobic Hippies Alprazolam
Alprazolam Agoraphobic Hippies 2019 Prog-Rock/Art Rock
8:55 AM
Darkher - Where the Devil Waits
Darkher Where the Devil Waits
Where the Devil Waits Prophecy Productions 2022 Metal
8:58 AM
Deaf Radio - Supersonic
Deaf Radio Supersonic
Quicksand - Single Deaf Radio 2022 Rock
8:59 AM
Wilderun - Distraction II
Wilderun Distraction II
Epigone SME - Century Media 2022 Heavy Metal
9:19 AM
Elder - The Purpose
Elder The Purpose
Innate Passage BELIEVE - Stickman Records 2022
9:27 AM
The Otolith - Bone Dust
The Otolith Bone Dust
Folium Limina BLUES FUNERAL RECORDINGS 2022 Heavy Metal
9:29 AM
Friends with the Enemy - Lost at Sea
Friends with the Enemy Lost at Sea
Declassified BarsOverBs 2016 Hip Hop/Rap
9:31 AM
Manu Armata - Blinded
Manu Armata Blinded
Surpass the Master Bdhw Rec. 2014 Indie Rock
9:36 AM
Crippled Black Phoenix - Everything is Beautiful but Us
Crippled Black Phoenix Everything is Beautiful but Us
Banefyre ORCHARD - Season of Mist 2022 Rock
9:44 AM
Faetooth - Remains
Faetooth Remains
Remnants of the Vessel Dune Altar 2022 Rock
9:51 AM
As The Moon Rests
9:56 AM
GGGOLDDD - Notes on How to Trust
GGGOLDDD Notes on How to Trust
Notes on How to Trust ORCHARD - Artoffact Records 2021 Rock
9:59 AM
múm - Lalalala Blái Hnötturinn
múm Lalalala Blái Hnötturinn
Early Birds MERLIN - Morr Music 2012
9:59 AM
Jordana - Is It Worth It Now?
Jordana Is It Worth It Now?
I'm Doing Well, Thanks for Asking Tugboat Records 2022 Rock
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DJ Ouroboros (host) 8:00:25 AM
Good morning, ZBC world
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 8:02:59 AM
ricklistens 8:05:26 AM
DJ Ouroboros (host) 8:09:36 AM
DJ Ouroboros (host) 8:10:17 AM
After a brief shining moment on Saturday afternoons, I have been moved back to a two hour slot on Tuesdays
DJ Ouroboros (host) 8:10:32 AM
Morning, Dash and Rick!
ricklistens 8:13:14 AM
yes...good morning....is it cold? heard it was on its way
ricklistens 8:16:30 AM
guess i have to get some coffee going
DJ Ouroboros (host) 8:19:12 AM
It is cold here in Toronto, for sure
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 8:21:35 AM
Bruins vs. Leafs tomorrow night ….
DJ Ouroboros (host) 8:27:12 AM
Yes--but we are missing Auston Mathews :(
Verb Crunch 8:39:53 AM
check check one two
pmcWhenevah 8:41:18 AM
Heard an interview w/ JustMust, and they were convincingly unaware of the Cranes! So is this slot the new DJO till May flowers?
DJ Ouroboros (host) 8:42:40 AM
I sound great, JB!!!
DJ Ouroboros (host) 8:43:01 AM
Thank you!!!
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 8:43:13 AM
Austin is a player .
DJ Ouroboros (host) 8:43:15 AM
Yes, Pmc, I'm here untilt he psrig flowers
DJ Ouroboros (host) 8:43:32 AM
Gotta get ready to leave for work
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 8:43:49 AM
Chop chop ..
Verb Crunch 8:44:49 AM
show sounding great. Can't believe Just Mustard didn't know of the Cranes.. guess they do now
ricklistens 8:51:24 AM
have a nice day!!
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 8:51:44 AM
Have a wonderful day .
ricklistens 9:01:12 AM
spring flowers gonna be well fertilized
ricklistens 9:10:47 AM
working men’s club
Jamie Cohen (1) 9:35:03 AM
good morning
PiGuy 9:35:35 AM
Morning DJO and all other surprised listeners. Happy to 'turn my dial' and hear Low End Theory glad to see someone changed their mind.
ricklistens 9:44:26 AM
happy Saturday afternoon