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Morning Mess

Feb 1, 2023 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

ZBC Rock

With Faith

Join roomies Maggie and Faith as they share a variety of tunes making you feel as though you are frolicking through fields while jamming to indie folk one week and floating through space with a shoegaze soundtrack the next

Morning Mess
10:03 AM
Kristine Leschper - Figure And I
Kristine Leschper Figure And I
Figure And I MERLIN - Anti/Epitaph 2021
10:06 AM
Searows - Keep The Rain
Searows Keep The Rain
Guard Dog Searows 2022 Folk
10:10 AM
Jana Horn - Optimism
Jana Horn Optimism
Optimism MERLIN - No Quarter 2022
10:12 AM
Anna Bates - Boone
Anna Bates Boone
Boone 2463116 Records DK2 2023 Folk
10:15 AM
Jess Williamson - Loretta
Jess Williamson Loretta
Texas Blue MERLIN - Mexican Summer 2022 Rock
10:18 AM
Sunny War - New Day
Sunny War New Day
New Day MERLIN - New West Records, LLC 2023 Folk
10:22 AM
Jaimee Harris - Creatures
Jaimee Harris Creatures
The Congress House Sessions (Acoustic) ORCHARD - M.A.R.S. Worldwide 2021 Folk
10:26 AM
Jason Collett - Crab Walking Home In the Rain
Jason Collett Crab Walking Home In the Rain
Crab Walking Home In the Rain BELIEVE - Arts & Crafts Mexico 2021
10:29 AM
Kassi Valazza - Early Morning Rising
Kassi Valazza Early Morning Rising
Early Morning Rising Fluff and Gravy 2022 Folk
10:34 AM
Anna Mieke - Mountain Song
Anna Mieke Mountain Song
Mountain Song WMG - Nettwerk Records 2019 Folk
10:38 AM
Gabriel Sayer - Youngest Child
Gabriel Sayer Youngest Child
Youngest Child MERLIN - Acrophase Records 2021
10:41 AM
Bonnie Koloc - Roll Me on the Water
Bonnie Koloc Roll Me on the Water
You're Gonna Love Yourself in the Morning ORCHARD - Ovation Records 1974 Folk
10:44 AM
Maggie Antone - Lady May
Maggie Antone Lady May
Lady May Love Big 2022 Country
10:47 AM
Mary McCaslin - Down The Road
Mary McCaslin Down The Road
Way Out West UMG - New Rounder 2015 Folk
10:50 AM
Victoria Bigelow - Low
Victoria Bigelow Low
Low Victoria Bigelow / Tone Tree Music 2018 Folk
10:53 AM
Kate Wolf - September Song
Kate Wolf September Song
Carry It On Owl Records 2014
Chat is archived.
ricklistens 10:07:52 AM
perfect....manic melodies into morning mess....happy hump day
ricklistens 10:10:26 AM
after getting through airport security
Faith (host) 10:11:11 AM
some calm after the storm of the airport
ricklistens 10:11:57 AM
ricklistens 10:50:34 AM
lady may topped off by weeping willow hymns...good mourning....thanks
Faith (host) 10:51:21 AM
glad we kept ur morn messy