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Cosmic Void

Feb 1, 2023 11:00 PM β€“ 12:00 AM


With Audrey

The genre of black metal typically conjures images of murder, church burnings, and production that sounds like it was recorded through a tin can in the middle of the Norwegian Woods. The Cosmic Void attempts to prove the beautiful brutality of black metal through more atmospheric and nuanced examples.

Cosmic Void
11:07 PM
Vordven - Eternal Storm
Vordven Eternal Storm
Towards the Frozen Stream 1999 Rock
11:13 PM
Earth and Pillars - Lakes
Earth and Pillars Lakes
Earth I ORCHARD - Avantgarde Music 2015 Heavy Metal
11:29 PM
Vermilia - Sanoittaja
Vermilia Sanoittaja
Ruska Vermilia 2022
11:35 PM
Grima - The Moon and It's Shadows
Grima The Moon and It's Shadows
Tales of the Enchanted Woods Grima 2017 Rock
11:40 PM
Ovnev - Icy Incalescence
Ovnev Icy Incalescence
Incalescence Naturmacht Productions 2017 Heavy Metal
11:52 PM
Firienholt - Trails of Destiny
Firienholt Trails of Destiny
White Frost and Elder Blood Naturmacht Productions 2023 Pop
Chat is archived.
ricklistens 11:04:31 PM
tonight’s transition was even more pronounced
Audrey (host) 11:05:54 PM
I like to embrace the chaotic change of pace
ricklistens 11:06:33 PM
seems like you were looking forward to it
ricklistens 11:07:26 PM
i enjoyed it
Audrey (host) 11:08:34 PM
Glad to hear it!
ricklistens 11:11:37 PM
cold blast coming
Audrey (host) 11:14:50 PM
It definitely isn't the last wintery black metal song of the hour...
PeterC 11:18:17 PM
good evening...just finished recording my show...so we are going from jazz to metal to jamie? OK...
Audrey (host) 11:20:18 PM
You got it! There isn't really a great place to put a black metal show so it is going to be pretty jarring regardless (which I have fun with)
ricklistens 11:23:00 PM
playing w/ the kids
Brian Tucker 11:45:05 PM
liking this Ovnev track!
Audrey (host) 11:46:23 PM
Thanks for listening! I was quite excited when I found this album on my weekly Bandcamp deep dive
ricklistens 11:46:59 PM
Brian Tucker 11:47:36 PM
Audrey (host) 11:48:29 PM
Jamie Cohen (1) 11:54:36 PM
been listening while uploading files, great show!
Audrey (host) 11:55:00 PM
Thanks for listening Jamie! I'm excited to hear your show
Audrey (host) 11:55:06 PM
Spinitron apparently thinks this Firienholt is pop, which is certainly an interesting interpretation. Breaking news: I'm a pop show now!
Jamie Cohen (1) 11:56:00 PM
@PC, i kinda like following Audrey...
Audrey (host) 11:57:21 PM
And I also enjoy preceding Jamie
ricklistens 11:58:35 PM
thanks for the presentation
Brian Tucker 11:58:35 PM
both great shows with tasty tunes...