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Feb 2, 2023 6:00 AM â€“ 7:00 AM

ZBC Rock

With Eurojames

WZBC's Eurojams is the Western Hemisphere broadcast home of the Eurovision Song Contest, the most exciting, fun, and competitive annual event Europe has to offer! Your host James focuses on a different theme every week and delivers full coverage of the entire Eurovision season, including national final qualifying competitions and related songs and artists! #JoinUs, dare to dream, and just enjoy!

6:00 AM
Ulrikke - Attention
Ulrikke Attention
Eurovision 2020 - A Tribute To The Artist And Songs - Featuring The Songs From All 41 Countries Universal Music A/S 2020 Pop
6:10 AM
Atle Pettersen - Masterpiece
Atle Pettersen Masterpiece
Masterpiece Universal Music AS 2023 Pop
6:19 AM
Akuvi - Triumph
Akuvi Triumph
Triumph Frontrunner Records 2023 Pop
6:21 AM
Tiril - Break It
Tiril Break It
Break It UMG - Virgin Music Label And Artist Services 2023 Pop
6:24 AM
Stig Van Eijk - Someday
Stig Van Eijk Someday
Someday Stig van Eijk 2023 Reggae
6:27 AM
Maria Celin - FREYA
Maria Celin FREYA
FREYA Manifester Music 2023 Pop
6:35 AM
SofĂ­a MartĂ­n - TUKI
SofĂ­a MartĂ­n TUKI
TUKI SME - Epic/Crash Your Sound 2022 Pop
6:38 AM
Twin Melody - Sayonara
Twin Melody Sayonara
Sayonara SME - Sony Music Entertainment 2022 Pop
6:40 AM
MELER - No Nos Moverán
MELER No Nos Moverán
No Nos Moverán SME - Sony Music Entertainment 2022
6:43 AM
Sharonne - AIRE
Sharonne AIRE
AIRE 2139114 Records DK2 2022 Dance
6:46 AM
Aritz - Flamenco
Aritz Flamenco
Flamenco - Single BOP music 2022 Pop
6:56 AM
Rakky Ripper - Whatever
Rakky Ripper Whatever
Whatever WMG - Rakky Ripper 2021 Pop