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Rat Fever

Feb 2, 2023 8:00 AM â€“ 9:00 AM

ZBC Rock

With Nick

Rat Fever
8:03 AM
Television - See No Evil
Television See No Evil
Marquee Moon Rhino/Elektra 1977
8:06 AM
Patti Smith - Gloria
Patti Smith Gloria
Horses Arista/Legacy 1975
8:13 AM
THUS LOVE - Put On Dog
Put On Dog - Single 2023 Indie Rock
8:18 AM
Daphne Blue Underworld - Waiting Around
Daphne Blue Underworld Waiting Around
Waiting Around - Single 2023 Pop
8:19 AM
High Vis - Trauma Bonds
High Vis Trauma Bonds High Vis
Blending Dais Records 2022 Rock
8:23 AM
Who Is She? - Seattle Freeze
Who Is She? Seattle Freeze
Seattle Gossip Father/Daughter Records 2017
8:26 AM
King Tuff - Rock River
King Tuff Rock River
Smalltown Stardust Sub Pop Records 2023
8:29 AM
Geese - Cowboy Nudes
Geese Cowboy Nudes
Cowboy Nudes - Single 2023
8:35 AM
The Dogmatics - King Size Cigarette
The Dogmatics King Size Cigarette
Est 81 Rum Bar Records 2020 Rock
8:42 AM
The Drin - Stonewallin'
The Drin Stonewallin'
Today My Friend You Drunk the Venom Feel It Records 2023 Punk
8:43 AM
The Fall - Futures And Pasts (Live, BBC Radio 1, "John Peel Show")
The Fall Futures And Pasts (Live, BBC Radio 1, "John Peel Show")
1970s Cherry Red Records 2022 Rock
8:46 AM
Purling Hiss - Yer All in My Dreams
Purling Hiss Yer All in My Dreams
Drag on Girard Drag City 2023 Punk
8:51 AM
Cable Ties - Perfect Client
Cable Ties Perfect Client
Perfect Client - Single 2023 Rock
8:51 AM
Alex Lahey - Good Time
Alex Lahey Good Time
The Answer Is Always Yes
8:58 AM
shame - Fingers of Steel
shame Fingers of Steel shame
Food for Worms Dead Oceans 2022
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Nick (host) 8:03:49 AM
Good morning, rat fever back on Thursday it seems
Elnor Vashti 8:06:06 AM
Morning Nick, best part of getting to work from home today (besides seeing my family) is listening to RF!!
Nick (host) 8:08:11 AM
Wow high praise! I don't know if I could even list all the best parts of working from home, way too many to count
Nick (host) 8:09:06 AM
The fact I can throw in a load of laundry and not miss a beat in a meeting is a game changer
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 8:10:49 AM
Morning Nick .
Elnor Vashti 8:11:00 AM
hah! laundry......well, getting the laundry done during the day instead of at 3:30 AM or 5:30 PM is a plus ... but doesn't hold a candle to being able to listen to the Z. :-)
I Heart Noise 8:12:20 AM
Had a chance to listen to Warm & Cool - Verlaine's instrumental solo album. Not a fan favorite, but an interesting album nonetheless.
I Heart Noise 8:12:24 AM
Nick (host) 8:13:09 AM
Morning dash and noise! I'll give warm and cool a shot this weekend..not sure I've ever had a listen
I Heart Noise 8:42:27 AM
And I hear Mark E Smith, loud and clear...
Nick (host) 8:43:40 AM
yeah peel sessions certainly had that kind of mix
Elnor Vashti 8:48:01 AM
This one hour stuff doesn't cut it-goes by way too fast. hopefully the Board sees fit to give RF and ITM 2 hours on the Z again.
I Heart Noise 8:48:27 AM
Purling Hiss...sounding very much like Dino Jr...
Nick (host) 8:50:37 AM
I definitely enjoyed the two hours over the winter break. Happy to fill whatever space they need, I know there was a huge student interest in recently months--which I think is important for the administration to see.
Elnor Vashti 8:54:44 AM
the community DJs on the Z are the continuity and are the ones who keep that community connection alive. The Z compares favorably to any other OTA or streaming station, including BBC-6. the Z is always my first choice.
Nick (host) 8:56:56 AM
I agree. Consistency matters, especially people like us with schedules, commutes, etc.
Nick (host) 8:58:19 AM
Have a good weekend everyone! See you next time hopefully in this spot
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 9:03:11 AM
Thanks Nick