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Penelope's Loom

Feb 2, 2023 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM


With Martí

Penelope's Loom unravels the tightly knotted threads of modern (and classic) Mediterranean musical influence. Join me weekly for carefully woven upbeat tunes from the Levant to the Strait of Gibraltar!

Penelope's Loom
6:00 PM
Fadma - Single Anya Art (Co-Production with Tasuta N-IMAL) 2021 World
6:04 PM
Tinariwen - Cler Achel
Tinariwen Cler Achel
Aman Iman: Water Is Life UMG - Craft Recordings 2019 World
6:08 PM
Camaron De La Isla - La Leyenda Del Tiempo
Camaron De La Isla La Leyenda Del Tiempo
Flamenco es... Camaron Universal Music 2010
6:11 PM
1da Banton - No Wahala
1da Banton No Wahala
No Wahala (Remix) Squareball Ent. Limited 2022 Pop
6:14 PM
Buscabulla - Tártaro
Buscabulla Tártaro
EP II MERLIN - Ribbon Music 2017
6:20 PM
Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown - Please Send Me Someone To Love
Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown Please Send Me Someone To Love
Real Life (Live At Caravan Of Dreams, Fort Worth, Texas / 1985) Rounder 1986 Blues
6:25 PM
Bill Staines - Going Back Where Wheatfields Wave
Bill Staines Going Back Where Wheatfields Wave
6:27 PM
Mariem Hassan - Azzagafa
Mariem Hassan Azzagafa
Shouka Nubenegra 2009
6:31 PM
Tinariwen - Amalouna
Tinariwen Amalouna
Amadjar MERLIN - Anti/Epitaph 2019 World
6:35 PM
Mariem Hassan - Ana Saharauia
Mariem Hassan Ana Saharauia
El Aaiún Egdat Nube Negra 2012
6:41 PM
Andrea Bocelli - Sogno
Andrea Bocelli Sogno
The Best of Andrea Bocelli - 'Vivere' UMG - Universal Music Group International 2007 Pop
6:45 PM
Weyes Blood - God Turn Me Into a Flower
Weyes Blood God Turn Me Into a Flower
God Turn Me Into a Flower WMG - Subpop Record Group 2022
6:51 PM
Alina Baraz - To Me
Alina Baraz To Me
To Me Mom+Pop 2019 R&B/Soul
6:56 PM
Sade - Like a Tattoo
Sade Like a Tattoo
The Best Of Sade Epic 1997 Indie Rock
6:59 PM
Sylvaine - Nowhere, Still Somewhere
Sylvaine Nowhere, Still Somewhere
Nova ORCHARD - Season of Mist 2022 Heavy Metal
Chat is archived.
ricklistens 6:05:29 PM
looming surprises
Martí (host) 6:08:18 PM
for sure
ricklistens 6:17:11 PM
no surprise...it’s expected
Martí (host) 6:18:01 PM
what does that mean Rick
ricklistens 6:20:08 PM
the quality is expected....although this a pleasant surprise
Martí (host) 6:20:54 PM
thanks! :)
Martí (host) 6:21:13 PM
I'm feeling blues today
ricklistens 6:23:15 PM
didn’t know ft. worth texas was part of the levant
Martí (host) 6:23:25 PM
it is now
ricklistens 6:25:06 PM
i’ve been feeling bluesy recently as well
Martí (host) 6:25:59 PM
it's that time of year
Martí (host) 6:27:32 PM
what's on your mind?
ricklistens 6:32:34 PM
wwlll ....rise of global fascism...persecution of mariem Hassan.
Martí (host) 6:33:02 PM
all very valid concerns
ricklistens 6:33:22 PM
that’s all
Martí (host) 6:34:10 PM
seems like a lot to deal with at once
ricklistens 6:34:52 PM
waiting for spring
Martí (host) 6:35:24 PM
me too, winter isn't really my favorite. it's too dark and sad
ricklistens 6:37:32 PM
i like winter....makes you go within....recently moved from my residence of 25 yrs....it’s an adjustment
Martí (host) 6:38:32 PM
i'm sorry to hear :/ moving is always hard, especially from a place that really feels like home
ricklistens 6:43:41 PM
my garden...the ocean...my mother used to love andrea bocelli...this is a surprise
Martí (host) 6:44:25 PM
my parents listened to andrea bocelli too
ricklistens 6:47:11 PM
flowers to come t
ricklistens 6:48:40 PM
weyes blood coming as well to town
Martí (host) 6:48:52 PM
she is? no way
Martí (host) 6:49:04 PM
i need to go
ricklistens 6:49:24 PM
yep...spring time
Martí (host) 6:49:38 PM
right on time
Martí (host) 6:51:58 PM
this is one of my favorite songs ever
ricklistens 6:53:04 PM
mom and pop
Martí (host) 6:55:15 PM
she's independent now
ricklistens 6:55:58 PM
yeah i took care of mom and pop in that house ....i’m sure she is
Martí (host) 6:56:41 PM
ricklistens 6:57:13 PM
ricklistens 6:58:59 PM
thanks....not a surprise but a lovely change of pace