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Kick Out the James!

Mar 10, 2023 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With James

In these confused times isn't it nice to find some relief? Every week, James will try to bring some sense into this crazy world via the radio waves. Look back. Look forward. Seek the truth. Never dull. Always irreverent. Fight the good fight by just sitting back and listening.

Kick Out the James!
9:04 AM
The Belle Jars - Only You
The Belle Jars Only You
Star Treatment 2009
9:06 AM
Mitraille - Short Ribs
Mitraille Short Ribs
Schroothoofd - EP Ronny Rex 2020 Rock
9:08 AM
HEARTBEEPS - Nightmare
Cum Together Slovenly Recordings 2023 Punk
9:10 AM
Guardian Singles - Chad and Stacey
Guardian Singles Chad and Stacey
Feed Me To the Doves Trouble In Mind 2023 Rock
9:11 AM
Some Remain - Montoya
Some Remain Montoya
Never Enough - Single BIG 4 RECORDS 2022 Punk
9:14 AM
Get the Fuck Outta Dodge - Taste It (INXS Cover)
Get the Fuck Outta Dodge Taste It (INXS Cover)
Other People's Songs We Just Made Worse Self-Release 2023
9:17 AM
Dregs - Antidote
Dregs Antidote
Enemy Not Me Digital Hotdogs 2023
9:20 AM
Limetime - Breakup Haircut
Limetime Breakup Haircut
threEP Self-Release 2023
9:22 AM
Akaline - Euphoria
Akaline Euphoria
Gradual Torment Posers Unite 2023
9:23 AM
Jambuka - Modern Kultur
Jambuka Modern Kultur
Kowtown Self-Release 2023 Rock
9:25 AM
Valley Delinquent - Dairy
Valley Delinquent Dairy
Dairy - Single Self-Release 2023 Punk
9:28 AM
Gee Tee - Bad Egg
Gee Tee Bad Egg
Goodnight Neanderthal Goner Records 2023 Rock
9:42 AM
Kaszel - Kaszel
Kaszel Kaszel
Kaszel Syf Records 2023 Other
9:45 AM
Outcasts - Mental Breakdown
Outcasts Mental Breakdown
Happy Times Self-Release 2023
9:47 AM
PurpleVision - Raped by God
PurpleVision Raped by God
PurpleVision Self-Release 2022
9:49 AM
Hysteric Polemix - Hierarchy of Needs
Hysteric Polemix Hierarchy of Needs
Hysteric Polemix (Demo) RoachLeg Records 2021
9:50 AM
They Mentioned Cigarettes - The Children of Utopia
They Mentioned Cigarettes The Children of Utopia
Oogles and Anarchists [EP] Self-Release 2022
9:52 AM
Stone as Karloff's Sidekick - The Tyranny of Commas
Stone as Karloff's Sidekick The Tyranny of Commas
Demos: 2 EPs Self-Release 2023
9:54 AM
Desmond Dandies - In the Night
Desmond Dandies In the Night
Desmond Dandies - EP DD Recordings 2022 Rock
9:56 AM
Pepper Kings - Zero Commercial Potential
Pepper Kings Zero Commercial Potential
Having Fun Anyway Squid Tones 2022
9:57 AM
Embalming Druid - Loser In Suit
Embalming Druid Loser In Suit
Undreamed Limbs Self-Release 2023
10:00 AM
The Jansen - Televisi Masih Menyala
The Jansen Televisi Masih Menyala
Banal Semakin Binal Demajors 2022
10:02 AM
Itches - Sticky Fingers
Itches Sticky Fingers
Kingdom Upstairs Itches 2022 Rock
10:03 AM
Medieval Knieval - Garmonbozia
Medieval Knieval Garmonbozia
Pink Eye LLAP Records 2022 Other Rock
10:07 AM
Spitting Image - Spirit Trouble Flash
Spitting Image Spirit Trouble Flash
Full Sun Slovenly Recordings 2023 Rock
10:10 AM
Naujawanan Baidar - Isyan Dorost Ast
Naujawanan Baidar Isyan Dorost Ast
Khedmat Be Khalq Radio Khiyaban 2022
10:14 AM
Bad Pelicans - Dance Music
Bad Pelicans Dance Music
Eternal Life Now Géographie Records 2023 Indie Rock
10:33 AM
Das Damen - Song For Michael Jackson to $ell
Das Damen Song For Michael Jackson to $ell
Marshmellow Conspiracy SST 1988 12 Inch Rock
10:37 AM
Dinosaur Jr. - Freak Scene
Dinosaur Jr. Freak Scene L
Freak Scene [Single] SST USA 1988 MiniCD
10:40 AM
Hüsker Dü - Makes No Sense At All
Hüsker Dü Makes No Sense At All
Makes No Sense At All (b/w Love Is All Around) SST Records 1990 Rock
10:43 AM
Steve Stain - Took a Left
Steve Stain Took a Left
The Brain Feels No Pain SST Records USA 1986 MP3 College Rock
10:49 AM
Negativeland - Christianity Is Stupid
Negativeland Christianity Is Stupid
Escape from Noise SST 1987
10:53 AM
Minutemen - History Lesson Part 2
Minutemen History Lesson Part 2
Double Nickels On the Dime SST Records 1984 Rock
10:55 AM
fIREHOSE - Chemical Wire
fIREHOSE Chemical Wire
Ragin', Full-On SST Records USA 1986 LP Rock
10:57 AM
Black Flag - Rise Above
Black Flag Rise Above
Damaged SST Records 1981 Indie Rock
10:59 AM
Sonic Youth - Bubblegum
Sonic Youth Bubblegum
Evol SST 1986 Classical
11:03 AM
Screaming Trees - Subtle Poison
Screaming Trees Subtle Poison
Buzz Factory SST Records 1989 Rock
11:06 AM
Trotsky Ice Pick - Astronomy
Trotsky Ice Pick Astronomy
El Kabong SST 1989
11:11 AM
Buffalo Tom - Sunflower Suit
Buffalo Tom Sunflower Suit
Buffalo Tom SST USA 1989 LP Rock
11:14 AM
Descendents - Bikeage
Descendents Bikeage
Milo Goes to College SST Records USA 1982 Rock
11:16 AM
Meat Puppets - Blue-Green God
Meat Puppets Blue-Green God
Meat Puppets SST 1982 Rock
11:18 AM
Volcano Suns - Bumper Crop
Volcano Suns Bumper Crop
Bumper Crop Homestead Records 1987
11:22 AM
No Man - Diamondback
No Man Diamondback L
Whamon Express SST 1990 12 Inch Rock
11:26 AM
Sylvia Joncosa - Lick My Pussy, Eddie Van Halen
Sylvia Joncosa Lick My Pussy, Eddie Van Halen
Nature SST 1988
11:28 AM
Pell Mell - F T B
Pell Mell F T B
The Bumper Crop SST Records 1987 MP3
11:33 AM
Opal - Happy Nightmare Baby
Opal Happy Nightmare Baby
Happy Nightmare Baby SST records USA 1987 LP Rock
11:36 AM
Grant Hart - 2541
Grant Hart 2541
Intolerance SST USA 1989 Other
11:47 AM
The Fall - Mask Search
The Fall Mask Search
Ersatz GB WMG - Cherry Red Records 2011 Indie Rock
11:53 AM
The Fall - Putta Block (Rough Trade Single Version)
The Fall Putta Block (Rough Trade Single Version)
Totally Wired (single b/w Putta Block) Rough Trade 1980
11:58 AM
Blockhead - The Music Scene
Blockhead The Music Scene
The Music Scene MERLIN - Ninja Tune 2009
Chat is archived.
DJ Simon 9:05:07 AM
Mornin' folks. Chat is open!
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 9:05:50 AM
Hello James and Simon . See the MBTA is back to their shenanigans .
DJ Simon 9:06:43 AM
What now?
Luke! 9:07:49 AM
Heyooo good morning rockers!
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 9:09:05 AM
Speeds on all tracks now 10 to 25mph max …
bruckner4 9:09:06 AM
djs! -- are you the substitute teacher?
DJ Simon 9:12:39 AM
I am indeed. I expect everyone to be on their best behavior.
Saginaw 9:12:55 AM
Good morning
PiGuy 9:13:34 AM
Morning all. FYI, my son the teacher rides the red to blue to get to East Boston. Seems lately I see EZ Pass trips in the Ted Tunnel. Can't imagine why.
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 9:14:03 AM
Roger that , best behavior . Saginaw , good day sir .
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 9:15:44 AM
As for the T , they are understaffed . They are short 1,100 bus drivers . Nobody wants to work there .
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 9:16:33 AM
BPS , allegedly down 700 teachers …
PiGuy 9:16:45 AM
Dash, it seems that no one wants to work at all.
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 9:19:51 AM
As an electrician by trade I would work for the T but I believe you have to drive a bus just to get your foot in the door . No thanks . Pay isn’t that good , split shifts , verbal abuse on the riff raff bus routes ? I’ll pass .
DJ Simon 9:19:52 AM
Seems that way. I know I don't, but I've got no choice.
raoulvanhorn 9:20:08 AM
Morning all!
-bot 9:21:55 AM
outside, the trains don't run on time
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 9:22:42 AM
It’s definitely a staffing issue . FRA is the OSHA of the rail system . Trades are capped on how many hours are worked every 24 hours .
Verb Crunch 9:23:02 AM
getting around on bicycle has always been faster than taking the T. Including bicycling from Wakefield to Morrissey Boulevard was 20 minutes faster than Orange Line to Red Line.
Dj w/out a cool. 9:23:15 AM
Mornin roCKers
Verb Crunch 9:23:27 AM
Living near BC - 10 minute bicycle ride = 50 minutes on the Green Line
KOTJ 9:23:28 AM
Hi folks. I’m on a 12 foot ladder sanding spackle. Rock on hood folks. Miss and lerv ya all
Heather Grunwald 9:23:51 AM
Hello and good morning!
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 9:24:12 AM
Get a Baker Staging James . Christ …
Verb Crunch 9:24:31 AM
some rockin' tunage today KOTJ!
KOTJ 9:24:49 AM
Hg, I was awoken by my ear buds in middle of night saying face time with heather grunwald - 2:30 an. Hope it didn’t go thru!
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 9:25:43 AM
Hello all .
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 9:29:20 AM
Also not surprised that 2 departments , that have colossal issues ( MBTA , BPS ) . Their superintendents have resigned recently . BPS has had multiple resignations . Just under 200K , great benefits etc and people don’t want either gig . They are a mess .
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 9:31:57 AM
Keep sanding James , wear the proper respirator too . 😷 . Those Covid masks are not for that type of task . Chop chop 👏 .
Heather Grunwald 9:33:38 AM
Mmm... pizza 🍕 🍕 🍕
Heather Grunwald 9:34:33 AM
Ha! That's funny. I have an android phone, so no face time!
Verb Crunch 9:42:01 AM
oh wow thx for the mention!
Verb Crunch 9:43:40 AM
show's up on mixcloud but haven't embedded the tracklist yet so that it tells you what song's playing as you listen.. I'll get that done later today. https://www.mixcloud.com/cape-cod/soundsyrup-march-9-2023/
Verb Crunch 9:59:57 AM
the irony of Pepper Kings "Zero Commercial Potential" with catchy hooks giving it commercial potential..
DJ Simon 10:01:10 AM
Ha – true, Verb.
DJ Simon 10:02:02 AM
Televisi Masih Menyala = Television Still On
DJ Simon 10:02:48 AM
Next song has best band name of the day (so far).
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 10:07:05 AM
Loved Evel Knievel . Was the talk of the town ( 5th grade ) when I jumped the dumpster at Lil’ Peach on my Huffy .
bruckner4 10:08:14 AM
snake river next for you, dash!
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 10:11:00 AM
Neponset River , Muddy River , Chelsea Creek , Jamaica Pond , Houghton’s Pond . You name it Bruckner , I’ll do it . No worries I have good health insurance and my Nana’s Lark Scooter 🛵 .
DJ Simon 10:12:30 AM
Strap some Estes model rocket boosters on to that scooter and you're good to go.
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 10:15:52 AM
Roger that Simon . Estée Lauder Rocket Boosters on me Jean Naté Yellow Scooter 🛵. Looking good , smelling good .
Pete 10:29:48 AM
good morning James and all
Barry Hart 10:37:21 AM
Good morning,James and fellow Kickers,hope you’re all doing well.Thank you,James,for sharing Naujawanan Baidar and the Jansen-fascinating to hear music from Afghanistan and Indonesia.Thank you as well,DJ Simon,for translating the Jansen song title.Speaking about the poor service on the T,one morning l was riding the 77 bus and l saw one of the pharmacists from my store going by on her inline skates.She wound up outracing the bus and getting to work much sooner than I did.
bruckner4 10:38:11 AM
always a freak scene when the substitute shows up!
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 10:41:02 AM
KOTJ 10:41:02 AM
Country music here. 🤮
Roger Jermyn 10:41:23 AM
The best Dinosaur tune
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 10:41:26 AM
Should have had a mask for this gig .
Roger Jermyn 10:42:48 AM
Hüsker Dü too? Its like you are inside my setlist man
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 10:43:17 AM
Hip will be happy .
I Heart Noise 10:43:36 AM
Finishing re-reading Bob Mould's bio
Roger Jermyn 10:43:58 AM
How is that, been meaning to pick it up
I Heart Noise 10:43:59 AM
So this was very fitting
I Heart Noise 10:44:19 AM
Its great! He's very open about his experiences in music biz
I Heart Noise 10:44:33 AM
Although I usually hear that Bob is an asshole/old grumpy man
Roger Jermyn 10:44:52 AM
Yeah Bob has seen some shite
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 10:45:26 AM
Dressing room shjte ?
I Heart Noise 10:48:07 AM
All kinds of shite, really. He mentions how a gay man in his hometown got killed.
I Heart Noise 10:48:17 AM
Somewhere in that book
I Heart Noise 10:48:51 AM
He's from Malone, NYC - apparently not a very progressive place
I Heart Noise 10:50:05 AM
And yes for Negativland...
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 10:51:03 AM
Thought there was some vandalism within the band . Dressing room trashing.
I Heart Noise 10:53:21 AM
Oh - there was! The story about the blue paint.
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 10:53:40 AM
McGeoch book is my next read .
Roger Jermyn 10:54:15 AM
great set James
delores 10:55:05 AM
fantastic show
I Heart Noise 10:55:21 AM
Yeah, sweet tunes - always good to hear Minutemen, Du and Negativland. Not familiar with Steve Stain, though.
I Heart Noise 10:55:54 AM
SST signed a lot of avant artists towards the end of the 80s and not everyone was happy about it...
I Heart Noise 10:57:32 AM
Rise above! We gonna rise above!
I Heart Noise 10:57:38 AM
Yes we will
Roger Jermyn 10:58:06 AM
Damn this is a set for the ages! Its already turned all the way up! I can't turn it up any louder!
Moles Knows 10:58:43 AM
Reliving my youth…. Thank you.
Roger Jermyn 11:01:06 AM
yeah its a direct feed to my tape and record collection from '86 and up
I Heart Noise 11:02:08 AM
Awesome! So much goodness
Roger Jermyn 11:03:33 AM
Gen X Freedom Rock! Turn it up man!
I Heart Noise 11:04:06 AM
RIP Van Conner, RIP Mark
I Heart Noise 11:04:36 AM
ST in their Stooges phase...
Roger Jermyn 11:04:37 AM
Screaming Trees too. Damn and yes RIP to them both
Roger Jermyn 11:05:04 AM
my band used to cover Bed of Roses back in the day
I Heart Noise 11:08:26 AM
Trotsky Icepick reminds me of this defunct website that was called Satan Stole My Teddybear
Moles Knows 11:09:22 AM
I can’t believe these guys are still around…
I Heart Noise 11:09:45 AM
Oh - they put out a new EP in 2020
I Heart Noise 11:09:49 AM
Had no idea
I Heart Noise 11:10:45 AM
Buffalo Tom sounding quite like Dino Jr
Roger Jermyn 11:10:53 AM
Sunflower Suit? Hell yeah
Roger Jermyn 11:11:05 AM
He produced this album so...
I Heart Noise 11:11:28 AM
Makes sense!
Roger Jermyn 11:11:51 AM
a Malingerers set staple. James may have seen us cover this with George
Moles Knows 11:12:49 AM
El Kabong was the only Z influenced album I ever purchased that I said yuk to.
Roger Jermyn 11:12:52 AM
I got a fever and the only cure is more wah wah
Roger Jermyn 11:21:26 AM
Volcano Suns for the win
DJ Simon 11:24:18 AM
Yeah, VC were sounding pretty good.
Uncle Ash 11:26:08 AM
I Heart Noise 11:26:32 AM
Well, that's a nice song title...
Uncle Ash 11:26:39 AM
*on this day ... March 10, 1990 (Saturday) The Jesus and Mary Chain The Rollercoaster EP (August 1990) *dull/smokey (... short set?!) Opener: Nine Inch Nails 👈👀👍 @ Citi Club, Boston, MA https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/the-jesus-and-mary-chain/1990/citi-club-boston-ma-2bc2b4be.html
I Heart Noise 11:26:50 AM
There was a punk band with a song called "Sit on my face, Stevie Nicks"
I Heart Noise 11:26:58 AM
So this almost sounds like a response
DJ Simon 11:27:20 AM
The Rotters
I Heart Noise 11:27:33 AM
Bradgic 11:29:26 AM
Regarding Buffalo Tom: Bill Janovitz has a book coming out. Jon Garelick has an interview with him in The Globe.
Uncle Ash 11:33:13 AM
#onthisday Cocteau Twins "Four-Calendar Café" Tour (released on 18 October 1993) @ Orpheum Theatre Thursday - 3/10/94 w/ Galaxie 500 (I ... think?) Setlist: Pur / Pitch The Baby / Heaven Or Las Vegas / For Phoebe Still A Baby / Cico Buff / Lorelei / Evangeline / Whales Tails / Carolyn's Fingers / Bluebeard / Summerhead / Iceblink Luck / Blue Bell Knoll / Road, River And Rail / Aikea-Guinea / Ella Megalast Burls Forever / Pink Orange Red
I Heart Noise 11:33:35 AM
I Heart Noise 11:34:27 AM
Is this Hope Sandoval singing?
I Heart Noise 11:35:22 AM
I'm guessing not - RYM mentions both Sandoval and Kendra Smith being vocalists for Opal
Bradgic 11:38:23 AM
This song would make a good mash up with Sooner or Later.
I Heart Noise 11:41:57 AM
Mould mentioned this song in his bio and said its probably where Husker Du breakup originated
I Heart Noise 11:42:34 AM
Hart wanted it for Du album, but Bob shot down the idea arguing it sounds too much like a certain other song
Pete 11:50:53 AM
Had to limit myself to background music mode today due to work. Just reading the chat messages now.
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 11:54:44 AM
Thanks James , Toil tomorrow evening !
I Heart Noise 11:56:20 AM
Rock on
Pete 11:57:10 AM
Good job s always James. Time for all the news that is too good to see print...
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 11:57:33 AM
Simon 👍🏻
Fred White 11:59:06 AM
Thank you James. Time Depress me now!
Pete 11:59:26 AM
Roger Jermyn 12:01:19 PM
Thanks for another great show of James . Until next week.