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Kick Out the James!

May 19, 2023 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With James

In these confused times isn't it nice to find some relief? Every week, James will try to bring some sense into this crazy world via the radio waves. Look back. Look forward. Seek the truth. Never dull. Always irreverent. Fight the good fight by just sitting back and listening.

Kick Out the James!
9:00 AM
(Kick Out The) James Gang - Funk #49 (Backing Track)
(Kick Out The) James Gang Funk #49 (Backing Track)
RIdes Again ABC Records 1970 MP3 Rock
9:05 AM
The Neighborhoods - Prettiest Girl
The Neighborhoods Prettiest Girl L
Prettiest Girl / No Place Like Home Ace of Hearts Records 1977 MP3 Rock
9:12 AM
The Atlantics - Lonelyhearts
The Atlantics Lonelyhearts
Can't Wait Forever [Single] Alltime Records 1980 MP3 Rock
9:14 AM
The Real Kids - All Kindsa Girls
The Real Kids All Kindsa Girls
The Real Kids Red Star Records 1977 Rock
9:16 AM
The Outlets - Knock Me Down
The Outlets Knock Me Down
Boy's Life Vs. The Outlets Modern Method Records 1980 Pop
9:20 AM
Limbo Race - down and backwards
Limbo Race down and backwards L
Down and Backwards/What it is Limborations 1982 MP3 Rock
9:23 AM
New Models - permanent vacation
New Models permanent vacation L
Shattered Windows/Permanent Vacation Modern Method Records ‎ 1981 MP3
9:25 AM
Mission Of Burma - Academy Fight Song
Mission Of Burma Academy Fight Song
Academy Fight Song Song / Max Ernest Ace of Hearts 1980 Rock
9:29 AM
Big Dipper - For A Song To Be Beautiful
Big Dipper For A Song To Be Beautiful L
Super Cluster The Big Dipper: Anthology Merge US 1987 MP3 Rock
9:33 AM
La Peste - Better Off Dead
La Peste Better Off Dead La Peste
Better Off Dead / Black Black Records 1978 Indie Rock
9:38 AM
21-645 - Copulator
21-645 Copulator L
Copulator - Single 1982 1982 MP3
9:39 AM
The Neats - Six
The Neats Six
VA: Propeller Product Propeller Product 1981 Rock
9:44 AM
Native Tongue - All Wornged Up
Native Tongue All Wornged Up L
Native Tongue - EP Detente 1981 MP3
9:46 AM
Bulkhead - Zooks!
Bulkhead Zooks! L
First Radio Tape - October 1987 Self-Released 1987 MP3 Rock
9:51 AM
Green Magnet School - White People
Green Magnet School White People L
Ammonia Bath / White People Sonic Bubblegum US 1991 MP3 Rock
10:00 AM
The Girls - Jeffrey I Hear You
The Girls Jeffrey I Hear You L
Jeffrey I Hear You / The Elephant Man Heathen 1979 MP3 Rock
10:00 AM
Willie Loco Alexander and The Boom Boom Band - Radio Heart
Willie Loco Alexander and The Boom Boom Band Radio Heart L
S/T MCA US 1978 MP3 Rock
10:15 AM
Gang of Four - To Hell With Poverty
Gang of Four To Hell With Poverty
To Hell With Poverty/Capital (It Fails Us Now) EMI 1981 MP3
10:18 AM
Au Pairs - Armagh
Au Pairs Armagh
Plalying With A Different Sex Human Records UK 1982 MP3
10:22 AM
The Stranglers - Nice N' Sleazy
The Stranglers Nice N' Sleazy
Black and White A&M 1978 MP3 Rock
10:25 AM
Pylon - Feast on My Heart
Pylon Feast on My Heart
Gyrate Roof Records 1980
10:28 AM
Swimming Pool Q's - Little Misfit
Swimming Pool Q's Little Misfit
The Deep End DB United States 1980 Other
10:34 AM
The Undertones - Hypnotised
The Undertones Hypnotised
Hypnotised Sire 1980 MP3 Rock
10:35 AM
Buzzcocks - Orgasm Addict
Buzzcocks Orgasm Addict
Singles Goin' Steady Liberty 1987 MP3 Rock
10:37 AM
The Jam - In The City
The Jam In The City
In The City Polydor 1977 Indie Rock
10:39 AM
Devo - Uncontrollable Urge
Devo Uncontrollable Urge
Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! Virgin 1978
10:42 AM
Comsat Angels - Map Of The World
Comsat Angels Map Of The World
Waiting For A Miracle Polydor Records 1980 Rock
10:46 AM
Wall Of Voodoo - Full of Tension
Wall Of Voodoo Full of Tension
Dark Continent I.R.S. 1981
10:50 AM
B52s - 52 Girls (Original 7")
B52s 52 Girls (Original 7")
Rock Lobster / 52 Girls DB Recs 1978 MP3
10:53 AM
999 - Homicide
999 Homicide
Homicide / Soldier United Artists 1978 MP3 Rock
11:05 AM
The Gun Club - She's Like Heroin To Me
The Gun Club She's Like Heroin To Me
Fire Of Love Ruby Records 1981 Blues
11:08 AM
Dead Kennedys - Police Truck
Dead Kennedys Police Truck
Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death Cherry Red Records 1980 Rock
11:10 AM
The Cramps - TV Set
The Cramps TV Set
Bad Music For Bad People I.R.S. 1984 Rock
11:14 AM
Human Sexual Response - Pound
Human Sexual Response Pound L
In a Roman Mood Passport Records U\ 1981 MP3 Rock
11:18 AM
Moe Tucker - Hey Mersh!
Moe Tucker Hey Mersh!
Hey Mersh! Dutch East India Trading 1989 MP3 Rock
11:20 AM
Killing Joke - Change
Killing Joke Change
Killing Joke Editions EG 1980 Indie Pop
11:24 AM
Wire - Over Theirs
Wire Over Theirs
Ideal Copy Mute Records 1989 Pop
11:30 AM
Magazine - Definitive Gaze
Magazine Definitive Gaze
Real Life Virgin Records UK 1978 MP3 Rock
11:34 AM
Ultravox - Young Savage
Ultravox Young Savage
Ha! Ha! Ha! Island Records 1977 Indie Rock
11:39 AM
Roxy Music - Whirlwind
Roxy Music Whirlwind
Siren ATCO 1975 MP3 Rock
11:40 AM
Rizzo - I Don't Care
Rizzo I Don't Care
Public Animal No Fun Records 1980
11:49 AM
The Fall - Totally Wired
The Fall Totally Wired
Totally Wired / Putta Block Rough Trade 1980 MP3
11:53 AM
The Fall - New Face In Hell
The Fall New Face In Hell
Grotesque (After The Gramme) Rough Trade 1980 Rock
Chat is archived.
James (host) 8:52:35 AM
Good morning good people of the ZBC/KOTJ-sphere. In honor of my 1000th upload to Mixcloud, today is all classic KOTJ. It'll be like post-punk Top 40 radio.
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 9:00:53 AM
Hey James .
Dj w/out a cool. 9:01:19 AM
Mornin Jimmy James and the gang
Dj w/out a cool. 9:05:37 AM
You’re the prettiest
DJ Simon 9:06:27 AM
James (host) 9:06:48 AM
Hi Dash, DJ w/o and DJS.
Saginaw 9:07:00 AM
Good morning. Happy 1000!
James (host) 9:07:31 AM
Thanks Sag'naw.
Moles Knows 9:08:25 AM
Thank you James for all this wonderful music. It feels like this 1,000 just flew by…
Heather Grunwald 9:08:42 AM
Good morning!
James (host) 9:09:11 AM
Moles! Our decades have been pretty great
Dj w/out a cool. 9:09:18 AM
Lonely, lonely
James (host) 9:09:19 AM
HG! Been a minute
-bot 9:09:30 AM
good morning. all you swifties got your tix for this weekend?
bruckner4 9:09:31 AM
mornin' jfk, everyone!
James (host) 9:10:29 AM
Howdy bot and b4.
James (host) 9:10:46 AM
What's this weekend? Boston Calling?
James (host) 9:12:06 AM
Thanks to Girlsville for the recognition w/o prompt.
-bot 9:14:12 AM
Even bigger than that @james. Taylor Swift is at Gilette for 3 shows!
James (host) 9:15:07 AM
Wow. Three
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 9:15:37 AM
$1,500 is the cheapest ticket .
Brian Clary 9:17:17 AM
Lord have mercy
-bot 9:18:10 AM
you got some Boy's Life to spin?
James (host) 9:18:42 AM
James (host) 9:19:00 AM
Howdy Hip Priest
James (host) 9:21:11 AM
Easy Street is hard paved
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 9:25:16 AM
Morning everyone.
Moles Knows 9:26:53 AM
Is it possible that I feel your shows, both here and Toiling are
Moles Knows 9:27:16 AM
reaching an entire new level??
bruckner4 9:27:17 AM
this one never ages.
James (host) 9:28:49 AM
Moles...that's what I hear/here. This is really all that's left....Maybe something devine?
Moles Knows 9:33:00 AM
It is Devine and we are all blessed to benefit from your gift. It’s disappointing to hear about Any Rourke. I was a big Smiths fan, Shocker…. Last week I stumbled across my ticket stub from their 8/5/86 show at Great Woods.
James (host) 9:33:39 AM
Quite kind
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 9:35:05 AM
RIP Andy .
PiGuy 9:37:31 AM
Morning KOTJ and the kickers. Don't know about blowing your wad too early, James, but you are certainly blowing the doors off with the opening set.!
James (host) 9:39:10 AM
HiPi. Thanks. Know this is a slice of Pi heaven
Dj w/out a cool. 9:40:06 AM
A combo of ZBC MBR ERS BCN and FNX Those were the days
PiGuy 9:41:42 AM
Didn't want to get out of my car and walk in to work fearing what I would miss. What I can say is that I am amazed at the talent in those bands from that era.
delores 9:43:28 AM
Hello all, hello James . Thank you for your 1000 shows archived, I really love and appreciate it😘..... going back to lurking
James (host) 9:44:18 AM
HiDi! Always kind
Dj w/out a cool. 9:47:28 AM
Yes James YES
ex DJ tamer 9:47:28 AM
This song = what happens when ZBC DJs form a band
raoulvanhorn 9:48:03 AM
Mornin’ James and Kickers! Congrats on the 1,000th! Love these classics! This Bulkhead cut is a favorite.
James (host) 9:49:55 AM
Hey X-Tamer and RVH. Exactly on Zjs band.
raoulvanhorn 9:52:15 AM
Was Bulkhead made up of Zjs? Didn’t know that.
James (host) 9:52:40 AM
A few. Tom Devaney for sure. There was Bulkhead house
I Heart Noise 9:53:51 AM
Tom was in a band with Leah (Turkish Delight)
I Heart Noise 9:53:57 AM
I Heart Noise 9:54:09 AM
I put out reissues of both TD albums
ex DJ tamer 9:54:45 AM
ZBC DJ Pete Ryan also in Bulkhead
I Heart Noise 9:55:10 AM
Awesome - lots of local music to discover
James (host) 9:55:16 AM
That is correct. I've had Try Harder on my Classick set list for a while. Now I get that I heart is that I heart which I suspected.
I Heart Noise 9:55:23 AM
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 9:56:06 AM
raoulvanhorn 9:56:45 AM
Turkish Delight was another great one. That was a golden age in Boston.
James (host) 9:57:37 AM
Maybe one of the last. The gold has lost it's luster but thrives in it's own new way.
I Heart Noise 9:58:10 AM
I credit my buddy Thor (Petridisch) for talking me into putting out Turkish Delight reissues. I remember asking people on Twitter if they remember TD and there were a ton of responses
Dj w/out a cool. 9:58:16 AM
It's thriving in Upton right now
ex DJ tamer 10:00:01 AM
I 🖤 Petridisch
raoulvanhorn 10:02:44 AM
“Thriving in Upton” would be a good name for an album, or a novel, or something.
I Heart Noise 10:02:54 AM
Yeah, he's got a lot of knowledge about local music scene of the 80s and 90s. I learned so much from him - people like Jeff and Jane Hudson, TD etc etc
ex DJ tamer 10:04:02 AM
I meant his own music. It does not rock, however.
I Heart Noise 10:05:30 AM
He did some guitar performances, but yes - non-rock mostly, agree!
I Heart Noise 10:05:51 AM
and probably wouldn't fit this specific show
Thomas Mullaly 10:06:15 AM
wsmu was using carts in '91, so I bet zbc was too
ex DJ tamer 10:06:26 AM
The bot plays Petridisch late at night.
I Heart Noise 10:07:19 AM
Awesome, you guys are awesome for keeping the flame alive
ex DJ tamer 10:08:14 AM
When Negativland played Johnny D's, they played samples from carts not from sampler machines or computers. The guy had a huge stack of carts!
I Heart Noise 10:09:39 AM
There's a great documentary on Negativland/plunderphonics scene - its called Sonic Outlaws
I Heart Noise 10:09:44 AM
from 1995
bruckner4 10:11:15 AM
bruckner4 10:12:43 AM
just kidding, geezers.
Frank Coleman 10:13:40 AM
You're inside my head. Loving every minute.
I Heart Noise 10:14:02 AM
I live in the 90s lol
I Heart Noise 10:14:42 AM
Ooh, that riff
I Heart Noise 10:14:49 AM
To Hell with Poverty
I Heart Noise 10:14:53 AM
Dj w/out a cool. 10:15:30 AM
Love it when James flexes his musical muscles
James (host) 10:15:46 AM
Life changing sound.
James (host) 10:16:09 AM
Even when I'm anemic and weak as a kitten....still have some muscles
I Heart Noise 10:16:30 AM
Rock on
I Heart Noise 10:16:43 AM
Don't let anemia get you down
raoulvanhorn 10:20:39 AM
Re: Negativland, I think I saw them at the Western Front. Anyone remember? They burned some toast on stage. And yes, they used a lot of carts.
ex DJ tamer 10:21:25 AM
I remember that!
James (host) 10:23:04 AM
For those keeping score at home....this is a Porky cut
PiGuy 10:23:11 AM
Are we in the Urgh! section now? Not looking forward to my 10:30 meeting. Gonna try and steer them to keep it at 30 minutes. Don't they know I have a show to listen to?
DJ Simon 10:23:34 AM
I Heart Noise 10:25:29 AM
Love Pylon. Vanessa is a great musician and a great human too.
I Heart Noise 10:26:09 AM
Should've been up there with B-52s and The REMs of this world
Dj w/out a cool. 10:32:43 AM
Well I know what I'll be listening to for the rest of the weekend
I Heart Noise 10:35:57 AM
Orgasm Addict...another classic
James (host) 10:36:22 AM
Thus all classic kotj day
James (host) 10:36:40 AM
meat tuh pulp
Frank Coleman 10:37:08 AM
I was at that Negativland show. I can still smell the bunrt toast.
DJ Simon 10:37:09 AM
And the dang hits just keep coming!
Dj w/out a cool. 10:37:30 AM
Don't get me wrong, I love the new style ROCK James brings us on Friday....But. (-:
raoulvanhorn 10:38:12 AM
Frank, I hope you’re not having a stroke! (jk)
James (host) 10:38:29 AM
only of genius
raoulvanhorn 10:38:34 AM
Don’t they say that’s one of the signs?
Frank Coleman 10:39:12 AM
Ha! There's always that possibility.
I Heart Noise 10:39:49 AM
DJ Simon 10:40:29 AM
Yah yah yah yah...
Dj w/out a cool. 10:40:50 AM
Frank Coleman 10:40:51 AM
I'm sure it's just a coincidence.
Dj w/out a cool. 10:41:05 AM
Dj w/out a cool. 10:41:10 AM
Dj w/out a cool. 10:41:15 AM
DJ Simon 10:41:40 AM
Yesterday was Mark Mothersbaugh's birthday.
I Heart Noise 10:42:10 AM
Noice! He's the man who wrote Rugrats theme song
I Heart Noise 10:42:16 AM
Among others....
raoulvanhorn 10:43:43 AM
Note that Djwoacn had to spell DEVO backwards to make that happen. Well done!
I Heart Noise 10:45:54 AM
Comsat Angels - another underrated band
James (host) 10:46:53 AM
Waaaay underrated
Shanti 10:47:15 AM
In Honor of 1000-KOTJ!🖤
bob k 10:47:29 AM
This is a marvelous show!
James (host) 10:47:38 AM
James (host) 10:47:48 AM
Fish in a barrel
bob k 10:48:21 AM
Have been driving for the last hour and never so entertained.
James (host) 10:48:37 AM
Double...triple awwwwr
Dj w/out a cool. 10:48:37 AM
Wall of Voooo Doooo
Dj w/out a cool. 10:51:12 AM
Saw the 52's in Maine w/ Ziggy Marley 30+ yrs ago
James (host) 10:54:25 AM
Again...if playin' at home....another Porky Cut
James (host) 10:54:49 AM
bruckner4 10:57:19 AM
always killer at kotj.
Shanti 10:57:29 AM
Shanti 10:59:47 AM
James (host) 11:01:46 AM
I Heart Noise 11:06:38 AM
Yay for Gun Club
I Heart Noise 11:06:58 AM
RIP JLP (and Andy Rourke of the Smiths too)
Shanti 11:07:26 AM
I Heart Noise 11:08:36 AM
I Heart Noise 11:08:42 AM
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 11:09:17 AM
Ahh Ms.
Shanti 11:10:16 AM
I Heart Noise 11:10:48 AM
Still very relevant
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 11:11:56 AM
Ride Ms. Rollins ride .
raoulvanhorn 11:11:58 AM
And RIP Dee Pop of Gun Club and Bush Tetras (and The Secrets, from Buffalo)
Dj w/out a cool. 11:13:45 AM
I Heart Noise 11:14:06 AM
Lux Interior too
I Heart Noise 11:14:29 AM
and DH Peligro
I Heart Noise 11:14:36 AM
Oh well
raoulvanhorn 11:15:03 AM
Seems like most people today are dead.
James (host) 11:16:16 AM
Waaaaay too many tunes to choose. I could go all afternoon but that's not possible.
Shanti 11:16:54 AM
Shanti 11:18:32 AM
No social media, No news.
Shanti 11:19:23 AM
More music, More Art.
I Heart Noise 11:20:22 AM
Right - plenty of good music out there
Shanti 11:20:37 AM
Die Happy 😊
I Heart Noise 11:20:44 AM
I haven't heard any solo Moe Tucker
Barry Hart 11:22:49 AM
Good morning,James and KOTJ faithful,l hope you’re all doing well.Happy 1,000th upload,James-great to hear the Dead Kennedys,the Buzzcocks,Devo, the Jam and Gang of Four.
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 11:23:56 AM
Who do I call to ask to “ make that possible “ ? DCR workday is very pleasant with this .
bruckner4 11:27:12 AM
you get one of those cool green DCR sweatshirts, dash?
Shanti 11:30:08 AM
KOTJ Documentary of Music. Interview of your memory of these periods of music. A project?
I Heart Noise 11:30:08 AM
Good stuff - lotsa hits
James (host) 11:30:57 AM
James (host) 11:31:24 AM
Dj w/out a cool. 11:31:33 AM
A project A legacy
James (host) 11:31:34 AM
tom siegfried 11:32:24 AM
What fun today, VT jobsite is both rocking and rolling
James (host) 11:32:59 AM
With what's going on w/me right now....VT would have been dumb move.
Dj w/out a cool. 11:33:36 AM
My eye hurts, My back hurts, Leaving work right now
Victor Venckus 11:34:07 AM
do Do Part 2 3 4 of faves
James (host) 11:34:45 AM
Maybe....maybe a great hits toil tomorrow night????
Shanti 11:35:24 AM
Hi VV!
Dj w/out a cool. 11:35:37 AM
I'm in
Shanti 11:36:24 AM
Peace ☮️
Shanti 11:39:35 AM
Ultravox-Young Savage!🖤
Dj w/out a cool. 11:43:29 AM
Rizzo Good stuff
PiGuy 11:44:12 AM
James, this show was always going to be a download for me. It'll be my soundtrack to the Berkshires next week. Meetings suck.
Dj w/out a cool. 11:45:26 AM
Too much ROCK?
I Heart Noise 11:45:45 AM
Never such a thing
I Heart Noise 11:45:57 AM
Rock on
Frank Coleman 11:46:36 AM
Your taste and mine are so closely aligned, it's almost scary. Great show. Thank you! A wonderful time.
Shanti 11:47:30 AM
I love documentaries!🖤
Shanti 11:49:04 AM
James (host) 11:50:56 AM
Don't or please do forget Toiling in Obscurity Live stream Saturday night and then on the "always the archive" 8pm @ www.mixcloud.com/live/kotjames So many ways to miss the show.
Luke! 11:53:19 AM
Been listening while cleaning, definitely totally wired. Cheers all!
James (host) 11:53:21 AM
As always...humbled and blessed to have all that congregate here/hear and generously give of the most precious commodity...time. In a world barraged by choice, while we lose choices, it's amazing those that come here do!
bruckner4 11:54:01 AM
hoping your health turns for the better, jfk.
I Heart Noise 11:54:29 AM
James (host) 11:54:51 AM
@ b4...let's hope it's something simple and easily remedied
James (host) 11:55:31 AM
FYI: New Face....a Porky cut.
DJ Simon 11:57:46 AM
A fine, fine, fine show today James! Thanks for kick-starting the weekend!
James (host) 11:58:28 AM
Truly my pleasure DJS shooting fish in barrel for all that gather for the exhibition
PiGuy 11:58:44 AM
A thousand kudos to you James on the thousandth show!
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 11:59:46 AM
Thanks James . Toil tomorrow night .
Dj w/out a cool. 12:00:03 PM
James Great work, so glad I got to listen live
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 12:00:37 PM
I do on the DCR Merch