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Kick Out the James!

Jun 30, 2023 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With DJ Simon

In these confused times isn't it nice to find some relief? Every week, James will try to bring some sense into this crazy world via the radio waves. Look back. Look forward. Seek the truth. Never dull. Always irreverent. Fight the good fight by just sitting back and listening.

Rebroadcast of a classic KOTJ from June 27, 2014

Kick Out the James!
9:00 AM
Lee REnaldo and the Dust - Ambulancer
Lee REnaldo and the Dust Ambulancer
Last Night On Earth Matador US 2013 MP3
9:13 AM
The Young - Livin' Free
The Young Livin' Free
Dub Egg Matador 2012 Rock
9:17 AM
Egg Hunt - Me and You
Egg Hunt Me and You
Me and You [Single] Dischord 1986
9:21 AM
Negative Lovers - Last Sex
Negative Lovers Last Sex
Faster Lover EP Picture In My Ear 2015 Other
9:28 AM
Creepoid - Wet Bread
Creepoid Wet Bread
Record Store Day 12" 2014 Other
9:37 AM
The Orwells - Ancient Egypt
The Orwells Ancient Egypt
Remember When Autumn Tone 2012 Other Rock
9:42 AM
Palma Violets - We Found Love
Palma Violets We Found Love
180 Rough Trade US 2013 Other Rock
9:45 AM
The Embarrassment - Beautiful Day
The Embarrassment Beautiful Day
God Help Us Bar/None Records 1990 CD Rock
9:49 AM
Close Lobsters - Franz Klammer
Close Lobsters Franz Klammer
Kunstwerk In Spacetime Shelflife Records UK 2014 Other
9:53 AM
Dum Dum Girls - Lost Boys and Girls Club
Dum Dum Girls Lost Boys and Girls Club
Too True Sub Pop Records 2014 Pop
9:57 AM
Hot & Cold - Knife Fight
Hot & Cold Knife Fight
Any Monkey Is Dangerous 2009 Other Indie Rock
10:07 AM
Parquet Courts - She's Rolling
Parquet Courts She's Rolling
Sunbathing Animal What's Your Rupture? UK 2014 unset Rock
10:14 AM
Traams - Swimming Pool
Traams Swimming Pool
Grin FatCat Records 2013 Other Rock
10:17 AM
The Make Up - Substance Abuse
The Make Up Substance Abuse
I Want Some K Records 1999 unset Rock
10:19 AM
Chain and the Gang - Curtain Puller
Chain and the Gang Curtain Puller
Minimum Rock N Roll fortuna pop! 2014 unset
10:22 AM
Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band - Bat Chain Puller
Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band Bat Chain Puller
Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller) EMI 1978 Rock
10:27 AM
The Fat White Family - Is It Raining In Your Mouth
The Fat White Family Is It Raining In Your Mouth
Champagne Holocaust Fat Possum 2013 unset Rock
10:37 AM
Pampers - Purple Brain
Pampers Purple Brain
Pampers In The Red 2013 MP3
10:39 AM
The Monsieurs - At the Hop
The Monsieurs At the Hop L
La Parca 3 song cassette self-released UK 2013 Other
10:40 AM
Protomartyr - Ain't So Simple
Protomartyr Ain't So Simple
Under Color of Official Right Hardly Art US 2014 unset Rock
10:43 AM
Wire - Fragile
Wire Fragile
Pink Flag Harvest 1977
10:44 AM
Guided by Voices - Hot Freaks
Guided by Voices Hot Freaks
Bee Thousand Scat 1994 Rock
10:46 AM
Colin Newman - I've Waited Ages
Colin Newman I've Waited Ages
A-Z Beggars Banquet 1980
10:52 AM
Black Pus - 1000 Years
Black Pus 1000 Years
All My Relations (Bonus Track Version) Thrill Jockey 2013 Other Classical
10:55 AM
Tunnel of Love - Troglodyte Blues
Tunnel of Love Troglodyte Blues
Free Music Archive Free Music Archive 2014 Other
10:58 AM
King Missile - Take Stuff from Work
King Missile Take Stuff from Work
Mystical Shit / Fluting On the Hump Shimmy Disc 1990 Rock
11:10 AM
Gap Dream - 58th St. Fingers
Gap Dream 58th St. Fingers
Gap Dream Remote Access 2014 Other Rock
11:14 AM
The Rolling Stones - Play with Fire
The Rolling Stones Play with Fire
Hot Rocks 1964-1971 ABKCO Music & Records, Inc. Other Rock
11:16 AM
The Lucy Show - The White Space
The Lucy Show The White Space
12 ep A+M United States, www.sony.com 1985 12 Inch Rock
11:21 AM
Fuzzy - Lemon Rind
Fuzzy Lemon Rind L
S/T Half a Cow 1993 CD Rock
11:25 AM
The Peneope's & Morpheus - Saved ( Feat. Malka Spigel)
The Peneope's & Morpheus Saved ( Feat. Malka Spigel)
Priceless Concrete Echoes Citizen Records 2009 Other
11:31 AM
Holy Wave - Night Tripper
Holy Wave Night Tripper
Relax The Reverberation Appreciation Society 2014 Rock
11:36 AM
Girls Names - Hypnotic Regression
Girls Names Hypnotic Regression
The New Life Slumberland Records 2013 Rock
11:40 AM
Translator - Un-Alone
Translator Un-Alone
No Time Like Now Legacy Recordings UK 1983 MP3 Rock
11:44 AM
Red Temple Spirits - Soft Machine
Red Temple Spirits Soft Machine
If Tomorrow I Were Leaving for Lhasa, I Wouldn't Stay a Minute More... Fundamental 1989 Rock
11:48 AM
Air Miami - World Cup Fever
Air Miami World Cup Fever
Me. Me. Me. 4AD 1995 Pop
11:53 AM
The Fall - Put Away
The Fall Put Away
The Complete Peel Sessions 1978-2004 Sanctuary Records 2005 Rock
11:56 AM
The Fall - Antidotes
The Fall Antidotes
The Complete Peel Sessions 1978-2004 Sanctuary 2013
Chat is archived.
DJ Simon (host) 9:01:13 AM
Happy Friday, folks! James is having a procedure this morning, so it's a classic KOTJ from June 27, 2014.
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 9:01:43 AM
Hello Simon / James . Thanks Nick .
DJ Simon (host) 9:02:51 AM
Morning, Dash!
DJ Simon (host) 9:03:01 AM
James will be joining us on the chat soon, so stick around and say hello!
JeffB 9:03:43 AM
Hey DJS !
DJ Simon (host) 9:03:55 AM
Hiya, Jeff!
JeffB 9:04:03 AM
AND hi Dash :)
j. johnson 9:04:22 AM
Morning! Heading to the beach, I’ll be out of range, so saying Hi to James in advance!
DJ Simon (host) 9:04:52 AM
"Let me take you to the beach... lalalalalalalalala!"
Saginaw 9:06:51 AM
Good morning
Heather Grunwald 9:07:39 AM
DJ Simon (host) 9:08:17 AM
Mornin' Saginaw, Heather!
Heather Grunwald 9:12:56 AM
Happy sunny Friday
bruckner4 9:15:35 AM
mornin' djs, kotj-ers!
DJ Simon (host) 9:15:50 AM
Good day, Bruckner!
Fred 9:25:32 AM
Hey all. Hope it goes well today James and KOTC! 2014 is long before my time with the show, enjoying the magic of rock.
PiGuy 9:27:35 AM
Morning DJS and the KOTC team. Younger James sounds so carefree and maybe less annoyed. He had no idea how bad it would get.
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 9:28:07 AM
Morning all . A tad sticky outside today .
PiGuy 9:28:28 AM
Referring to the political climate, just to be clear.
DJ Simon (host) 9:34:03 AM
Mornin' Fred, PiGuy!
Kevin Polk 9:40:11 AM
thanks for keeping the show rolling on Fridays DJS + the KOTC brigade
bruckner4 9:48:38 AM
'tis a beautiful day, eh dash?
Jamie YBN 9:55:59 AM
Go James go! Listening in on a canning day, particular psyched for the Obama years tunes.
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 9:57:24 AM
Yes Bruckner , enjoying it . In a few weeks we’ll have a foot of snow , mixed in with the smoke from the Canadian wildfires .
Luke! 10:06:09 AM
Hey all, sending love. Will be working and enjoying this throwback. Thanks DJ Simon, and KOTC James.
bruckner4 10:07:04 AM
speaking of love and math -- summer not the same without pete's goldsoundz. hope pete's well!
Greg the Ex-Rozzie Rat 10:07:29 AM
Embracing the “Harmonica Rant”!!!
Roger Jermyn 10:08:55 AM
Good morning Team KOTC
DJ Simon (host) 10:15:09 AM
Hey there Roger, Greg, Luke, Jamie, Kevin! (I'm behind on my greetings. Hope I didn't miss anyone.)
raoulvanhorn 10:38:23 AM
Hey DJS and everyone! Been listening but away from chat. Hope everyone is fine.
I Heart Noise 10:58:38 AM
I Heart Noise 10:59:34 AM
Something new from my buds Skyjelly soon > https://skyjelly.bandcamp.com/album/spirit-guide
DJ Simon (host) 11:05:03 AM
I see Spinitron classifies Black Pus as classical.
Barry Hart 11:06:19 AM
Good morning,DJ Simon and the KOTJ faithful,hope you’re all doing well.When l first tuned in today,l thought James sounded unusual-then l learned that this is a rerun from nine years ago.
DJ Simon (host) 11:07:03 AM
Hi Barry! Must be that vintage old studio sound.
Barry Hart 11:08:09 AM
My mistake-KOTC faithful.I very much hope his procedure goes smoothly.
JeffB 11:10:29 AM
Love hearing a portal to 9 years back in time..
Roger Jermyn 11:12:26 AM
34 years ago today "Do The Right Thing" was released in theaters
Roger Jermyn 11:12:40 AM
DJ Simon (host) 11:13:14 AM
I remember going to see it at the Nickelodeon on a particularly hot day, which was fitting.
KOTJ 11:13:25 AM
I folks. I'm back. I don't know what they gave me to knock me out but that was some good stuff!
DJ Simon (host) 11:13:35 AM
KOTJ 11:14:52 AM
That would be "Hi folks!"
Barry Hart 11:14:52 AM
Glad to have you back,James.
bruckner4 11:15:09 AM
mornin' jfk. glad to see you!
raoulvanhorn 11:15:20 AM
hi James!
KOTJ 11:15:21 AM
Still in Hotel BI
KOTJ 11:16:04 AM
Hi Folks. Wish I could have been with ya'all for the show but....
Barry Hart 11:16:43 AM
Wow,never thought l’d hear The Rolling Stones on WZBC.
raoulvanhorn 11:16:47 AM
ya gotta do…
Roger Jermyn 11:19:07 AM
probably propofol
DJ Carbo 11:19:32 AM
The Lucy Show, amazing. Was looking at photos from the’86 Love and Rockets tour yesterday. Fingers cross that L&R play Boston. They are honestly as great as ever now
KOTJ 11:23:03 AM
I remember this time. 1.5 years sober. New to the cult. A naive fool in a deluded love affair. Good stuff!
KOTJ 11:24:55 AM
R.I.P. Listener George for getting to my first meeting. Sorry things things turned out how they did.
PiGuy 11:26:05 AM
Hey James, takes courage to look back 9 years. Same kind you're using now, I hope.
KOTJ 11:27:27 AM
I guess George got his peace/relief/serenity
Roger Jermyn 11:28:23 AM
RIP to my friend and bandmate in the Malingerers, George
KOTJ 11:29:48 AM
Yep. Roger got here/hear via George.
Heather Grunwald 11:30:10 AM
Hi James!!
Heather Grunwald 11:30:34 AM
Sorry to hear about George
Victor Venckus 11:34:12 AM
Music was better back then.
KOTJ 11:36:17 AM
There's some great stuff now....but yeah.
KOTJ 11:44:27 AM
Super Classick ZBC - Soft Machine.
raoulvanhorn 11:46:01 AM
an old favorite of mine for sure
Jamie YBN 11:46:49 AM
What a great show...
KOTJ 11:46:49 AM
Show ended short so I added a couple fall songs for "filler"
Jamie YBN 11:47:27 AM
I was wondering what it would be to not have the fall special...and you're making it happen anyway!
KOTJ 11:47:33 AM
Thanks Jamie. When I saw the varied playlist and such....it was an easy choice.
Jamie YBN 11:52:56 AM
it ended kind of abruptly...you didn't have a longer sign off?
KOTJ 11:53:01 AM
I'll be back some day. Likely no Toiling in Obscurity tomorrow night as I am likely here at Hotel BI till Monday.
KOTJ 11:53:23 AM
Sorry Jamie...that's how the original show recording ended.
KOTJ 11:53:57 AM
Maybe live next week. I hope.
DJ Simon (host) 11:55:04 AM
Not sure if I got the right release on this one.
KOTJ 11:55:25 AM
Thanks to all for being here/hear and the generous and kind support! Means the world. Keep the prayers, thoughts and incantations coming.
Roger Jermyn 11:55:29 AM
Keeping you in my thoughts and sending you the good vibes James.
KOTJ 11:56:00 AM
DJS. No biggie. These are both from Complete Peel Sessions Box.
DJ Simon (host) 11:56:44 AM
What's the name of this one?
KOTJ 11:56:49 AM
Despite how f'd up things are and have turned...I feel blessed and lucky.
KOTJ 11:56:55 AM
DJ Simon (host) 12:00:14 PM
Lulu's barking at this song.
Jamie YBN 12:01:51 PM
still a great show just wondered what was going on...
Richard Random 12:02:12 PM