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Kick Out the James!

Jul 7, 2023 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With James

In these confused times isn't it nice to find some relief? Every week, James will try to bring some sense into this crazy world via the radio waves. Look back. Look forward. Seek the truth. Never dull. Always irreverent. Fight the good fight by just sitting back and listening.

RE-AIR OF JULY 8, 2011

Still vacationing at lovely Club BI

Kick Out the James!
9:01 AM
Comsat Angels - Waiting for a Miracle
Comsat Angels Waiting for a Miracle
Waiting For A Miracle Polydor Records 1980 MP3 Rock
9:04 AM
The Male Nurse - The Magic Cirlce in the Sky
The Male Nurse The Magic Cirlce in the Sky
Magic Circle in the Sky 7" Guided Missle 1997 MP3
9:06 AM
The Books - I Didn't Know That
The Books I Didn't Know That
The Way Out P-Vine 2010 MP3 Pop
9:09 AM
Coil - Things Happen (feat. Annie Anxiety)
Coil Things Happen (feat. Annie Anxiety)
Love's Secret Domain Wax Trax 1991 MP3
9:13 AM
Laurie Anderson - Language Is a Virus
Laurie Anderson Language Is a Virus
Home of the Brave Warner Records 1986 MP3
9:17 AM
The Flowerpot Men - Sharpen My Heart
The Flowerpot Men Sharpen My Heart
Alligator Bait compost 1987 MP3 Rock
9:22 AM
The Dovers - What Am I Going To Do
The Dovers What Am I Going To Do
She's Gone / What Am I Going To Do Miramar Records 1965 MP3 Rock
9:24 AM
Atlas Sound - Walkabout (W/ Noah Lennox)
Atlas Sound Walkabout (W/ Noah Lennox)
Logos kranky 2009 Rock
9:32 AM
Sinkane - Color Voice
Sinkane Color Voice
Color Voice Emergency Umbrella 2008 MP3 Rock
9:38 AM
Candy Machine - procession
Candy Machine procession
A Modest Proposal Skene 1994 MP3 Rock
9:43 AM
Crayon - Pedal
Crayon Pedal
Brick Factory Harriet Records 1994 MP3 Rock
9:47 AM
Swell - At Long Last
Swell At Long Last
Room to Think - EP Beggars Banquet 1993 MP3 Rock
9:52 AM
Cuffs - Privilege
Cuffs Privilege L
Privilege b/w Archer 7" Ride the Snake 2011 7 Inch Rock
9:52 AM
Public Image Ltd. - Rise
Public Image Ltd. Rise
Album Elektra Records 1986 Rock
10:07 AM
Syd Barrett - Octopus
Syd Barrett Octopus Syd Barrett
The Madcap Laughs Harvest 1970 Rock
10:11 AM
Photon Band - Little Mind
Photon Band Little Mind
Little Mind / Would You Believe 100 Guitar Mania Records 1999 Rock
10:16 AM
The Vandelles - Lovely Weather
The Vandelles Lovely Weather
Del Black Aloha The Vandelles 2010 CD Rock
10:19 AM
The Ponys - Is It Working?
The Ponys Is It Working?
Deathbed EP In the Red 2010 MP3 Rock
10:20 AM
Eddie & The Hot Rods - Teenage Depression
Eddie & The Hot Rods Teenage Depression
Teenage Depression / Shake Island Records 1976 Rock
10:23 AM
Guided By Voices - Gold Star For Robot Boy
Guided By Voices Gold Star For Robot Boy
Bee Thousand Matador 1995 Rock
10:25 AM
The Knickerbockers - Lies
The Knickerbockers Lies
Lies / The Coming Generation Challenge Records 1965 Pop
10:33 AM
The December Sound - No Heaven Like Hell
The December Sound No Heaven Like Hell L
The Silver Album Self Released 2008 MP3 Rock
10:36 AM
Endless Wave - Future Shock
Endless Wave Future Shock L
Notes from the Compound Fort Point 2011 MP3 Pop
10:43 AM
The New Highway Hymnal - When It's My Time
The New Highway Hymnal When It's My Time L
Songs (From the New Highway Hymnal) Self-Release 2010 Other
10:45 AM
Deerhunter - Slow Swords
Deerhunter Slow Swords
Microcastle/ Weird Era Cont. Kranky 2008 MP3
10:49 AM
Cabaret Voltaire - War of Nerves
Cabaret Voltaire War of Nerves
The Drain Train & The Pressure Company: Live In Sheffield Mute 1991 Prog-Rock/Art Rock
11:01 AM
Fad Gadget - Collapsing New People
Fad Gadget Collapsing New People
Gag Mute 1984
11:08 AM
Fourtet - Plastic People
Fourtet Plastic People
There is Love in You Domino Records 2010 MP3
11:14 AM
Gang Gang Dance - Glass Jar
Gang Gang Dance Glass Jar
Eye Contact 4AD 2011 CD Rock
11:24 AM
Lothar and The Hand People - machines
Lothar and The Hand People machines
Presenting...Lothar And The Hand People Capitol Records 1968 MP3
11:27 AM
Grails - Almost Grew My Hair
Grails Almost Grew My Hair
Deep Politics Temporary Residence Ltd. 2011 MP3 Rock
11:34 AM
Villagers - Becoming A Jackal
Villagers Becoming A Jackal
Becoming A Jackal Domino Recording Co 2010 Pop
11:39 AM
Low - Violent Past
Low Violent Past
Drums and Guns Sub Pop Records 2007 MP3
11:43 AM
Zodiac Free Arts Club - Celephais
Zodiac Free Arts Club Celephais
Floating World Permanent Vacation 2011 CD Rock
11:50 AM
Translator - Un-Alone
Translator Un-Alone
No Time Like Now Legacy Recordings 1983 MP3 Rock
11:56 AM
The Fall - Mother - Sister!
The Fall Mother - Sister!
The Complete Peel Sessions 1978 - 2004 Castle Music 2005 MP3
11:58 AM
StanLi Atlantis - The Music Scene
StanLi Atlantis The Music Scene
Get Well Mixtape Infinite Playlist Music 2021
11:58 AM
The Fall - Service
The Fall Service
The Complete Peel Sessions 1978-2004 Castle Music 2005 MP3 Rock
Chat is archived.
James (host) 8:53:10 AM
Hi good people. Kinda a wimpy or maybe summery KOTJ rebroadcast of a July 8, 2011 show as I'm still vacationing at Club BI.
James (host) 8:54:44 AM
I know folks are hoping for live/fresh KOTJ but just not in the cards, yet.
Saginaw 9:02:19 AM
Good morning
-bot 9:02:27 AM
take care of yourself 1st, James. Hope all is going well otherwise
James (host) 9:02:35 AM
Hello Saginaw.
James (host) 9:03:21 AM
It's all care -bot.
bruckner4 9:04:14 AM
mornin' jfk, kotj folks.
James (host) 9:04:39 AM
Hello b4!
PiGuy 9:04:49 AM
Morning James, sorry you're still at Club BI. We'll be fine with reruns.
James (host) 9:05:22 AM
HiPi....Appreciate the faithful's tolerance.
DJ Simon 9:05:57 AM
Good morning James, et al!
James (host) 9:06:51 AM
Hey DJS. How's the cruds?
bruckner4 9:07:27 AM
love the re-runs, jfk, "it's nice being nice...to the nice."
James (host) 9:09:14 AM
Some folks yearn for the less loud and "Racketous" KOTJ of old.
Shanti 9:10:22 AM
Hi James! At the club.☮️💛💛💛!
DJ Simon 9:11:05 AM
Crud is under control.
Barry Hart 9:11:08 AM
Good morning,James and KOTC folks-sorry to hear you’re still at Club BI,James.Glad to be hearing past shows,as they remind me of all the great music and delightful commentary from years past.
James (host) 9:11:52 AM
Hello. Shanti...Hey Barry. Lovely to be "connecting" with my peeps.
Shanti 9:13:20 AM
Really lovely to hear from you!☮️💛💛💛!
James (host) 9:14:46 AM
Awwwwr, shucks.
Fred 9:15:21 AM
I said: I think he's in some kind of pain
James (host) 9:15:35 AM
Hey Fred.
Fred 9:15:46 AM
Hey James
James (host) 9:15:47 AM
Got some Ohio in the last song.
Heather Grunwald 9:17:07 AM
Hello all in KOTC land
James (host) 9:17:25 AM
Hey HG.
Jamie YBN 9:19:07 AM
saw Laurie Anderson in Boston, waay bacl
James (host) 9:20:46 AM
I did, as well, Berklee, March 1983. Had just come home from my father's passing.
Shanti 9:21:15 AM
How was her show James?
Jamie YBN 9:22:13 AM
Later for me, Mr. Heartbreak tour
Shanti 9:22:13 AM
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 9:22:17 AM
Morning KOTC disciples . Hello James .
From the Keep 9:23:33 AM
Take care, James. Hope you're on the mend. Been enjoying these archival shows.
James (host) 9:27:10 AM
It was eerie and perfect. Stood out in the rain to get in. I was in a very gone and bizarre way.
Jamie YBN 9:27:59 AM
My daughter recently saw her and loved it. When I saw her it seemed super avant-garde, lots of spoken word... and the show was definitely well composed, kind of like reading a book.
Shanti 9:30:30 AM
2011 seems so far off? Would I go back? Would you? I’m thinking 🤔? Yes! I like rain, eerie.
Shanti 9:32:07 AM
Laurie Anderson!
James (host) 9:32:08 AM
I don't think much of going back...try to think..not too much about forward.
Shanti 9:33:56 AM
Being present.🕉️☮️💛
j. johnson 9:36:18 AM
Good morning, KOTC!
j. johnson 9:37:07 AM
Too bad (for me) that I missed the Laurie Anderson - I was BIG into her back in the day
James (host) 9:39:00 AM
She had a light in her mouth.
j. johnson 9:40:39 AM
"Listen to my heart beat"
Jamie YBN 9:44:02 AM
That was a fun little bit there...(procession)
James (host) 9:46:17 AM
Ramshackle guitar solo
Jamie YBN 9:48:55 AM
Here's a question: How did you source songs back then? I guess there was Spotify already and Bandcamp... just don't remember when that became practical.
James (host) 9:51:32 AM
Soundcloud and Bandcamp started in 2007. Then there was dwindling station label servicing. Listening to others shows. Reading reviews. Recommendations.
tom siegfried 9:52:45 AM
Good morning, people…digging (into) the reheated leftovers…
James (host) 9:53:09 AM
Hey VTom! Glad diggin'
Shanti 9:58:47 AM
Thank you James! This playlist!
Luke! 10:07:04 AM
Great Scott! Good morning KOTJC-ers.
James (host) 10:07:28 AM
Hey Luke. The once....Great Scott.
James (host) 10:17:40 AM
Boy the Z loved The Vandelles. So good live. Wonder what became of....
Richard Random 10:20:48 AM
Good morning James and all of us here to KOTC. I like these old shows from the days after I left Beantoen, but before I was listening much on the internet.
bruckner4 10:21:21 AM
i like an icy pony in the summer.
Jamie YBN 10:23:12 AM
at some point we need to have a history, I'm sorting and also when each DJ came on board
James (host) 10:23:16 AM
Hello RR.
Brian Clary 10:27:17 AM
A fine morning to all. Praying for you, James.
James (host) 10:31:25 AM
That's the Hip Priest...he IS appreciated.
Victor Venckus 10:34:45 AM
Music was sure better back then.
James (host) 10:41:55 AM
certain flare
DJ Simon 10:42:32 AM
One of my favorite old ids.
bruckner4 10:46:39 AM
why get up, djs? to listen to the racket!
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 10:54:15 AM
Morning Hop
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 10:54:44 AM
All thumbs . Hello Hip Priest .
James (host) 10:56:42 AM
As long as not morning hops...Dash
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 10:59:34 AM
Yes James . The days 8 Hopslams for breakfast are over .
Roberta Bloom Condon 11:04:04 AM
Wishing you all the best! Shabbat Shalom! Are you accepting visitors at Club BI?! My husband and I would offer you some comedic breaks!
j. johnson 11:09:56 AM
Love me some 4tet
James (host) 11:10:29 AM
Thanks RBC. I appreciate the offer.
James (host) 11:11:06 AM
@ Jay...yeah...I was big on them back then
j. johnson 11:17:12 AM
I remember! I was big into techno/ambient/electronica back then too
James (host) 11:21:14 AM
Well I had minor hope that maybe leave tomorrow but just met with team and said...with a chuckle....oh no. So that means no Saturday Live Stream....once again.
Brian Clary 11:28:40 AM
As the old timers in the cult say, “You’re right where you’re supposed to be, kid!”
j. johnson 11:28:53 AM
Corporate America beckons - I gotta drop. Later, KOTC people
j. johnson 11:29:16 AM
(speaking of machines)
Richard Random 11:29:34 AM
FourTet has a hit on the XM Sirius Chill channel.
James (host) 11:36:41 AM
This villagers track was a request back in the day....
James (host) 11:45:04 AM
Show ended a bit early so there will be a couple abrupt Fall editions at the end.
Barry Hart 11:45:20 AM
By the way,James,it was great hearing “Rise” by Public Image Ltd.(again)-one of the most uplifting and poignant political rock songs I’ve ever heard.
James (host) 11:45:52 AM
Nice Barry. Yeah...it's kinda PiL's pop hit?
bruckner4 11:47:06 AM
enjoying the ncpish moments in these past show, jfk.
James (host) 11:47:57 AM
That's the way it was back in the day.....
Greg the Ex-Rozzie Rat 11:50:02 AM
Praying for you, my friend. Keep hangin’ in there!
James (host) 11:50:29 AM
All I can do Greg. Appreciate the encouragement and listenership.
James (host) 11:50:44 AM
I think this one was on last week's classick KOTJ?
DJ Simon 11:51:54 AM
Nice blast from the past today, James. "May the road rise with you."
Kevin Polk 11:55:51 AM
last minute check-in post meeting. KOTC james!
James (host) 11:56:23 AM
Hey Kevin.
James (host) 11:57:57 AM
Once again folks....so much appreciation for the support and patience as I deal with my new situation. It's been an intense week. Nice to end it with my people, sharing music and virtually connecting.
Jamie YBN 11:58:36 AM
great show James thank you so much
James (host) 11:59:29 AM
I'm about to take my first actual shower in a month!