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Kick Out the James!

Jul 14, 2023 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With James

In these confused times isn't it nice to find some relief? Every week, James will try to bring some sense into this crazy world via the radio waves. Look back. Look forward. Seek the truth. Never dull. Always irreverent. Fight the good fight by just sitting back and listening.

Kick Out the James!
9:00 AM
William DeVaughan - Be Thankful for What You Got (Backing Track)
William DeVaughan Be Thankful for What You Got (Backing Track)
Be Thankful For What You Got Roxbury Records 1974 MP3
9:04 AM
SPELLS - Bustin' Out
SPELLS Bustin' Out
Loose Change, Vol. 2 Snappy Little Numbers 2023 Punk
9:06 AM
Flat Worms - Time Warp in Exile
Flat Worms Time Warp in Exile 2023 Flat Worms
Witness Marks Drag City Records 2023
9:09 AM
The Stools - Bum Luck
The Stools Bum Luck
R U Saved? Feel It Records 2023 Other Rock
9:10 AM
Chrome Spiders - Kitten's Whisper
Chrome Spiders Kitten's Whisper
KItten's Whisper Morphius Records 2023 Other
9:11 AM
Ladrones - Máquina Caótica
Ladrones Máquina Caótica José Juan Rivera, Valeria Sanchez
Máquina Caótica Die Slaughterhaus Records 2023 Rock
9:15 AM
The Mystery Girls - Summertime Blues
The Mystery Girls Summertime Blues
The Mystery Girls Bandcamp 2023 Other
9:18 AM
Rat's Pool - Losing My Mind
Rat's Pool Losing My Mind
Losing My Mind Bandcamp 2023 Other
9:19 AM
Jus B - On And On
Jus B On And On
Split CS - Jus B/Duckis RIP Records 2023 Other
9:20 AM
BUGHUNT - Thick Liquid
BUGHUNT Thick Liquid
Malingering Cow Tool Records 2023
9:22 AM
Model/Actriz - Slate
Model/Actriz Slate
Dogsbody True Panther/Virgin 2023
9:26 AM
Thank - Torture Cube
Thank Torture Cube
Torture Cube / Dead Dog In A Ditch Zen F.C. 2023
9:29 AM
Bo Gritz - Observes and Selects
Bo Gritz Observes and Selects
9:33 AM
IZM - Cellar Door
IZM Cellar Door
EP Popular Affliction Records 2023 Other
9:33 AM
Wireheads - 1000 Red Venomous Snakes
Wireheads 1000 Red Venomous Snakes
Potentially Venus Tenth Court 2023 Rock
9:35 AM
MEMORIALS - Boudicaaa
Music For Film: Tramps! The state51 Conspiracy 2022
9:37 AM
Wristwatch - Clean
Wristwatch Clean
II No Coast Recordings 2023
9:41 AM
Kikker - Cringe Culture
Kikker Cringe Culture
Exoskeleton - EP Death Monkey Records 2023 Other
9:58 AM
Motorbike - Motorbike
Motorbike Motorbike
Motorbike Feel It Records 2023 Punk
10:01 AM
D.R.L.N. - River Fishing
D.R.L.N. River Fishing
Broadcasting Noose Knot Records / Goodbye Boozy Records 2023 Other Punk
10:03 AM
The Chives - Fairies Wear Boots (Black Sabbath cover)
The Chives Fairies Wear Boots (Black Sabbath cover)
The Chives Metal Postcard Records 2023 Punk
10:06 AM
The Sniffs - Disarray
The Sniffs Disarray
V Bandcamp 2023 Indie Rock
10:08 AM
Lothario - Black Hair
Lothario Black Hair
Drunk Fuck / Black Hair Good Grief 2023 Indie Rock
10:11 AM
Saucermen - Anxiety Zoo
Saucermen Anxiety Zoo
Saucermen 2 - EP Laptop Punk Records 2023 Other Punk
10:12 AM
Prison Affair - Big Bottom Baby
Prison Affair Big Bottom Baby
Demo 3 Erste Theke Tontraeger 2023
10:14 AM
Billiam - Freak Line
Billiam Freak Line
Freak Line / Low Testosterone Under The Gun 2023 Indie Rock
10:17 AM
Silicone Values - New Cold War?
Silicone Values New Cold War?
Disposable Music ​/​ New Cold War? Bandcamp 2023 Other
10:19 AM
New Coke - Tune Me Out
New Coke Tune Me Out
Blind Taste Test UGL MEDIA 2023 Indie Rock
10:24 AM
Midgee - Rock and​/​or Roll
Midgee Rock and​/​or Roll
Midgee Mixtape Bandcamp 2023 Other
10:26 AM
Dirty Ass - Masturbasi Pembangkang Delusional
Dirty Ass Masturbasi Pembangkang Delusional
Setubuhi Dirimu Sendiri Bandcamp 2023 Other
10:29 AM
Synthetic Surfaces / Goblin Daycare - Split Painscale records 2023 Other
10:29 AM
Beer - Watching Too Much Television
Beer Watching Too Much Television
Beer Bandcamp 2023 Other
10:29 AM
Goblin Daycare - Godfreaks!
Goblin Daycare Godfreaks!
Q: EP? A: EP!! GeeDeeInc. 2023 Indie Rock
10:31 AM
Johnny Maraca & The Marockers - Main Squeeze
Johnny Maraca & The Marockers Main Squeeze
VA: PVR Comp. VOL​.​1 Punk Valley Records 2023 Rock
10:35 AM
Z and The Tiki Twisters - Patient Zero
Z and The Tiki Twisters Patient Zero
VA: B​.​O. CAFZIC #85 " B " CAFZIC 2023 Other
10:55 AM
K Pants - Hosptial (Modern Lovers cover)
K Pants Hosptial (Modern Lovers cover)
Love b/w Hospital Grinning Idiot 1995 MP3
10:57 AM
Urge Overkill - Emmaline
Urge Overkill Emmaline
The Supersonic Storybook Touch & Go Records 1991 Rock
11:03 AM
Obits - It's Sick
Obits It's Sick
Bed & Bugs Sub Pop Records 2013
11:06 AM
Mudhoney - Touch Me I'm Sick
Mudhoney Touch Me I'm Sick
Touch Me I'm Sick / Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More Sub Pop Records 1988 Indie Pop
11:08 AM
Beatnik Filmstars - Artist V Star
Beatnik Filmstars Artist V Star
In Hospitalable Merge Records 1997 Pop
11:12 AM
Poison Girls - Under the Doctor
Poison Girls Under the Doctor
Hex Small Wonders Records 1979 Punk
11:14 AM
Würst Nürse - Hot Doctor
Würst Nürse Hot Doctor
Hot Hot Hot - EP Bandcamp 2018 Other Rock
11:17 AM
Ty Segall - You're the Doctor
Ty Segall You're the Doctor
Twins Drag City Records 2012 MP3 Rock
11:18 AM
Apple - Doctor Rock - Mono Single Version
Apple Doctor Rock - Mono Single Version
An Apple A Day... Grapefruit 2020 Rock
11:23 AM
The Village Callers - I Don't Need No Doctor
The Village Callers I Don't Need No Doctor
Live Rampart Records 1968 MP3 Rock
11:27 AM
The Nudists - To the Hospital
The Nudists To the Hospital
Nuder than Nuder than Nude Swashbuckling Hobo Records 2018 MP3 Rock
11:31 AM
Pure Morning (Clinic) - Funky Hospital
Pure Morning (Clinic) Funky Hospital
Scum / Funky Hospital Radar Records 1996 MP3
11:32 AM
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Israel - 7" Single Version
Siouxsie and the Banshees Israel - 7" Single Version
Kaleidoscope UMG - UMC (Universal Music Catalogue) 1980 Other Rock
11:40 AM
The Psychedelic Furs - Sister Europe (Peel Session)
The Psychedelic Furs Sister Europe (Peel Session)
July 25, 1979 Live Peel Session Other
11:53 AM
The Fall - Male Slags
The Fall Male Slags
The Legendary Chaos Tape Scout Releases / Rough Trade 1996 MP3
11:57 AM
The Fall - Jawbone & Air Rifle (Live)
The Fall Jawbone & Air Rifle (Live)
The Legendary Chaos Tape Scout Releases / Rough Trade 1996 MP3
Chat is archived.
James (host) 8:48:00 AM
Good Morning good KOTJ and ZBC radio people. I'm back home and broadcasting from the airy aerie studio. So good to be back with all the kind, generous and supportive folks on team KOTC.
raoulvanhorn 9:01:14 AM
Good morning again James! Good to hear you!
Bradgic 9:02:32 AM
Welcome back James!
ex DJ tamer 9:02:33 AM
Welcome home, yay!
DJ Simon 9:02:49 AM
Happy Friday, James!
Shanti 9:03:09 AM
Welcome back James! KOTJ! ☮️💛
James (host) 9:04:52 AM
So good to be back!
Brian Clary 9:05:27 AM
Lord have mercy, you’re back!
Saginaw 9:05:29 AM
Good morning
j. johnson 9:06:02 AM
Aw YEAHHH live and kickin'!
Peter Ireland 9:06:05 AM
James (host) 9:06:31 AM
Been through it and back.
DJ Simon 9:08:26 AM
I was hoping we would be hearing the new Flat Worms this morning.
James (host) 9:08:54 AM
Ex-T, RVH, Prof Ire, DJS, Bradgic, Sag'naw.
James (host) 9:09:04 AM
Hip Priest!
Fred 9:09:23 AM
Hey James! Glad you are doing well
James (host) 9:10:36 AM
Fred! Still recalling how amazing that bagel and lox was!!!
Jeff Berlin 9:11:53 AM
"we remember so you don't have to" great drop!
PiGuy 9:12:19 AM
Great to have you back James. Morning to all fellow Friday worshippers.
James (host) 9:12:59 AM
Jeff. Whooopie, pies
James (host) 9:13:07 AM
bruckner4 9:13:18 AM
Glad you’re back, James!
James (host) 9:14:04 AM
b4! Good to be back.
raoulvanhorn 9:14:39 AM
Kickin' it out!
James (host) 9:15:43 AM
Def still feeling the effects of treatments but anemia appears under control. Blood test at BI at 1pm
James (host) 9:18:35 AM
Rat's Pool would have gone well with Rat Fever Pool Summer songs
From the Keep 9:23:00 AM
Glad to have you back, James!
James (host) 9:23:16 AM
Hopefully for Keeps....
Roger Jermyn 9:23:20 AM
Glad you're back in the saddle James
James (host) 9:23:45 AM
Hey Roger. Maybe next week in studio....baby steps
Dj w/out a cool. 9:24:29 AM
Mornin Radioactive ROCKERS.
Fred 9:24:56 AM
Rat patrol naked raygun
Moles Knows 9:25:49 AM
Welcome back James. We missed you. As usual you raising things to another level.
James (host) 9:26:51 AM
Moles! I try. Got a lot of pent up songs over the five-weeks
James (host) 9:28:20 AM
DJ w/o!
James (host) 9:30:42 AM
Wild thang..
Roger Jermyn 9:33:24 AM
one day at a time
-bot 9:34:02 AM
HI all KOTJers. Today I'm in my Back Bay office in the shadow of Eataly, let me know if you'd like anything from there, James
James (host) 9:34:50 AM
HA! Nice. I'm just on the other side by a few blocks. Sadly I'm off to BI for a blood check right after the show. Rain check!
Dj w/out a cool. 9:36:22 AM
Heeees bAAAACk
James (host) 9:36:46 AM
Always was but now for reals
James (host) 9:42:53 AM
This set won't stop!
James (host) 9:43:00 AM
But will...
Kevin Polk 9:43:13 AM
Hello James and KOTC crew. Who's going to Paragon Park?
James (host) 9:43:31 AM
Dj w/out a cool. 9:46:09 AM
j. johnson 9:51:26 AM
Arf, she said
Verb Crunch 9:53:47 AM
My last show’s on Mixcloud
Shanti 9:54:09 AM
Verb Crunch 9:56:49 AM
It’s under “Cape Cod” cause I’m too cheap to subscribe. Instead, I started a new account. Bradley/Dave Herlihy show along with my shows are all posted at soundsyrup.com.
ex DJ tamer 9:58:44 AM
I'm in Detroit right now, and could drive past the Protomartyr guy's house if I wanted to be stalky.
DJ Simon 9:59:26 AM
A threefer!
James (host) 10:01:03 AM
Ask if they'll play the KOTC Benefit!!
Roger Jermyn 10:02:14 AM
when is the KOTC Benefit
James (host) 10:02:14 AM
there's some goodbye boozy for ya' HP!
James (host) 10:02:38 AM
It's in my imagination...but good to dream....
Roger Jermyn 10:03:22 AM
I'd play if we get one going
ex DJ tamer 10:05:14 AM
Some folks are trying to organize it.
James (host) 10:05:22 AM
ex DJ tamer 10:05:35 AM
Takes some effort, but yes!
James (host) 10:05:48 AM
It was just a suggestion from the HP....get a list going,
Shanti 10:06:29 AM
L🖤ving this cover! Although original is a timeless favorite!
James (host) 10:06:40 AM
It's a great cover
ex DJ tamer 10:06:40 AM
Someone is trying to pin down a venue first. We figure the musicians will step up.
Roger Jermyn 10:07:23 AM
I have been playing open mics lately (TATEOTW and the one T Maxx runs at Walnut St Cafe) and would be happy spread the word
James (host) 10:08:02 AM
OMG....that is so touching....My fantasy list: Protomartyr, Come, Bobby Lees.....
Roger Jermyn 10:08:32 AM
is there a facebook event page
ex DJ tamer 10:08:56 AM
There is nothing official I know of.
Roger Jermyn 10:10:51 AM
love to help any way I can . Can contact me on FB/IG or rjermyn@gmail
ex DJ tamer 10:11:00 AM
Don't even have a venue or date yet. Still in the initial planning stages.
ex DJ tamer 10:11:27 AM
I don't do FB but will email you right now
James (host) 10:12:59 AM
No FB!
Roger Jermyn 10:13:50 AM
I know FB is evil but can't leave it . Small business and all that fun stuff
From the Keep 10:17:51 AM
Nice Descendents reference, James :)
James (host) 10:18:11 AM
What did I do??
James (host) 10:18:18 AM
Did I?
From the Keep 10:20:14 AM
"No FB" is a (terrible, distasteful, juvenile) Descendents song. I mis-assumed. :)
James (host) 10:20:37 AM
I'm totally against FB.
Kevin Polk 10:23:42 AM
rockin' show today
Jeff Berlin 10:23:57 AM
sets are all killer no filler today.. as if it was a month's worth a material in 1 explosive show:)
James (host) 10:24:20 AM
Nice. It's been building up. Still have a ton in the pile
j. johnson 10:25:05 AM
Happy to help with KOTC benefit, logistically, musically, whatever.
Elnor Vashti 10:25:28 AM
it really is an amazing show James. i hope you are enjoying producing it as much as I am enjoying listening to it.
James (host) 10:25:49 AM
It was a great way to spend yesterday!
Roger Jermyn 10:27:03 AM
if you want to add me to the list just a clarification that my email is rjermyN@gmail.com- not spelled the name jeremy
-bot 10:28:49 AM
I do both of these things. Beer and watch too much TV
James (host) 10:29:06 AM
James (host) 10:29:21 AM
How's the ankle? Back on the ice?
-bot 10:29:49 AM
thanks for asking. I'm back on my bike, the ice has to wait a little longer I think
James (host) 10:31:57 AM
Bike is a bit off for me but my Onc team leader, the AMAZING Dr. H B, awaits the day when I send a photo back on the bike
Victor Semensi 10:33:04 AM
No better way to end a work week than a live KOTJ show. So glad you’re back
James (host) 10:33:31 AM
The weekly fix....like a drug or a handyman
Kevin Polk 10:33:38 AM
johnny maraca sounds like jay reatard
James (host) 10:34:04 AM
Really lifts the spirits to feel back to my nu-normal life
James (host) 10:34:22 AM
KP- it does...and someothers
Victor Venckus 10:41:05 AM
Glad to have you back loved your old shows. My topic for Sat 10am EXPANDING AWARENESS will be about HYPER CHEMICAL SENITIVITY second hand smoke , Emf
Richard Random 10:41:27 AM
Like all of us, I’m glad you’re back and feeling better. Live / / life is good.
DJ Carbo 10:49:36 AM
So great to hear you live James!
DJ Carbo 10:53:05 AM
My bandwidth is quite limited, but I can ask about an open date at Brighton Music Hall. So there aren’t likely to be any come September.
DJ Carbo 10:53:21 AM
Roger Jermyn 10:54:02 AM
Going to see JR at Somerville Theater in October. Cant wait
Bradgic 10:54:04 AM
Great song.
ex DJ tamer 10:54:35 AM
Carbo, please email me. James can send you my addy
James (host) 11:00:13 AM
Not just to the late Urge drummer Blackie Onasis but my Oncology Phama expert Emmaline!
James (host) 11:05:56 AM
RIP to Rick Froberg so untimely (Drive Like Jehu, The Obits)
Brian Clary 11:09:31 AM
Last week I saw an old fanzine album review with Mark Arm totally trashing Husker Du’s “Land Speed Record”
James (host) 11:09:58 AM
Wow....ya' think they'd dig the Du
Brian Clary 11:10:35 AM
He said that it was too fast, sloppy and had juvenile lyrics
James (host) 11:10:52 AM
That must have been pure irony
Brian Clary 11:11:06 AM
James (host) 11:22:27 AM
Yeah....need a nurse.
I Heart Noise 11:31:03 AM
Hello hello
I Heart Noise 11:33:14 AM
James (host) 11:33:15 AM
Hey Heart
I Heart Noise 11:33:46 AM
Hi James! Good to hear the tunes - there's a video of Siouxsie performing this song at a recent fest
James (host) 11:37:46 AM
hey folks. I have to leave soon after show to get a blood test. The archive and mixcloud. Should be up later today
I Heart Noise 11:37:53 AM
James (host) 11:38:25 AM
I am seriously doubting a transfusion is needed. It's now been over a week since I've needed one.
Roger Jermyn 11:39:03 AM
That would be encouraging news
raoulvanhorn 11:39:39 AM
Had to duck out for about an hour, but came back a few so gs ago. What a fantastic show! Great to have you back, James. Looking forward to the benefit.
raoulvanhorn 11:39:56 AM
That's "a few songs ago"
James (host) 11:40:21 AM
Home again.
j. johnson 11:42:05 AM
Best of luck with your appointment today, James
Dj w/out a cool. 11:42:10 AM
Sisterrrrr of mine
Fred White 11:45:00 AM
Welcome back James 🤘
Shanti 11:47:39 AM
Nurses are Incredible! They deserve so much more! ☮️💛
tom siegfried 11:49:23 AM
Thx James, never don’t keep kickin’ it out…
Shanti 11:49:25 AM
So good to hear your voice & music James! ☮️💛
Saginaw 11:49:38 AM
Good show, Sir. Welcome back
Jamie YBN 11:50:21 AM
a little late but good to hear your voice James
James (host) 11:51:08 AM
VTom! How's the flooding? This is my priority. My medicine. My people.
James (host) 11:51:17 AM
My voice in the condition it is.....
Michael J. Condon 11:51:56 AM
Great to hear you back live on the air James. Stay well.
tom siegfried 11:52:09 AM
I’m high and dry, others less lucky. It was biblical.
Jamie YBN 11:53:09 AM
great to hear a fresh show!
Saginaw 11:54:46 AM
Male Slags recorded in London, 1980
James (host) 11:55:40 AM
What can I say folks. Live stream back tomorrow night. Love all that come and support me and my fight and what I do here. The outreaches of kindness, support and even....damn...financial support. I am beyond humble and grateful. As I say...despite diagnosis/prognosis....I am lucky and bleseed
James (host) 11:57:39 AM
Toiling in Obscurity Saturday 8pm www.mixcloud.com/live/kotjames
Jamie YBN 11:58:58 AM
the valley of weights... seems we're all living there these days
Roger Jermyn 11:59:31 AM
Sending those good thoughts/vibes your way James.
Dj w/out a cool. 12:00:34 PM
Great work James. Great to have U back