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Kick Out the James!

Aug 11, 2023 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With James

In these confused times isn't it nice to find some relief? Every week, James will try to bring some sense into this crazy world via the radio waves. Look back. Look forward. Seek the truth. Never dull. Always irreverent. Fight the good fight by just sitting back and listening.

Kick Out the James!
9:01 AM
Jackie Harris - No Kind Of Man (Instrumental)
Jackie Harris No Kind Of Man (Instrumental)
No Kind Of Man / No Kind Of Man (Instrumental) Chess Records 1965 MP3
9:04 AM
Modey Lemon - It's Hard (The Sequal)
Modey Lemon It's Hard (The Sequal)
Modey Lemon Bandcamp 2002 Other
9:07 AM
Jean Mignon - Canadian Exit
Jean Mignon Canadian Exit
AN / AL Metal Postcard Records 2023 Other Punk
9:09 AM
Ragged Roses - Magnetic
Ragged Roses Magnetic
Chemical Imbalanze Ragged Roses Records 2023
9:11 AM
Lemons - The Lower Level
Lemons The Lower Level
Lemons 4 Hire Vole-Man Records 2023 Rock
9:14 AM
Black Mekon - Buhlak Me Kong
Black Mekon Buhlak Me Kong
NEAT! PNKSLM Recordings 2023 Rock
9:17 AM
The Strange Ones - I Don't Like What I Found
The Strange Ones I Don't Like What I Found
Down in a Hole / I Don't Like What I Found Strange Sound 2023 Rock
9:22 AM
Dead Mammals - Itch
Dead Mammals Itch
Itch [Single] Bandcamp 2023 Other
9:26 AM
Noise Church - Soap City
Noise Church Soap City
Praise the Noise Bandcamp 2023 Other
9:27 AM
Dunes - Trabant
Dunes Trabant
RUNNER Bandcamp 2023 Rock
9:32 AM
Jerkoff Diary - Online Dating
Jerkoff Diary Online Dating
Self Titled Tarantula Tapes 2023 Other
9:33 AM
ALF - Better Than U
ALF Better Than U
The Demo Bandcamp 2023 Other
9:35 AM
Top Left Club - Dream
Top Left Club Dream
Turn and Burn Bandcamp 2023 Other
9:37 AM
Lifeguard - Alarm
Lifeguard Alarm
Alarm Matador 2023
10:00 AM
Broken Arrow - Wild Fire
Broken Arrow Wild Fire
Broken Arrow Bandcamp 2023 Other
10:01 AM
Cherry Cheeks - Hard Stancing
Cherry Cheeks Hard Stancing
CCEP! Total Punk 2023 Indie Rock
10:03 AM
Achterlicht - Exaltation
Achterlicht Exaltation
Demo Gips Records 2023 Rock
10:06 AM
Kiloff & The Bugs - Dziewczyna
Kiloff & The Bugs Dziewczyna
Cud Syf Records 2023 Other
10:08 AM
Last Place - Trashed Data
Last Place Trashed Data
Trashed Data Bandcamp 2023 Other
10:11 AM
5 Days - Nemo
5 Days Nemo
Moth Andy & the Sass Bandcamp 2023 Other
10:15 AM
Rabbit Attack - Shatter
Rabbit Attack Shatter
Duo Again Bandcamp 2023 Other
10:17 AM
Mudrag - Complicated World
Mudrag Complicated World
Complicated World Bandcamp 2023
10:18 AM
Curzie Eye - Waste All My Time
Curzie Eye Waste All My Time
Sex Money People Hate Bandcam 2023 Other
10:19 AM
Ringo Harrison - CRY BABY RINGO
Ringo Harrison CRY BABY RINGO
CRY BABY RINGO Revolutionary Records Company 2023 Indie Rock
10:21 AM
RA!D - Let'em Bleed
RA!D Let'em Bleed
Ra!d/The Spetters -Split Bandcamp 2023 Indie Rock
10:26 AM
AKG - Get Through It
AKG Get Through It
AKG Cassinngle Bandcamp 2023 Other
10:27 AM
Letterbox - Drugs And Grief
Letterbox Drugs And Grief
Speed Trap City AuGeil Records 2023 Indie Rock
10:48 AM
Fugazi - Burning Too
Fugazi Burning Too
13 Songs Dischord 1989
10:51 AM
The Pop Group - Burn Your Flag
The Pop Group Burn Your Flag
Honeymoon On Mars Freaks R Us 2016 Rock
10:56 AM
A Place to Bury Strangers - Don't Burn the Fires (Dead Moon cover)
A Place to Bury Strangers Don't Burn the Fires (Dead Moon cover)
Strange Moon Dead Oceans 2013 MP3
10:58 AM
The Ruts - Babylon's Burning
The Ruts Babylon's Burning
The Crack Universal Music 1979 Punk
11:01 AM
Chrome - Firebomb
Chrome Firebomb
3rd From The Sun Don't Fall From The Mountain 1982
11:07 AM
The Crazy World of Arthur Brown - Fire
The Crazy World of Arthur Brown Fire
s/t Tamla Motown 1971 MP3
11:08 AM
The Men - Fire
The Men Fire
Devil Music We Are the Men Records 2016 MP3 Rock
11:13 AM
POW! - Fire Hose
POW! Fire Hose POW!
Hi-Tech Boom Castle Face 2014 Rock
11:16 AM
Brian Eno - Baby's On Fire
Brian Eno Baby's On Fire Brian Eno
Here Come The Warm Jets Island Records 1973 Rock
11:21 AM
Wall Of Voodoo - Ring Of Fire (Johnny Cash cover)
Wall Of Voodoo Ring Of Fire (Johnny Cash cover)
Wall of Voodoo 12" Index 1980 Indie Pop
11:26 AM
Electrelane - I’m On Fire (Bruce Springteen cover)
Electrelane I’m On Fire (Bruce Springteen cover)
On Parade / I'm on Fire Too Pure 2006
11:29 AM
Dwight Twilley Band - I'm On Fire
Dwight Twilley Band I'm On Fire
Sincerely Shelter Records/ABC Records 1976 MP3
11:32 AM
Wipers - Up in Flames
Wipers Up in Flames
Rarities Zenorecords 1999
11:35 AM
The Scientists - Set it on Fire
The Scientists Set it on Fire
Blood Red River Au Go Go Records 1983 MP3
11:36 AM
The Cure - Fire In Cairo
The Cure Fire In Cairo
Three Imaginary Boys Rhino/Elektra 1979 Rock
11:44 AM
Roxy Music - Both Ends Burning
Roxy Music Both Ends Burning
Siren ATCO Records 1975 MP3 Rock
11:49 AM
The Fall - Light/Firewoks
The Fall Light/Firewoks Mark E. Smith
The Infotainment Scan Permanent / Cog Sinister 1993 Rock
11:57 AM
Edwyn Collin (Featuring Mark E. Smith) - Seventies Night (w Mark E. Smith)
Edwyn Collin (Featuring Mark E. Smith) Seventies Night (w Mark E. Smith)
I'm Not Following You Setana 1997 Other
Chat is archived.
Saginaw 9:03:27 AM
Good morning
DJ Simon 9:03:45 AM
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 9:04:03 AM
Morning James ! Morning all .
James (host) 9:04:24 AM
Dash n DJS!
j. johnson 9:05:23 AM
top o' the morning Kickers!
James (host) 9:05:54 AM
Welcome all the wonderful people that congregate an get that weekly fix!
James (host) 9:06:17 AM
Helllo FZJay
bruckner4 9:07:16 AM
Good morning kotj, everyone!
James (host) 9:07:45 AM
b4. How goes?
Heather Grunwald 9:09:39 AM
Happy KOTJ day everyone
bruckner4 9:10:08 AM
Pretty good. Glad to hear you in the studio!
James (host) 9:10:16 AM
HG. That it is. Darn nice out there.
James (host) 9:11:33 AM
Does the Z sound far better than the airy aerie studio?
James (host) 9:16:56 AM
Blow your harmonica, son!
James (host) 9:17:27 AM
Black Mekon Delta Blues
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 9:17:33 AM
The Sect 🥷🏻
Bradgic 9:19:33 AM
Good morning!
Fred 9:19:40 AM
Good morning
bruckner4 9:19:41 AM
probably so re. the the studio, jfk, but not a big deal for these old ears.
James (host) 9:19:43 AM
Gettin the weekly fix....repair and/or dose.
James (host) 9:19:54 AM
Hey Bradgic and Fred
Shanti 9:20:38 AM
I concur HG, Happy KOTJ day everyone!
James (host) 9:23:12 AM
Scratchin' that itch.
-bot 9:29:47 AM
morin' y'all checking in for the day.
James (host) 9:31:27 AM
-bot! How's the ankle doin?
-bot 9:35:29 AM
I'm doin fine. Hope you're feeling well
tom siegfried 9:36:25 AM
Grateful congregant here, good morning. Extra rockin’ today
PiGuy 9:37:31 AM
Morning James and Friday Faithful.Certainly a good looking day out there.
James (host) 9:38:26 AM
Hey there VTom and HiPi
ex DJ tamer 9:46:50 AM
Hearing sporadic clipping/distortion on the stream. Pls turn down the master volume a smidgeon :)
raoulvanhorn 9:48:08 AM
hello all
raoulvanhorn 9:48:54 AM
still a little clipping but better
raoulvanhorn 9:49:31 AM
only on louder talking
Greg the Ex-Rozzie Rat 9:50:22 AM
Sunshine and greetings! JAMES!!! Is there a “more cowbell” slider on your console?
James (host) 9:59:08 AM
Must be fixed
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 10:00:33 AM
Don’t forget the eruption 🌋 at Blue Hills .
Fred 10:02:12 AM
Kerosene by big black might fit with burning theme
James (host) 10:02:18 AM
Really....I can only guess what's being hinted at there
James (host) 10:05:41 AM
It tastes like BERNIE!
j. johnson 10:09:11 AM
trash data - story of my life in the belly of the AI
James (host) 10:10:24 AM
A worthy read mention probably lost in the blather: https://www.theredhandfiles.com/chatgpt-making-things-faster-and-easier/
Peter Francis Joseph DeFazio 10:17:34 AM
great to hear ya James
James (host) 10:19:02 AM
Glad to hear/here PFJDef
I Heart Noise 10:20:45 AM
Ringo Harrison sounds modern
I Heart Noise 10:20:52 AM
The modern sound
James (host) 10:21:12 AM
j. johnson 10:22:06 AM
Bloodrock = D.O.A.!!!!!!!!
James (host) 10:22:11 AM
j. johnson 10:22:38 AM
Dj w/out a cool. 10:26:55 AM
James (host) 10:28:18 AM
Hey Dj w/o
Heather Grunwald 10:36:19 AM
Blood drive sounds awesome
bruckner4 10:37:09 AM
bruckner4 10:38:22 AM
a la lose your head? lose your blood?
I Heart Noise 10:38:51 AM
Sucks to hear that about Laswell
James (host) 10:38:58 AM
I Heart Noise 10:40:04 AM
I Heart Noise 10:41:45 AM
He's also about to lose his studio...ouch
Fred 10:43:13 AM
Yeah, I had 2 different zbc stickers fall apart
Peter Francis Joseph DeFazio 10:43:22 AM
every word.
j. johnson 10:45:00 AM
"one more time for the world!"
James (host) 10:49:38 AM
Blah blather...blah blah...blather
JeffB 10:52:16 AM
Reading the Bill Laswell GoFundMe. Noticing it's not for medical bills. It's for rent.
I Heart Noise 10:54:12 AM
RIP Mark Stewart
James (host) 10:54:44 AM
That is what I mentioned. His medical condition and pandemic created the problem of non-oaymnet of rent on the studio.
I Heart Noise 10:54:51 AM
@jeff b - I think he might've talked about how obscenely expensive NYC is...
James (host) 10:55:09 AM
When he died I said...crap he's my age....now this.
I Heart Noise 10:56:02 AM
Same, same
JeffB 11:03:52 AM
Tough spot. unrelated, funny how that bass line tells you it's "Babylon's Burning" after only the first 3 strums..
bruckner4 11:10:37 AM
er...hot set.
JeffB 11:11:07 AM
Wanna mash this Men song up w/ "Wild Thing"
j. johnson 11:11:53 AM
re; Arthru Brown, this wiki-tidbit: "Brown quickly earned a reputation for his outlandish performances, including the use of a burning metal helmet, which led to occasional mishaps."
j. johnson 11:12:23 AM
... occasional ... mishaps ...
bruckner4 11:12:43 AM
hot head.
James (host) 11:14:16 AM
Sadly Pow! done disappeared.....
DJ Simon 11:19:37 AM
Wow, their last album "Shift" came out in 2019? Didn't realize it had been that long since a POW! release.
James (host) 11:20:24 AM
Yeah. I guess their time had come. Wonder if that's it for the players...
Jamie YBN 11:21:04 AM
Listening on my home stereo for once!
James (host) 11:23:06 AM
Nope. No releases from Byron Blum. Just Pow!
James (host) 11:28:49 AM
bruckner4 11:29:46 AM
boss cover, jfk.
James (host) 11:30:26 AM
SO good. Kinda started with that in the Bradgic fire burning convo
I Heart Noise 11:34:24 AM
Keep that fire burning
I Heart Noise 11:35:19 AM
Keep it burning hot, hot
I Heart Noise 11:35:41 AM
I think Firepoker by Trans AM could fit too...
I Heart Noise 11:37:49 AM
I'm on Fire by Nick Cave
-bot 11:39:28 AM
OK, I'll be honest, I hummed this song to myself while I was in Cario in May.
James (host) 11:40:15 AM
Oy vey
James (host) 11:40:40 AM
Amteur hour!!!
tom siegfried 11:49:24 AM
Hot set
JeffB 11:49:59 AM
Burning Down the House in Maui
James (host) 11:50:48 AM
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 11:50:49 AM
Thanks James .
Richard Random 11:51:47 AM
Hot! 🔥
Dash Riprock🇮🇪 11:54:29 AM
Blazing 🥵
-bot 11:57:38 AM
het James - facebook is telling me that the Fall's debut EP "bingo-master's Breakout " came out this day on '78
James (host) 11:58:31 AM
Wow. Appraciate the bot and facebook telling....sadly I don't follow....see what I did there.
DJ Simon 11:58:44 AM
Thanks for the scorching rager, James!
DJ Simon 11:58:59 AM
My speakers are smoldering.
James (host) 11:59:26 AM
Thanks to all the incredible people here/hear that have come to be with a guy like me. Such good generous people with the spirit and dedciation. Means the worrld.
j. johnson 11:59:33 AM
James (host) 12:00:40 PM
May dem now will have something about fires