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Kick Out the James!

Aug 18, 2023 9:00 AM â€“ 12:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With James

In these confused times isn't it nice to find some relief? Every week, James will try to bring some sense into this crazy world via the radio waves. Look back. Look forward. Seek the truth. Never dull. Always irreverent. Fight the good fight by just sitting back and listening.

Kick Out the James!
9:04 AM
Sex Mex - Max's Mom
Sex Mex Max's Mom
Chick Problems Bandcamp 2023 Other
9:08 AM
The Endalls - Amps
The Endalls Amps
Up The Endalls Bandcamp 2023 Other
9:08 AM
Upchuck - Freaky
Upchuck Freaky Upchuck
Bite The Hand That Feeds Famous Class 2023 Punk
9:15 AM
Komora - П​Е​Р​Е​Р​О​Д​Ж​Е​Н​Н​Я
Komora П​Е​Р​Е​Р​О​Д​Ж​Е​Н​Н​Я
де ш​у​к​а​т​и н​а​с ERYTHROLEUKOPLAKIA RECORDS 2023 Other
9:16 AM
Roko Mouth - Zero Caffiene
Roko Mouth Zero Caffiene
No Cultire Bandcamp 2023 Other
9:17 AM
Dennis Cometti - Moocher
Dennis Cometti Moocher
Suburban Condition Bargain Bin Records 2023 Punk
9:19 AM
PINKEYE - Drag You Down
PINKEYE Drag You Down
Everything is Stupid PINKEYE 2023
9:22 AM
John List Society - Can't Take the Tension
John List Society Can't Take the Tension
Wanted by the FBI Bandcamp 2023 Other Rock
9:24 AM
No Clue - Odyssey In My Odyssey
No Clue Odyssey In My Odyssey
No Clue Bandcamp 2023 Indie Pop
9:26 AM
PAL - Burger Boy
PAL Burger Boy
9:28 AM
The TVs - Candy
The TVs Candy
Cany (free) Bandcamp 2023 Other
9:30 AM
Enjoy/Wyatt Shears - Ring Your Bell
Enjoy/Wyatt Shears Ring Your Bell
Exploited Vada Vada 2023 Indie Rock
9:32 AM
Dunes - Spöken
Dunes Spöken
RUNNER Bandcamp 2023 Rock
9:36 AM
Filthtones - Error:
Filthtones Error:
I Hate You
9:37 AM
Dumb Posh Hippies - D.P.H
Dumb Posh Hippies D.P.H
The King of Kimmage - EP Bandcamp 2023 Other
9:55 AM
Neon Kittens - Sunburn on My Legs
Neon Kittens Sunburn on My Legs
Sunburn on My Legs Metal Postcard Records 2023 Rock
9:59 AM
Die Paniks - Drive Thru
Die Paniks Drive Thru
Hades Bandcamp 2023 Other
9:59 AM
Tube Alloys - Computer Love Again
Tube Alloys Computer Love Again
Magnetic Point La Vida Es Un Mus Discos 2023 Rock
10:02 AM
Pyramid Eaters - On Damage Island
Pyramid Eaters On Damage Island
S/T Stress Carrier 2023 Other
10:05 AM
Lavaro - The Heat
Lavaro The Heat
S/T Bandcamp 2023 Other
10:09 AM
Dukov - INtro
Dukov INtro
"Noise Brewers United - Split Tape w/ Extreme Smoke '57 Bandcamp 2023 Other
10:10 AM
The Grogans - Nowhere To Be
The Grogans Nowhere To Be
Find Me A Cloud C.W. Records 2023 Rock
10:13 AM
Thee Khai Aehm - Mimic
Thee Khai Aehm Mimic
Astrokraut/Thee Khai Aehm - Split Bandcamp 2023 Other
10:15 AM
Astrokraut - One Shot
Astrokraut One Shot
Astrokraut/Thee Khai Aehm - Split Bandcamp 2023 Other
10:16 AM
Dura Lex - Bees and Honey
Dura Lex Bees and Honey
Dura Lex Magic Mountain Music SL 2023 Punk
10:19 AM
boy - Choose to Be Alone
boy Choose to Be Alone
Hydrogen (Demos) Bandcamp 2023 Other
10:22 AM
The Warlocks - The Valley of Death Jam Drum Test
The Warlocks The Valley of Death Jam Drum Test
Enter at Your Own Skull, Vol. 2 Cleopatra Records 2021 Rock
10:40 AM
Mercury Rev - Coney Island Cyclone
Mercury Rev Coney Island Cyclone
Yerself Is Steam Columbia/Legacy 1992 Rock
10:44 AM
Transistor - Neat Neat Neat (The Damned cover)
Transistor Neat Neat Neat (The Damned cover)
Massproduktion Records
10:48 AM
The Colours Out Of Time - Rock Section
The Colours Out Of Time Rock Section
Rock Section / Mambo Girls Mambo / Dancing With Joy Monsters In Orbit 1981 Rock
10:48 AM
The Reds - Whatcha' Doin' To Me
The Reds Whatcha' Doin' To Me
Whatcha Doin To Me / Not You A&M Records 1979
10:53 AM
Zero Defekts - Word Games
Zero Defekts Word Games
Zero Defekts Self-Release 1982 Other
10:54 AM
Gang Of Four - A Hole In The Wallet
Gang Of Four A Hole In The Wallet
Solid Gold Warner Bros 1981 Rock
10:58 AM
Poison Girls - Underbitch
Poison Girls Underbitch Poison Girls
Real Woman Crass Records 1980 Rock
11:05 AM
Rips - Take What I Want
Rips Take What I Want
New Century Living Bandcamp 2009 Other
11:06 AM
English Subtitles - Reconstruction
English Subtitles Reconstruction Lou Librium
Time Tunnel / Sweat / Reconstruction Small Wonder Records 1979 Rock
11:11 AM
Life in the Fridge Exists - Have You Checked the Children
Life in the Fridge Exists Have You Checked the Children
VA - Four Stars (****) Sausage Records 1980 MP3
11:16 AM
Marine - Life In Reverse
Marine Life In Reverse
Life In Reverse / Marenas Bop / Scrub Les Disques Du Crépuscule 1981 MP3
11:18 AM
Ana Hausen - Professionals
Ana Hausen Professionals
Professionals / Tunnel Vision Human Records 1981 MP3
11:20 AM
Creations Unlimited - Corruption Is the Thing
Creations Unlimited Corruption Is the Thing
Corruption Is The Thing / Chrystal Illusion Soul Kitchen 1972 Other
11:24 AM
Ici La Bas - Flying
Ici La Bas Flying
Ici La Bas 12" Black Noise 1979 MP3
11:27 AM
Dawson - Unrepentant Abolitionist Rant
Dawson Unrepentant Abolitionist Rant
Discography + Sorcerer Records 2023 Other
11:31 AM
Chumbawamba - Revolution
Chumbawamba Revolution
Cease & Resist - Sonic Subversion & Anarcho Punk in the UK 1979 -1986 Optimo Music 2023
11:34 AM
Tropic of Cancer - Be Brave
Tropic of Cancer Be Brave
The End of All Things Blackest Ever Black 2012
11:48 AM
The Fall - Ol' Gang
The Fall Ol' Gang
Levitate Artful Records 1997 Indie Rock
11:53 AM
The Fall - Detective Instinct
The Fall Detective Instinct
Room to Live Kamera Records 1982 Indie Rock
Chat is archived.
James (host) 8:59:33 AM
Hello wonderful KOTJ/C ZBC people. The best folks. Hope all enjoy this week's fix.
Saginaw 9:05:40 AM
Good morning
James (host) 9:05:54 AM
Hello Sag;naw
Fred 9:06:00 AM
Good morning
DJ Simon 9:06:43 AM
Here's a new and improved livestream we're testing if anyone wants to give it a try:
bruckner4 9:07:02 AM
Mornin’ Kotj!
DJ Simon 9:07:36 AM
If you try out the new stream, let us know how it sounds, if there are any glitches, etc.
James (host) 9:07:40 AM
Howdy Fred, b4 and DJS household
Bradgic 9:09:15 AM
Hey good morning all! I nearly missed this being enmeshed in faucet finish choices.
James (host) 9:10:05 AM
Surface and finishes are important
Verb Crunch 9:10:07 AM
@DJ Simon checking your new stream! Comparing to old stream. Audio is FM air?
James (host) 9:11:29 AM
I also have the levels down since last week there was glitchiness
DJ Simon 9:12:00 AM
@Verb – I believe so, yes.
Heather Grunwald 9:12:05 AM
A rocking great start to the day! 🖤🚲
Bradgic 9:12:31 AM
Sounds good today over here.
James (host) 9:12:33 AM
Do what I can to disturb the peace..
James (host) 9:12:57 AM
Hi HG! 🙏🚲
Verb Crunch 9:13:17 AM
Regular stream sounds fine. On my tiny iFõn the Simon stream sounds a little more compressed - like the FM air audio. I like it!
Brian Clary 9:14:06 AM
Hola hermanos y hermanas. Dios los bendiga
Bradgic 9:14:16 AM
Trying to finally realize my kitchen of distinction.
James (host) 9:16:38 AM
Hey there Bradgic and hip priest
James (host) 9:18:46 AM
What's Moocher's favorite dessert???
j. johnson 9:19:03 AM
Hiya KOTCers!
DJ Simon 9:19:32 AM
@Verb - It's actually the Judy stream - I'm only testing. Come to think of it, the audio source is likely the same as the regular stream.
DJ Simon 9:20:03 AM
(i.e., not FM air audio.)
j. johnson 9:20:21 AM
just tried both streams - they sound pretty much the same to me, but I'm running at low volume (suppose i could throw on the cans)
James (host) 9:20:32 AM
OK no takers on the riddle. I'l save to ignore during the back announce.
Dj w/out a cool. 9:23:33 AM
j. johnson 9:23:39 AM
i'm like, i dunno, chocolate MOOCH?
James (host) 9:24:55 AM
Sponge cake.
James (host) 9:25:11 AM
That one's freshly baked...I am not.
Fred 9:27:21 AM
New stream has less crackle. When i had another audio interrupt, stream came back choppy so similar challenges in that respect to old stream.
James (host) 9:27:54 AM
I have the levels lowered more than last week....
Verb Crunch 9:28:25 AM
@Simon I’ll check / carefully compare both when I’m in the studio. Big issue with the ZBC stream is it’s not https - not secure.
Elnor Vashti 9:28:44 AM
DJ S-new stream sounds very similar to streamguys. there seems to be a subtle difference but who knows?i've decided to stream them both at once. KOTJ * 2. double your pleasure!
DJ Simon 9:30:22 AM
@Verb - This new one isn't https either.
DJ Simon 9:33:29 AM
@Fred - Are you listening on a web browser?
PiGuy 9:44:00 AM
Morning James and the Friday faithful. It was a dark and stormy day.
E 9:44:51 AM
Hey J!
Crank 9:45:12 AM
Always seems like post apocalyptic societal failure after garbage day in my neighborhood in east camb too, rat city
j. johnson 9:48:04 AM
you'll dance to anything by Depeche Mode
Greg the Ex-Rozzie Rat 9:51:20 AM
Came for the music, stayed for the Dad Jokes. Hello JAMES!!!
DJ Carbo 9:54:22 AM
ex DJ tamer 9:54:33 AM
П​Е​Р​Е​Р​О​Д​Ж​Е​Н​Н​Я translates as Rebirth
ex DJ tamer 9:54:44 AM
It is Ukrainian
ex DJ tamer 9:55:02 AM
Try the translator at deepl.com
Fred 9:55:20 AM
@DJS yes, web browser on phone
j. johnson 9:55:45 AM
Fountains of Wayne - Stacy's Mom
James (host) 9:57:07 AM
Niec on the translation Ex DJ
James (host) 9:58:14 AM
Yeah well in my tony neighb strewing the streets with our garbage is a protest.
James (host) 9:58:36 AM
Wow I got the Stacy's Mon reference right
ex DJ tamer 10:05:25 AM
Ukrainians who grew up speaking Russian are understandably switching to Ukrainian for everything now. Russian & Ukrainian languages have a lot of vocabulary in common, something like 60%, but the grammar is quite different.
ex DJ tamer 10:06:25 AM
The album title "де ш​у​к​а​т​и н​а​с" translates as "Where to find us"
James (host) 10:10:14 AM
On the Z or Bandcamp, currently ;-)
ex DJ tamer 10:13:50 AM
"A mysterious recording of a hitherto unknown Smodnya band 'Komora' was found in the archives of the Oblast Record Office in the summer of 2023"
James (host) 10:14:27 AM
Ooooo interesting....so no true origin or date of release. Glad I found it.
-bot 10:15:02 AM
good morning KOTJ-verse
James (host) 10:17:20 AM
Hey there original -bot...and anyone else I didn't properly greet...
James (host) 10:17:29 AM
Like, HiPi!
Dash Riprock 🇮🇪 10:19:57 AM
Stormy ⛈️
James (host) 10:20:20 AM
Next one ends the set with a bit of a freakout.
James (host) 10:20:50 AM
Wow so the 10-11am storms are actually happening as predicted...that's amazing
-bot 10:22:41 AM
seems to be clearing up here in Rozzie
Verb Crunch 10:23:28 AM
my iphone just sounded an EBS style alert. Flash Flood Warning. Radio plays music. Commercial stations will tell you about their "No Repeat Workday" while a tornado rips up your house.
ex DJ tamer 10:25:10 AM
Because the commercial stations are no longer truly local?
James (host) 10:26:27 AM
A storm of guitars and thundering drums here at KOTJ/C
Dj w/out a cool. 10:29:04 AM
Great, set James
PiGuy 10:31:30 AM
Pouring up here along the 128 region. Some dangerous conditions driving.
Fred White 10:32:50 AM
Happy Friday James. Sorry I am late to class
Verb Crunch 10:33:24 AM
@xDJT i think many commercial stations aren't live, or are understaffed. ZBC is no better, most of our programming this summer is pre-recorded too, James being on live now is the exception.
j. johnson 10:36:05 AM
we'll get this web page crap-ola mopped up soon - let's chat somehow tomorrow
Richard Random 10:37:39 AM
Good morning James and all you Kickers. Alternate stream sounds good on my phone. Very crisp.
Verb Crunch 10:38:19 AM
James - CRANK YOUR LEVELS! Make the stream distort :)
PiGuy 10:41:03 AM
Thought it was clever that WMFO bot shows are credited to DJ Rick Deckard. That would be the Blade Runner himself for those who aren't as nerdy as myself.
James (host) 10:41:25 AM
I'm not touching the levels.
Richard Random 10:43:48 AM
Hey, PiGuy, I saw you talking about Tanglewood on last week’s chat. Mrs Random and I met at a show there in 1969–B B King, The Who and Jefferson Airplane
Verb Crunch 10:46:07 AM
@RR that's an epic meet !
James (host) 10:47:11 AM
PiGuy 10:47:52 AM
RR, that's great! In 1970 they let Bill Graham program a set of shows. The Who, Santana, Miles Davis and more than I can recall were on the lineup.
j. johnson 10:48:16 AM
@Pi - “It's a shame she won't live – but then again, who does?”
James (host) 10:51:30 AM
Again, that's wild....I was 8 years old when that happened.
James (host) 10:52:17 AM
What a gem this Rock Section tune is!!!
Saginaw 11:02:20 AM
If you are talking about The Reds, I agree
Dj w/out a cool. 11:03:25 AM
Sounds like the poison girls may have been poisoned by Mary and faithful
James (host) 11:03:45 AM
That one too but was refering the the colors of our time rock sction tune
-bot 11:04:05 AM
I'll be donating blood today in your honor James.
James (host) 11:04:36 AM
YAY -BOT! Save some for the KOTC Blood Drive...details to come!!.
-bot 11:04:53 AM
will do
Richard Random 11:05:32 AM
@Pi, the show we went to in ‘69 ma have been one of the Bill Graham shows— I bought my ticket at the Filmore East in NYC. I think Mrs. Random may have also.
James (host) 11:07:36 AM
Sadly I can't give blood. Can't spare a pint. Toxic and super low WBC
Brian Clary 11:16:32 AM
“Hey if you don’t cool it you ain’t gonna hear any more music”
PiGuy 11:18:48 AM
@j.johnson, "I want mote
PiGuy 11:20:26 AM
@ j.johnson,"I want more life, fucker!".
Verb Crunch 11:35:52 AM
"May your life be tolerable"
Keith DiMatteo 11:49:21 AM
whoop, thanks for another great friday morning James
James (host) 11:50:08 AM
Awwwwr Truly my pleasure!!!
James (host) 11:51:57 AM
Next week it's the Chemical show home studio infusion show.
PiGuy 11:52:08 AM
Here's to the old gang and the gang leader.
j. johnson 11:53:43 AM
KILLER show James
Richard Random 11:54:33 AM
Good show again, James.
James (host) 11:55:35 AM
To all that come here/hear and put the great in congregate, all the best. Truly a pleasure and humbled by the gift of time and generous support....In these times.
Dash Riprock 🇮🇪 11:56:07 AM
Thanks James .
Dj w/out a cool. 11:56:54 AM
James (host) 11:57:05 AM
For those keeping core at home...this is a Porky cut.
DJ Simon 11:58:00 AM
Fine show today, James! A cloud-parting one at that - sun is peaking through now.
James (host) 11:58:37 AM
Just in time!
James (host) 12:00:42 PM
Is jeff messin' around? dem now remixed!
Verb Crunch 12:03:04 PM
yeah that was me
Verb Crunch 12:03:19 PM
great show today KOTJ :)
James (host) 12:04:11 PM
It was excellent!.