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Kick Out the James!

Sep 1, 2023 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With James

In these confused times isn't it nice to find some relief? Every week, James will try to bring some sense into this crazy world via the radio waves. Look back. Look forward. Seek the truth. Never dull. Always irreverent. Fight the good fight by just sitting back and listening.

Kick Out the James!
9:02 AM
Gerhard Heinz - Eat Me Today Kill Me Tomorrow
Gerhard Heinz Eat Me Today Kill Me Tomorrow
Schamlos Digatone 2015 MP3
9:07 AM
CC Heaven - See You in Hell
CC Heaven See You in Hell
See You in Hell Wharf Cat Recoprds 2023 Other
9:08 AM
Spike Club - Nihilistic Approach
Spike Club Nihilistic Approach
Demo - '23 Bandcamp 2023 Other
9:08 AM
Geeked - Freak City
Geeked Freak City
Assinine Independent 2023 Punk
9:10 AM
Punt - I'm Bad
Punt I'm Bad
"Take Me Home" b/w "I'm Bad" Trash Casual 2023 Rock
9:13 AM
The Guides - Neoliberal Ego-Century
The Guides Neoliberal Ego-Century
Neoliberal Ego-century - Single Traxfree 2022 Other Rock
9:16 AM
Gas Kunst - BDSP
Gas Kunst BDSP
Gas Mark Two Rare Vitamin Records 2023 Other
9:17 AM
Gen and the Degenerates - BIG HIT SINGLE
Gen and the Degenerates BIG HIT SINGLE
BIG HIT SINGLE Marshall Records 2023
9:20 AM
Pyrex - Struck Down
Pyrex Struck Down
Struck Down/Staying Alive Die Slaughterhaus Records 2023 Rock
9:24 AM
Pet Musquito - Frekazoid
Pet Musquito Frekazoid
Head in Bag River to River Community Records 2023 Other
9:26 AM
BAGHED - Dienda
THE LOGIC PROJECT Punk Valley Records 2023 Indie Rock
9:29 AM
Cass and The Cassettes - Track 3
Cass and The Cassettes Track 3
5 Songs Jared Forgot to Name Punk Valley Records 2023 Other
9:29 AM
Hostile Blitz - Al Will Perish
Hostile Blitz Al Will Perish
Routine's Grip Bandcamp 2023 Other
9:29 AM
Autobahns - Full of dogs
Autobahns Full of dogs
Autobahns / S.g.a.t.v (SPLIT 7') Cuerdas Fuera Records 2023 Indie Rock
9:33 AM
Class - Inspect the Receipt
Class Inspect the Receipt Puig
2-4-1 LP Feel It Records 2023 Punk
9:52 AM
White Cave - Outside the Door (Can cover)
White Cave Outside the Door (Can cover)
The White Cave III (EP) Bandcamp 2023 Other
9:55 AM
The Legless Crabs - Stay Inside
The Legless Crabs Stay Inside
American Russ Metal Postcard Records 2023 Punk
9:58 AM
Chris Gunn - How To Hire A Psychic Bot
Chris Gunn How To Hire A Psychic Bot
Velociraptor Lotophagus Records 2023 Other
10:01 AM
Test Subject 17 - Go! Mortals
Test Subject 17 Go! Mortals
I Am… Test Subject 17 Tabu Recordings 2023
10:04 AM
Hydra - It's Okay
Hydra It's Okay
Dinero Bandcamp 2023 Other
10:06 AM
The Tarrys - Free Falling
The Tarrys Free Falling
Damaged Computers 3315682 Records DK2 2023 Indie Rock
10:10 AM
Pink Mountaintops - She's A Drone
Pink Mountaintops She's A Drone
She's A Drone b/w Downwards Daze ATO Records / Fontana North 2023 Rock
10:13 AM
Zorp - Chrome Crusher
Zorp Chrome Crusher
Demon Toad Keeper Records 2023 Other Rock
10:16 AM
Joris Hoofdpjin - Little Android Boy
Joris Hoofdpjin Little Android Boy
We're All Fucked Anyway BAndcamp 2023 Other
10:18 AM
Mustang Fang - The Only
Mustang Fang The Only
Spit Bucket Bandcamp 2023 Other
10:21 AM
Atomic Riffs - Never Understood
Atomic Riffs Never Understood
Wasted Tracks Death Tape Records 2023 Rock
10:24 AM
Mike Matteson - I Got The Blues So Bad I’m Talking To Animals
Mike Matteson I Got The Blues So Bad I’m Talking To Animals
10:27 AM
TV Sound - How Do We Know How To Feel?
TV Sound How Do We Know How To Feel?
Rock & Roll For Young Beginners, Vol. 1 Killing Horse Records 2023 Indie Rock
10:48 AM
Come - Off to One Side
Come Off to One Side L
Eleven : Eleven Matador 1992 MP3
10:49 AM
High Rise - Wipe Out
High Rise Wipe Out
High Rise II Squealer Music 1998 Pop
10:55 AM
Beachbuggy - General Electric Pilot
Beachbuggy General Electric Pilot
Ostrich G.T. Present A New Recording By...Beachbuggy Ostrich G.T. 1995 MP3 Rock
10:56 AM
Beatnik Filmstars - Pilot Jack Harrison
Beatnik Filmstars Pilot Jack Harrison
All Pop Stars Are Talentless Slags Mobstar Records 1997 Rock
10:59 AM
Hans-A-Plast - Starfighter
Hans-A-Plast Starfighter
Hans-A-Plast No Fun Records 2005 Rock
11:04 AM
Devastation Masters - Problem With My Brain
Devastation Masters Problem With My Brain
Shadows on the Sidewalk Lazy Dog Records 1985 Other
11:07 AM
Life in Cage - Rock 'n' Roll Heart
Life in Cage Rock 'n' Roll Heart
LIfe in Cage Lazy Dog Recirds 1985 Other
11:07 AM
Scoundrels - Barbie Butcher
Scoundrels Barbie Butcher
Afraid To Move: The 1981 - 1985 Tapes Gram Records 2023 Rock
11:09 AM
The Car Thieves - Shake A Leg
The Car Thieves Shake A Leg
Everybody's Going Ape! Radio Pollia 1993 Other
11:11 AM
Times New Viking - Natural Resources, I Love Mine
Times New Viking Natural Resources, I Love Mine
Dig Yourself Siltbreeze 2005 Rock
11:13 AM
Johnny Thunders - Jungle Love
Johnny Thunders Jungle Love
Finally Alone - The Sticks & Stones Tapes Cleopatra Records 2023 Rock
11:17 AM
Kudzu - Defeated
Kudzu Defeated
Defeated Push & Pull 2018 Pop
11:20 AM
Th’ Faith Healers - Mother Sky (Can cover)
Th’ Faith Healers Mother Sky (Can cover)
Lido Too Pure 1992
11:24 AM
Optic Sink - Exhibitionist
Optic Sink Exhibitionist
Optic Sink Goner 2020
11:31 AM
Mind Cancer Girlsville 2019 Other Rock
11:34 AM
Guided By Voices - Motor Away (7" Version)
Guided By Voices Motor Away (7" Version)
Motor Away/Color Of My Blade Matador 1995 MP3
11:45 AM
The Fall - Over Over - Rough Mix
The Fall Over Over - Rough Mix
The Fall B-Sides WMG - Cherry Red Records 2007 Rock
11:49 AM
The Fall - Smile
The Fall Smile Mark E. Smith, Stephen Hanley, Craig Scanlon, Karl Burns, Paul Hanley
Perverted By Language Rough Trade 1983 Rock
11:55 AM
The Fall - Dead Beat Descendant
The Fall Dead Beat Descendant Brix Smith, Mark E. Smith
45 84 89 : A Sides MERLIN - Beggars Banquet 1990
Chat is archived.
James (host) 9:06:21 AM
Hello wonderful KOTJ ZBC people. Here/hear we are for the weekly fix. Means Means the world to have here/hear
I Heart Noise 9:07:19 AM
Hello hello
James (host) 9:08:01 AM
Hey heart
I Heart Noise 9:08:30 AM
Lots of industrial/noise on the menu, I see
James (host) 9:09:08 AM
Saginaw 9:09:09 AM
Good morning
James (host) 9:09:18 AM
Hey Sag'naw
James (host) 9:13:55 AM
Is the stream being strained?
-bot 9:14:58 AM
good morning good people. the stream sounds fine from here
Crank 9:15:50 AM
Hey dere y’awls, g’morn
James (host) 9:15:54 AM
Good to hear and here - bot! How's the ankle? "Normal?"
DJ Simon 9:16:58 AM
Good day
Saginaw 9:17:02 AM
stream is good
DJ Simon 9:17:27 AM
Yes, stream sounding A-OK this morning.
James (host) 9:17:42 AM
Hey DJS! I got this one from the racket!!
Shanti 9:18:35 AM
Here with you.
bruckner4 9:18:45 AM
Mornin’ Kotj, everyone!
James (host) 9:19:15 AM
Shanti and b4, after al
DJ Simon 9:20:30 AM
I want a hit
Dj w/out a cool. 9:21:39 AM
Howdy Howdy
James (host) 9:21:51 AM
Ya' mayn't get a hit but ya' get a fix!
James (host) 9:22:00 AM
Hey DJ W/O
Dash Riprock 🇮🇪 9:22:13 AM
Morning James , Sect .
PiGuy 9:22:55 AM
Morning James and the Forever Friday Faithful.
James (host) 9:23:30 AM
A dsh of Dash has been added
JeffB 9:26:40 AM
Your sound at the speed of light. Listening over the FM airwaves.
James (host) 9:27:32 AM
Sweet. We will miss the Syrup and see Bradley is back to Saturdays for only an hour
PiGuy 9:31:07 AM
Some are sad to see the summer end for the weather. I am sad for the end of summer on the Z.
James (host) 9:31:42 AM
Fer Sher! HiPi!
-bot 9:31:45 AM
@james - seeing the doc 2day. Might be suffering planters facetious. Such a pain in the heel
James (host) 9:32:40 AM
Oy! I will tell my pun's based on that rvleation.
James (host) 9:33:08 AM
Why does Mr. Peanut wear a monocle?
James (host) 9:33:44 AM
PLanter's fascist eye test!
-bot 9:34:18 AM
haha, Plantar
James (host) 9:34:21 AM
Why does Mr. Peanut use a cane?
James (host) 9:34:45 AM
PLanter's facetious
JeffB 9:35:20 AM
@PiGuy was thinking of you driving down the Mass Pike from NYState. Never seen so much traffic between Stockbridge and Westfield.. !
Greg the Ex-Rozzie Rat 9:35:57 AM
Hey James! G’Morning all !!
I Heart Noise 9:40:10 AM
Bandcamp Friday!
I Heart Noise 9:40:29 AM
And yes - AI will perish, they know it even in Indonesia
JeffB 9:46:17 AM
Kunst is German for "Art"
I Heart Noise 9:50:32 AM
I Heart Noise 9:50:44 AM
Complete work of art
Barry Hart 9:52:25 AM
Good morning,James and KOTC aficionados,hope everyone is able to enjoy the lovely weather.
James (host) 9:54:56 AM
Hey Barry! Stellah weathun fuh shah!
raoulvanhorn 9:58:01 AM
Guten Morgen, Herren und Damen!
James (host) 9:58:44 AM
RVH. S'up?
James (host) 9:59:38 AM
Hey! Toiling in Obscurity a live stream I do on Saturday nights from my home!! Join the super secret sect @ www.mixcloud.com/live/kotjames
James (host) 10:01:28 AM
www.mixcloud.com for over 1000 kotj shows
James (host) 10:02:08 AM
Yay GO MOrtals!
James (host) 10:09:21 AM
Next another I stole from DS ...but was bound to play
I Heart Noise 10:10:30 AM
Chris Dunn's name sounds very familiar for some reason...
James (host) 10:10:36 AM
tom siegfried 10:14:09 AM
Morning, KOTJers…and the sun’s out
James (host) 10:15:18 AM
VTom! I'll be tin the Green Mountains on the 9th to 14th. Been over two years!!
PiGuy 10:17:24 AM
@JeffB, was it move in day @ Westfield St? I think UMass is moving in this weekend as well. Had about 13K for Jackson Browne last night, maybe more.
Heather Grunwald 10:20:08 AM
Good morning! Late to the party
James (host) 10:20:32 AM
Hey HG! Than never
I Heart Noise 10:24:24 AM
This definitely reminds me of Nirvana / early 90s...
I Heart Noise 10:24:33 AM
Sub Sub Pop
James (host) 10:25:18 AM
Everyone got that?
I Heart Noise 10:31:20 AM
Right in the feels
raoulvanhorn 10:36:48 AM
we want to hear an extended version of you “Zoop Zorp” riff!
I Heart Noise 10:38:37 AM
Ah, he's Gunn, not Dunn
JeffB 10:39:26 AM
@PiGuy 13K for Jackson Brown. Not sold out? It was unload / set up / drop off day in Saratoga.
DJ Simon 10:39:38 AM
JeffB 10:40:04 AM
@Pi - yeah UMass Amherst move in is this weekend too..
PiGuy 10:42:17 AM
@Jeff, only James Taylor and John Williams draws over 18K. John Legend is Sunday and will likely outdraw Mr. Browne. Guster is tomorrow but playing in the smaller venue and might only bring in 2K.
James (host) 10:44:41 AM
@DJS YES Jestons!!!
DJ Simon 10:45:00 AM
George on the skins.
DJ Simon 10:46:13 AM
When I looked it up it said The Violent Femmes covered that song. Kinda makes sense I guess.
James (host) 10:46:51 AM
Drum donut
raoulvanhorn 10:47:01 AM
There was a version before the Jetsons’, wasn’t there?
James (host) 10:47:53 AM
I believe Eep Opp Ork Ah Ah means I love you
raoulvanhorn 10:52:11 AM
I believe you’re right
raoulvanhorn 10:52:53 AM
Also, no luck finding a version before the Jetsons, but the Dickies covered it too:
raoulvanhorn 10:52:59 AM
James (host) 10:53:44 AM
Yes and the stuppes and violent femmes
Shanti 11:02:32 AM
I haven’t tried audio books? I will at some point.
DJ Simon 11:02:40 AM
The full Frankie and the Witch Fingers album just dropped.
James (host) 11:03:13 AM
Just saw!! lookin' forward to listenin!!
Shanti 11:04:00 AM
I’ve got a problem with my brain.
James (host) 11:04:01 AM
I like the reading along with....really helps with focus and don't wind up readin passages over and over. Probably the training in classes mentioned
I Heart Noise 11:06:11 AM
Brain problem is no gud
James (host) 11:06:25 AM
Ego problems too
PiGuy 11:06:43 AM
New Speedy Ortiz today as well. If you're into them that is.
I Heart Noise 11:07:15 AM
I remember so! They sent me their first single way back when
I Heart Noise 11:07:26 AM
Song called Taylor Swift
I Heart Noise 11:10:15 AM
It was about getting it on to the Can
DJ Simon 11:11:55 AM
That was a ramshackle selection.
James (host) 11:12:14 AM
YES! The main reason for playin
James (host) 11:22:14 AM
This one reminds me a lot of Can
DJ Simon 11:32:31 AM
Did I see a new Virvon Varvon release come through today in the Bandcamp day notices?
James (host) 11:33:44 AM
Yes. It's decent. Lyrics are an advanced hopelessness that turns me off.in my times
raoulvanhorn 11:34:36 AM
Motor Away cannot be denied!
bruckner4 11:34:41 AM
addin’ up the numbers, Kotj…
raoulvanhorn 11:35:49 AM
It’s an All-Time Best Of
DJ Simon 11:38:32 AM
Yes! Another cover show! That was a ton of fun.
Richard Random 11:44:49 AM
Happy September James and Kicker Conspiracy theorists.
Jamie YBN 11:46:16 AM
Love that sung by Come!
James (host) 11:46:20 AM
Oh yeah that's tight....September!
James (host) 11:46:32 AM
Hey RR in KY
Moles Knows 11:47:44 AM
I have been in and out this morning. Disappointed I missed Beachbuggy. I should probably turn the single over as well…
PiGal 11:49:14 AM
Happy Allston Christmas! One year we counted over 300 rental trucks
raoulvanhorn 11:50:35 AM
JeffB 11:58:09 AM
Enjoy the weekend :)
raoulvanhorn 11:59:44 AM
Thank you James.
James (host) 12:00:36 PM
All the best good people. Be well.