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Low End Theory

Sep 27, 2023 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM

ZBC Rock

With DJ Ouroboros

Welcome to Low End Theory. If I were to describe the aesthetics of Low End Theory as a musical territory or space, its borders would be provided by doom/stoner/psych metal on one side, contemporary prog and prog metal on another, experimental/electronic/folk on a third, and enclosed finally by the long arc of classic and contemporary post-punk that bends towards dub. The mission of this radio show is to conjure a farrago of heavy sonic fictions of sound, words, and music appropriate and fitting to the heaviness of the times. But fear not, this Low End Theory is not dour or depressing; on the contrary, we seek out the joyful and ecstatic in the acoustic depths of the low end’s vibrating, pulsing heart. And who among us does not need some joy anchored in the deep sonority of the low end, especially now?

Low End Theory
8:01 AM
Dozer - Mutation/Transformation
Dozer Mutation/Transformation
Drifting in the Endless Void Blues Funeral Recordings 2023 Rock
8:07 AM
Lindy-Fay Hella - Insect
Lindy-Fay Hella Insect Lindy-Fay Hella, Roy Ole Førland, Jan Tore Ness, Ingolf Hella Torgersen
Hildring ORCHARD - By Norse Music 2021 World
8:12 AM
Gang Of Four - What We All Want
Gang Of Four What We All Want Andrew Gill, David Allen, Hugo Burnham, Jon King
Return The Gift UMC (Universal Music Catalogue) 2005 Indie Pop
8:19 AM
Bush Tetras - Things I Put Together
Bush Tetras Things I Put Together
They Live in My Head Wharf Cat Records 2023 Indie Rock
8:23 AM
Immaterial Possession - Birth of Queen Croaker
Immaterial Possession Birth of Queen Croaker Cooper Holmes, Kiran Fernandes, John Spiegel, Madeline Polites
Mercy of the Crane Folk MERLIN - Fire Records 2023
8:28 AM
The Soft Moon - Become The Lies
The Soft Moon Become The Lies
Exister Sacred Bones Records 2022
8:35 AM
REZN - Obliterating Mists
REZN Obliterating Mists Rezn, Vinnum Sabbathi, REZN, Vinnum Sabbathi
Silent Future MERLIN - Blues Funeral Recordings 2023 Rock
8:41 AM
Lucy Gooch - Stalagmites & Helictites
Lucy Gooch Stalagmites & Helictites Lucy Gooch
Rushing Past Inside the Present 2020
8:44 AM
L.O.E - 1001
L.O.E 1001 Josh Gardziel, Ben Walsh, Dom Marshall, Ben Hirst
1001 Hopeful Tragedy Records / Fontana North 2022
8:50 AM
Hey Colossus - Tv Alone
Hey Colossus Tv Alone
In Blood Wrong Speed Records 2023 Rock
8:54 AM
Snow Ghosts - Buried
Snow Ghosts Buried Ross Tones, Hannah Cartwright, Oliver Knowles
Buried MERLIN - Houndstooth 2023
8:57 AM
The Glove - Orgy - Remastered
The Glove Orgy - Remastered Robert Smith, Steven Severin
Blue Sunshine (Deluxe) Rhino 1983 Rock
8:59 AM
Acid Row - Metastases
Acid Row Metastases Alexej Fonar, Dominik Klesa, Dsvid Hlůžek, Jedrek Wawryzniak, Maxmilián Hruška
Metastases DISTROKID 2022
9:16 AM
Suns of the Tundra - Reach for the Inbetween Part I
Suns of the Tundra Reach for the Inbetween Part I
The Only Equation Bad Elephant Music 2023 Rock
9:19 AM
Linah Rocio & The Lighthearted - Visitors
Linah Rocio & The Lighthearted Visitors Linah Rocio, Thor Finland, Steffen Aaskoven
Armour & The Universe Finland&Aaskoven Records 2017 Classical
9:26 AM
Porcupine Tree - Never Have
Porcupine Tree Never Have Porcupine Tree
CLOSURE / CONTINUATION SME - Music For Nations 2022 Rock
9:34 AM
Cold Showers - Only Human
Cold Showers Only Human Jonathan Weinberg, Chris King, Brian Davila, Jacob Cooper
Matter of Choice Dais Records 2015 Rock
9:40 AM
Smoke Fairies - Vanishing Line
Smoke Fairies Vanishing Line
Vanishing Line Smoke Fairies 2023
9:42 AM
Blood Command - A Villain's Monologue
Blood Command A Villain's Monologue Yngve Andersen
Praise Armageddonism ORCHARD - Hassle Records 2021 Rock
9:48 AM
Lamb of God - Blacken The Cursed Sun
Lamb of God Blacken The Cursed Sun David Randall Blythe, Mark Morton, Will Adler, John Campbell, Chris Adler
Sacrament SME - Epic 2006 Heavy Metal
9:53 AM
Slim Loris - The Herd
Slim Loris The Herd Mattias Cederstam, Robert Barrefelt
Red Loris, Yellow Loris Slim Loris 2022 Rock
9:57 AM
Dream The Electric Sleep - Love Letters
Dream The Electric Sleep Love Letters Matt Page, Chris Tackett, Joey Waters
9:59 AM
Bleach Lab - Counting Empties
Bleach Lab Counting Empties
Counting Empties Nettwerk Music Group 2023
Chat is archived.
DJ Ouroboros (host) 7:57:34 AM
Good Morning, ZBC world!
Shantra 8:03:28 AM
Morning DJOh. Got anything to whip up some blueberry lemon pancakes to?
DJ Ouroboros (host) 8:10:08 AM
Morning, Shantra!
DJ Ouroboros (host) 8:11:52 AM
You get to answer Gang of Fours question as to "What We All Want"--blueberry pancakes!
ricklistens 8:13:31 AM
scrambled eggs
JeffB 8:13:48 AM
g'mornin' DJ Ouroboros really dug that Lindy-Fay Hella song
DJ Ouroboros (host) 8:13:49 AM
Now that's some fat back (bacon) bass!
DJ Ouroboros (host) 8:14:00 AM
Morning, JB!
JeffB 8:14:08 AM
coffee. All i want and what I've got
Shantra 8:15:00 AM
Gof4 ate purrrfect
DJ Ouroboros (host) 8:15:28 AM
Shantra 8:29:23 AM
This spacey tiki bar lounge is lush for killing it in the kitchen
DJ Ouroboros (host) 8:29:49 AM
That's what we love to hear!
Dash Riprock 🇮🇪 8:33:10 AM
Morning .
DJ Ouroboros (host) 8:37:42 AM
Morning, Dash!
Elnor Vashti 8:59:25 AM
DJ O, thanks for helping me christen my nice new McLaren orange office! out of the basement of the 150 year old part of the house...i don't like spiders and snakes (and millipedes)...:-) this is another great show.
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:02:11 AM
You are most welcome, Elnor!
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:03:55 AM
I make a mission to help out Romulans whenever I can
JeffB 9:12:28 AM
i'm getting set up to come on after you DJ O. I'll be live from home. Lots of configging.
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:15:48 AM
I will be giving you a shout out in a bit
ricklistens 9:16:19 AM
watering the loo
ricklistens 9:19:10 AM
thanks djo..::breakfast came out marvelously
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:28:36 AM
ricklistens 9:30:23 AM
and we have syrup for the pancakes
Elnor Vashti 9:43:29 AM
Subspace Rhapsody?
Shantra 9:50:47 AM
The pancakes rocked. If I do say do.., thx djoh
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:54:08 AM
JeffB 9:54:57 AM
wow that last song was great! Made me feel like I was 13 years old preparing to kill my parents again!
DJ Ouroboros (host) 9:55:29 AM
Elnor Vashti 9:59:32 AM
but you never really thought about doing that, right? :-)
DJ Ouroboros (host) 10:00:08 AM
BB4n, friends!
JeffB 10:02:07 AM
@Elnor.. according to research consultants, 56% of all males between the ages of 14 and 21 plan to kill their parents before committing suicide. This informs the rock music they schedule to run on active rock radio stations.
JeffB 10:02:20 AM
Great show DJ O!
DJ Ouroboros (host) 10:12:00 AM
Thanks, JB! Over to you!