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Sound Syrup

Sep 27, 2023 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

ZBC Rock

With JeffB

Swirly gooey post punk gluten free bon bons, smothered in a sickly sweet reverb sauce.

LIVE but way off campus

Usually I embed a Mixcloud player here. But decided not to put this show up on MixCloud, instead you're invited to listen at https://SoundSyrup.com/two. Thanks!

Sound Syrup
10:02 AM
Bleach Lab - Counting Empties
Bleach Lab Counting Empties
Lost In A Rush Of Emptiness Nettwerk Music Group 2023
10:03 AM
Ratboys - No Way
Ratboys No Way
The Window Topshelf Records 2023 Rock
10:11 AM
Mint Field - Orquídea
Mint Field Orquídea
Aprender a Ser felte 2023 Indie Rock
10:13 AM
Eyes Lips Eyes - Say Say
Eyes Lips Eyes Say Say
What You Want [If You Want] Roll Call Records 2012 Rock
10:16 AM
ratbag - exit girl
ratbag exit girl
exit girl - Single Universal Music New Zealand Limited 2023
10:19 AM
Broken Social Scene - Stars and Sons
Broken Social Scene Stars and Sons
You Forgot It In People Arts & Crafts Productions, Inc. 2003 Pop
10:26 AM
Chroma - Don't Wanna Go Out
Chroma Don't Wanna Go Out
Sai' Moyn Mynd Mas - Single Alcopop! 2023
10:29 AM
The Wedding Present - Kennedy
The Wedding Present Kennedy
Loaded SME - Sony Music UK 2013
10:33 AM
Frankie and the Witch Fingers - Burn Me Down
Frankie and the Witch Fingers Burn Me Down
Data Doom RAS / Greenway 2023 Psychedelic
10:35 AM
Camera Obscura - Lloyd, I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken
Camera Obscura Lloyd, I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken
Let's Get Out of This Country Elefant records 2006 Pop
i didn't actually play this
10:38 AM
Tannhauser Orchestra - White Breath
Tannhauser Orchestra White Breath
Spring Rites Murphy Albums 2023 Rock
10:42 AM
Corinne Bailey Rae - Erasure
Corinne Bailey Rae Erasure
Black Rainbows Black Rainbows Music 2023 R&B/Soul
10:44 AM
Krisma - Black Silk Stocking
Krisma Black Silk Stocking
Chinese Restaurant polydor 1977 Pop
10:47 AM
Kas Product - Never Come Back
Kas Product Never Come Back
TRY OUT IDO Productions 1981 Rock
10:53 AM
Hannah Georgas - Not The Name You Say
Hannah Georgas Not The Name You Say
I'd Be Lying If I Said I Didn't Care Real Kind Records 2023
10:58 AM
Tee Vee Repairmann - Time 2 Kill
Tee Vee Repairmann Time 2 Kill ishka edmeades
What's On TV? Total Punk 2023
Chat is archived.
Dash Riprock 🇮🇪 10:04:17 AM
Hello .
JeffB (host) 10:10:58 AM
Hey Dash!
DJ Ouroboros 10:11:49 AM
Smooooooth transition
PiGuy 10:14:02 AM
Is this a one off today?
ricklistens 10:14:43 AM
nice having you back
DJ Ouroboros 10:15:06 AM
I think JB will be with us for the rest of the term ,no?
JeffB (host) 10:15:28 AM
this is my slot 'till winter break i guess..
JeffB (host) 10:16:11 AM
uh oh.. heard a dropout.. i'm listening off the FM signal!
PiGuy 10:17:25 AM
Good to know. Stream sounds fine, BTW.
Elnor Vashti 10:18:20 AM
but that research does not inform the playlist for this show,,,:-) BTW, i have 17 year olds.....but my son does not listen to any music i listen to so i'm safe....maybe,:-)
-bot 10:28:14 AM
I hear ya, JeffB. I've gone out 2 nights now and my a** is dragging. But it was worth it to meet some 'Z jocks for the 1st time and listen to Frankie and the Witch Fingers.
E 10:29:31 AM
is ollllldd....I made it. I always wondered who the bot was!
JeffB (host) 10:29:45 AM
@Elnore - my daughter is 19 and listens to shrill demonic metal. So yes, I fear for my life. @ -bot that's right! Forgot about F&tWF ! Saw them in Davis Square last year they were amazing. How were they last night?
E 10:31:02 AM
We're all safe here, right?
JeffB (host) 10:31:46 AM
this is a safe space. No politics. No bullying. Everyone is equal.
E 10:32:02 AM
JeffB (host) 10:32:28 AM
except for ricklistens :)
JeffB (host) 10:32:41 AM
just kidding rick :)
-bot 10:33:31 AM
Frankie was a good time. So energetic. Great cover of I wanna be your dog, for the encore. Complete with crowd surfing
Dash Riprock 🇮🇪 10:34:16 AM
They did bring the goods last night .
Dash Riprock 🇮🇪 10:37:13 AM
Crystal Ballroom .
JeffB (host) 10:39:27 AM
thanks Dash!
E 10:40:13 AM
Just listened to Youtube Denver and liverpool shows. Female bass player plays a Gibson.
ricklistens 10:41:37 AM
i’m safe...never considered killing my parents
Dash Riprock 🇮🇪 10:49:32 AM
Thank you JeffB .
ex DJ tamer 10:51:05 AM
Krisma / Chrisma was a new wave band from Italy. Band name comes from first names of the duo Christina & Maurizio
E 10:52:09 AM
Thank you. Always learning!
ricklistens 10:52:32 AM
stand up show.... thanks
ex DJ tamer 10:54:03 AM
They changed their name to Krisma on later albums. They were both fashion models, and Maurizio used to be a teen idol in the 1960s.
JeffB (host) 10:54:33 AM
really from 1977!? how did I not know about them when I was a teenager?
ex DJ tamer 10:55:13 AM
Because they were well-known in Italy but never got any traction outside the home country.
ex DJ tamer 10:55:56 AM
The old 1960s videos of Maurizio Arcieri are on YouTube.
JeffB (host) 10:56:54 AM
thanks so much for this info xDJt!
JeffB (host) 11:01:43 AM
show's over thanks for chatting / listening : )