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Sound Syrup

Oct 11, 2023 10:00 AM β€“ 11:00 AM

ZBC Rock

With JeffB

Sticky post punk glazed bon bons, smothered in a sweet sickly reverb sauce. Bring napkins.


Sound Syrup
10:00 AM
Meat Wave - Erased
Meat Wave Erased
Delusion Moon SideOneDummy Records 2015
10:01 AM
Art Garfunkel - I Only Have Eyes for You
Art Garfunkel I Only Have Eyes for You
100 Hits Of The '70s Sony Music Entertainment 2010 Pop
10:03 AM
Julian Cope - Sunspots
Julian Cope Sunspots
Fried (Digitally Remastered) Mercury 1984 Rock
10:06 AM
Verticoli - Genesis
Verticoli Genesis
Genesis - Single Independent 2023 Rock
10:09 AM
Woongi - Not Sad Sequence
Woongi Not Sad Sequence
Rip’s Cuts Sooper Records 2019
10:14 AM
Blue Smiley - coma
Blue Smiley coma
coma Topshelf Records 2023
10:17 AM
NEW BOYFRIEND Heavenly Recordings 2023 Pop
10:22 AM
bar italia - My Little Tony
bar italia My Little Tony
The Twits Matador 2023
10:24 AM
Theatre of Hate - Propaganda
Theatre of Hate Propaganda
Retribution Carter Lane - OMiP 1996 Rock
10:27 AM
Maureen McGovern - The Morning After
Maureen McGovern The Morning After
It's a Super '70s Life! Hits You Loved Classic Records 1973 Pop
10:28 AM
The Chameleons - Inside Out
The Chameleons Inside Out
Strange Times UMG - Geffen 1986 Pop
10:31 AM
Lori & the Chameleons - Touch
Lori & the Chameleons Touch
Warsaw Korova 1979 Pop
10:36 AM
DAIISTAR - Star Starter
DAIISTAR Star Starter
Good Time Fuzz Club Records 2023 Pop
10:38 AM
Getdown Services - I Wish It Didn't Bother Me
Getdown Services I Wish It Didn't Bother Me
I Wish It Didn't Bother Me Breakfast Records 2023
10:42 AM
Ty Segall - Void
Ty Segall Void
Void - Single Drag City 2023 Rock
10:49 AM
Trout - sad sad sad sad sad
Trout sad sad sad sad sad
Colourpicker Chess Club Records 2023 Rock
10:52 AM
Wire - Mannequin
Wire Mannequin
Pink Flag pinkflag 1977 Rock
10:54 AM
Stephen Steinbrink - Glitch Eternity
Stephen Steinbrink Glitch Eternity
Disappearing Coin Western Vinyl 2023 Indie Rock
10:57 AM
Waleed - Diario
Waleed Diario
Diario City Slang 2023 Dance
Chat is archived.
I Heart Noise 10:04:50 AM
"I'm in love with my very best friend...me"
I Heart Noise 10:04:53 AM
I Heart Noise 10:04:58 AM
JeffB (host) 10:05:41 AM
always thought Julian Cope might be a bit of a narcissist..
Saginaw 10:08:05 AM
Good morning
KOTJ 10:08:34 AM
i caught up on last two Syrup's this morning and glad to be live today.
JeffB (host) 10:10:09 AM
Hey Saginaw! Hey KOTJ! Not live though - pre-baked today. i'm typing this in the basement of my mom's house..
Nick 10:12:12 AM
hey hey sounding good
PiGuy 10:12:22 AM
Good morning all. Glad you're alive, too KOTJ. Not sure about the narcissism but Julian is definitely out there, in a good way usually.
I Heart Noise 10:13:10 AM
Self-love is good! Don't get me wrong
I Heart Noise 10:13:31 AM
Narcissism...maybe not
JeffB (host) 10:13:56 AM
never text while talking
DJ Ouroboros 10:15:41 AM
Hey JB!
JeffB (host) 10:16:49 AM
Hey DJ O! And PiGuy! and Nick! Let's all share some Kombucha
Nick 10:42:58 AM
listening on the buttons
DJ Simon 10:51:02 AM
Hiya, Jeff!
JeffB (host) 10:51:32 AM
hey DJS !
Richard Random 10:56:32 AM
Hi Jeff, I ❀️, Sag, James, Nick, Pi, DJO. Good show today. I was at that DCD show at the Berklee and thought at the timeβ€”too much Brendan, not enough Lisa.
PiGal 10:56:33 AM
@JB/SS: much obliged for the synthpop!
JeffB (host) 10:57:46 AM
thx PiGal! Yeah mixing things up healthier
JeffB (host) 10:58:34 AM
@RR yeah - DCD Brendan always sounded like another narcissist to me.. prefer hearing Lisa sing..
JeffB (host) 10:59:04 AM
(i got into the Berklee show BTW.. for about 10 minutes :).
JeffB (host) 11:02:15 AM
show's over thanks all :)