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Sound Syrup

Jan 1, 2024 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With JeffB

Clearing out 2023

Happy New Year!

Sound Syrup
1:01 PM
Wings of Desire - Better Late Than Never
Wings of Desire Better Late Than Never
Life Is Infinite Wings of Desire 2023 Indie Rock
1:05 PM
The Violet Twilight - Delight and Delusions
The Violet Twilight Delight and Delusions
Above the Clouds The Violet Twilight 2023
1:10 PM
Fell Off - Fucked Up
Fell Off Fucked Up Robert N Paulson
F / O Fell Off 2023 Rock
1:19 PM
Buff Ginger - All the Little Birds
Buff Ginger All the Little Birds
All the Little Birds - Single Mint. 2023
1:19 PM
untitled (halo) - el prado freestyle
untitled (halo) el prado freestyle
towncryer - EP halocorp 2023 Rock
1:23 PM
Lorelle Meets The Obsolete - Dínamo
Lorelle Meets The Obsolete Dínamo
Datura Sonic Cathedral 2023 Rock
1:25 PM
Gnoomes - Ax Ox
Gnoomes Ax Ox
Ax Ox Rocket Recordings 2023 Psychedelic
1:28 PM
Melenas - Bang
Melenas Bang
Ahora Trouble In Mind Records 2023 Rock
1:36 PM
Slowdive - the slab
Slowdive the slab
the slab Dead Oceans 2023
1:40 PM
Wombo - Slab
Wombo Slab
Slab - EP Fire Talk 2023 Rock
1:43 PM
Marnie Stern - Plain Speak
Marnie Stern Plain Speak
Plain Speak Joyful Noise Recordings 2023
1:46 PM
Mannequin Pussy - I Got Heaven
Mannequin Pussy I Got Heaven Marisa Dabice, Maxine Steen, Colins Regisford, Kaleen Reading, John Congleton
I Got Heaven Epitaph 2023
1:51 PM
Elephant Stone - Another Year Gone
Elephant Stone Another Year Gone Rishi Dhir
Another Year Gone Cheersquad 2024
1:52 PM
SNOOPER - Company Car
SNOOPER Company Car Connor Cummins
Company Car Electric Outlet 2023 Indie Rock
1:54 PM
Egyptian Blue - To Be Felt
Egyptian Blue To Be Felt Andrew George Gould Buss, Leith Augustus Ambrose
To Be Felt Yala! Records 2023
1:58 PM
Corinne Bailey Rae - Erasure
Corinne Bailey Rae Erasure Corinne Bailey Rae
Black Rainbows Black Rainbows Music 2023 R&B/Soul
2:02 PM
Surf Friends - Woohoo
Surf Friends Woohoo
Sonic Waves Flying Nun Records 2023 Indie Rock
2:06 PM
Goat - I Became the Unemployment Office
Goat I Became the Unemployment Office
Medicine Rocket Recordings 2023 Psychedelic
2:12 PM
TV Girl - Average Guy (Blame)
TV Girl Average Guy (Blame)
Average Guy (Blame) Monster Rally 2023 Indie Pop
2:15 PM
The Serfs - The Dice Man Will Become
The Serfs The Dice Man Will Become
Half Eaten By Dogs Trouble In Mind Records 2023
2:19 PM
Home Front - End Transmission
Home Front End Transmission
Games of Power La Vida Es Un Mus Discos 2023 Rock
2:21 PM
The Raveonettes - Do You Believe Her
The Raveonettes Do You Believe Her Sune Rose Wagner
Do You Believe Her Crunchy Frog 2023 Rock
2:23 PM
Heartworms - May I Comply
Heartworms May I Comply Jojo Orme
May I Comply Speedy Wunderground / [PIAS] 2023
2:28 PM
Skyjelly - I Know
Skyjelly I Know Richard Lescault, David Melanson, Scott Levesque L
Spirit Guide Skyjelly 2023 Rock
2:32 PM
Black Sky Giant - A Timeless Oracle
Black Sky Giant A Timeless Oracle
The Red Chariot 2024
2:35 PM
JJUUJJUU - Crappy New Year
JJUUJJUU Crappy New Year
Crappy New Year - Single JJUUJJUU 2022 Rock
2:37 PM
Screensaver - Cancellation Notice
Screensaver Cancellation Notice Screensaver
Decent Shapes Poison City Records 2023 Rock
2:42 PM
The Comsat Angels - Will You Stay Tonight
The Comsat Angels Will You Stay Tonight
Will You Stay Tonight jive 1983 12 Inch Rock
2:45 PM
New Days Delay - Stereokatastrophe
New Days Delay Stereokatastrophe
Splitterelastisch Alice In... 2007 Rock
2:53 PM
Calico Vision - Neon Blood
Calico Vision Neon Blood
Calico Vision Calico Vision 2019 Pop
2:54 PM
Twin Peaks - Making Breakfast
Twin Peaks Making Breakfast Jack Dolan, Cadien Lake James, Connor Brodner, Clay Frankel
Wild Onion Communion Records 2014
2:58 PM
Being Dead - Livin' Easy
Being Dead Livin' Easy
When Horses Would Run Bayonet Records 2023 Rock
Chat is archived.
Ro 1:32:40 PM
Happy New Year JeffB!
JeffB (host) 1:33:35 PM
KOTJ 1:34:27 PM
Soundin' great, Jeff.
Ro 1:34:36 PM
Happy New Year to KOT James as well
KOTJ 1:35:27 PM
Same Ro. Hoping fo r better 2024 than 2032
Richard Random 1:36:30 PM
I’m here.
John Fisher 1:36:38 PM
always here/hear.
JeffB (host) 1:37:31 PM
luv you all :)
Kevin Gross (1) 1:37:51 PM
Yup, you have listeners, Jeff. TY for the music.
Ro 1:37:58 PM
2023 rough year KOTJ, 2024 should better for sure
JeffB (host) 1:39:16 PM
thx Kevin. @Ro - yeah KOTJ's worst ever life trial.. channeling vibes for a better '24
KOTJ 1:41:29 PM
We were letting the syrup seep.
bruckner4 1:43:12 PM
hello syrupers!
JeffB (host) 1:47:15 PM
hey bruckner4 !
Richard Random 1:50:56 PM
I’m enjoying the slab of syrup.
KOTJ 1:50:59 PM
do stay on
Saginaw 1:51:00 PM
Hey Jeff, happy new year!
Kevin Gross (1) 1:51:01 PM
Do it!
honeybadger 1:51:37 PM
great show! happy new year :)
KOTJ 1:51:46 PM
Marnie Stern played a ZBC spring show maybe that decade ago release...or more.
Kevin Gross (1) 1:52:19 PM
Also really good for not nauseating those around you.
KOTJ 1:52:39 PM
JeffB (host) 1:53:37 PM
did not know that! was hoping i wasn't accidentally playing a darling indie artist you could hear on WERS or WXRV..
JeffB (host) 1:53:53 PM
@KG hadn't thought of that!
JeffB (host) 1:55:58 PM
@HoneyBadger: Hello and Happy 2024 to you as well
Suzy Creamcheese 1:57:09 PM
Keep going. One hour is not enough ✨
DJ Simon 1:57:29 PM
I vote for more syrup.
JeffB (host) 1:59:12 PM
awww shucks
KOTJ 2:04:29 PM
Felt Frank!
ex DJ tamer 2:10:02 PM
That was me, Jeff! (playlist extension)
ex DJ tamer 2:10:18 PM
How long might you continue?
JeffB (host) 2:15:01 PM
I'm having fun and don't wanna stop. But 2:30 good. I can adjust
John Fisher 2:21:30 PM
Let's do a Telethon to keep you on the air!!
JeffB (host) 2:22:06 PM
you mean $$ ~!?
ex DJ tamer 2:22:59 PM
or creative bribes?
ex DJ tamer 2:33:44 PM
Kevin Polk 2:34:17 PM
just getting in now. do a duane glasscock jeff, lock the door
JeffB (host) 2:35:41 PM
no one will find me !
Kevin Polk 2:36:36 PM
oh that's right, you are in parts unknown today
Kevin Polk 2:37:03 PM
it was overcast and rainy the whole time we were down there; came home and the sun is bright. it's a sign
JeffB (host) 2:37:29 PM
yeah i wish today's weather was yesterday's and yesterday's was today's...
Kevin Polk 2:40:07 PM
we're glad to be back in the city; it was pretty bleak the past week in all ways
Peter Connolly 2:42:25 PM
happy ny everybody!!!
JeffB (host) 2:42:55 PM
Hey Pete! Happy 2024
Peter Connolly 2:43:59 PM
I can never find digital CSA stuff...still haunted by the comsat satellite problem I guess
JeffB (host) 2:47:20 PM
yeah i didn't realize how scarce their stuff got
KOTJ 2:47:53 PM
I have wating for a miracle, fiction and sleep no more extended digital editions. Send me a place to drop them for the collection.
PiGuy 2:51:05 PM
Hello gents. Wouldn't you know it that I'd miss CS Angels while unloading groceries. Think I have all their stuff but always enjoy hearing them on the airwaves.
JeffB (host) 2:52:39 PM
that song got in my head had to play it!
PiGuy 2:55:20 PM
Haven't had any good earworms lately. Blame the day job.
DJ Simon 2:58:17 PM
Thanks for the bonus Syrup, Jeff!
JeffB (host) 3:03:52 PM
thanks y'all :) Enjoy 2024..
Kevin Polk 3:04:30 PM
I have a couple CSA CDs. I'll upload them for you Jeff if you don't have.
JeffB (host) 3:05:07 PM
yeah i seem to only have on vinyl